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Epilogue - And the raven spoke: "Never again!"

Eleven years later:

"Okay. Calm down now, everyone. ”Headmistress McGonagall asked for quiet as a new year at Hogwarts began. "Professor Snape, would you please bring the first years in to sort them out?"

The deputy headmaster glanced at his wife before nodding to the headmistress. His oldest daughter was among the first years waiting nervously in the lobby. Katherine had seen sorting many times over the years, but she was a nervous wreck now, arguing with her brothers and sister all day now that she was ready to face the sorting. Severus had to laugh, he didn't know who was more nervous, his wife or his daughter.

"Welcome to Hogwarts," said Professor Snape. He caught one of his daughter's eyes, nodded slightly to reassure her, and then began the traditional first-grader address. “The banquet at the beginning of the semester is about to start, but before you can take your seats in the Great Hall, you will be sorted into your houses. The sorting is an important ceremony ... "

Severus had given the same speech for the past ten years. He could recite it in his sleep and yet he wouldn't change a syllable. He looked over the faces looking at him nervously and almost groaned when he saw his daughter's two best friends standing by her side.

Devin Weasley had the traditional red hair and freckles of the Weasley clan mixed with his mother's alarming blue eyes. While he wasn't the same troublemaker as his two twin uncles, Devin seemed to have made his daughter break more than a few rules while they were growing up. On Katherine's other side was James Sirius Potter. His unruly black hair and bright green eyes were a gift from his father and grandparents.

Severus had laughed, not even Ginny's genes had been enough to outdo Potter as far as her son was concerned. Her daughter and younger son had the red hair and freckles that were so characteristic of the Weasleys, but James was a Potter through and through. And made just as much trouble as far as Severus could tell. Both Bill and Harry had moved into the castle shortly after their children were born: Bill was teaching Ancient Runes when Professor Ganesvoort quit and Harry was taking Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

“… I hope that each of you will be of benefit to the house you come to. Come on, the sorting ceremony begins. ”Severus escorted her through the front doors of the Great Hall, his trademark robes billowing behind him. They stopped in front of the staff table, where the mended and worn talking hat lay quietly on the chair.

The group fidgeted while they waited for the hat to finish its welcome song. "... Wherever you go, you have to do the right things and with that thought in mind I'll sort you out now." The Sorting Hat fell silent again.

Severus pulled a list from the depths of his pocket. "When I call your name, put on your hat and take a seat on the chair to be sorted."

"Laura Adams." A tall, skinny witch hesitantly walked forward and pulled on her hat as she sat in the chair.

It only took the hat a moment to make up its mind.

"RAVENCLAW!" The Ravenclaws' table applauded as the young witch ran to them.

"Edward Aldrige."

Sorting continued.

"James Potter."

James squeezed Katherine's hand before walking to the chair. He put his hat firmly on his head and waited. His father had hardly talked about his own sorting, but he had heard from his many uncles what was going to happen.

“Yes, yes, it seems like we are coming back to the starting point. Loyalty, a bright head, but above all of that is courage. Yes, like your father and mother were ... "

"GRYFFINDOR!" The hat exclaimed and everyone at the Gryffindor table stamped their feet and cheered.

Harry beamed as he saw his son sitting at his old table.

Hermione caught a look from her daughter and gave her an encouraging smile. James Potter in Gryffindor, well, that wasn't really a surprise, as would Devin be sorted into this house after every Weasley who came to Hogwarts before him was in Gryffindor. She was pretty sure Katherine would be sorted into Gryffindor with Devin and James. The young witch was much like her, a fact with which she teased her husband mercilessly.

On the other hand, her son would most likely come to Slytherin, something Severus brought to the table every time she teased him about Katherine. What about the twins? Who knows where they would be sorted. She and Severus had discussed their talents many times over the past few years, but no one was sure where their youngest son and daughter would end up. Her best guess was Ravenclaw, and she joked that they would become ravens like their father. For some reason, Severus didn't find the remark at all funny. Only time could answer that. Her daughter's name now drew her attention.

"Katherine Snape."

Katherine pulled on the sorting hat and sat down. "Ah, two such powerful forces are within you, but one dwarfs the other."

"GRYFFINDOR!" Shouted the hat and the Gryffindor table raged again, stamping its feet and cheering.

Katherine hopped off the chair and smiled broadly at her father before taking a seat with her new housemates. A quick look at the staff table showed her that they were smiling at her mother and Uncle Harry.

Severus nodded to his daughter - in what he hoped was an encouraging way. Gryffindor. A Snape in Gryffindor. Well, he'd always known she was like his wife. Katherine was supposed to come to Gryffindor, just as he was certain that Nicholas would come to Slytherin.

"Devin Weasley."

The hat did little to hide the young man's bright red Harry while he waited to tell him his fate. “Another Weasley, but not exactly like the others before you, so a new generation. Well, it doesn't matter. "

"GRYFFINDOR!" The hat exclaimed and the Gryffindor table applauded loudly as the last first year of the evening sat down with them.

Severus rolled up the parchment again and took his place at the staff table between Professor McGonagall and his wife. Katherine sat between Weasley and Potter, laughing at something either of them said. He just hoped that they would see them as brothers and not be romantically involved with either of them. Then again - having famous parents was difficult enough, but with friends who had the same problems it was likely possible for his daughter to grow up as normally as possible.

Hermione squeezed his hand. "Are you all right?"

“Because Katherine is going to Gryffindor? Was that ever a question after Weasley and Potter have followed you every step of the way over the past few years? No, I think I would have been surprised if she had come anywhere else. "

The plates magically filled with food after the headmistress announced the start of the feast.

"Not even a trace of regret?" She asked teasingly.

Severus smiled. "My dearest wife, I should be asking you this next year when Nicholas is sorted into Slytherin, so just enjoy the moment. It's my turn next year and I'll be delighted. "

"I'm sure of that." Hermione poured pumpkin juice for both of them. "I just still have no idea where the twins are going."

“I think the odds are four to one for Ravenclaw. Flitwick bets ten to one that one ends in Gryffindor and one in Slytherin, and twelve to one if you say exactly who's going to which house. Hufflepuff is really pure speculation and is twenty to one. ”Severus took some of the roast beef.


"What?" He looked at his astonished wife. "You know the teachers bet where our kids are going, don't you?"

"No, I didn't know that."

Severus shrugged. "Well, with Katherine and Nicholas there is no competition, there is no money to be made with that, it is the twins where everyone is undecided."

Hermione sighed. She should have known. Flitwick had been betting on what day and what time Hermione would have her child. And the number of children she would have. "Maybe we should send them to Beauxbatons?"

"Are you kidding? Our retirement depends entirely on sorting the twins. A few more years and I think I can get the hat to put them in two houses. "

"Hufflepuff?" Hermione couldn't believe she was having such a conversation with her husband.

"Hufflepuffs? Never! ”Severus refilled his glass before gesturing at her. "More?"

"Please." Hermione nodded. Maybe she should take part in the action too? After all, it was her children. She should talk to the hat when she was in Minerva's office, maybe he gave her an indication of what the result would be. “Well, only time can tell. I still believe in Ravenclaw. "

Severus shook his head. "I doubt that."


One year later:

"Nicholas Snape."

Severus watched his son step forward confidently and put his hat on his head. He was sitting less than a minute when the hat called out:

"SLYTHERIN!" The table almost exploded with cheers.

Nicholas smiled at his father and waved to his mother and Uncle Harry as he walked to his new housemates.

Severus sat down and the headmistress opened the party. His smile was huge as he leaned over to his wife. "Sssssslytherin."

“Very weird, but we both knew Nicky was going to be there. So now Gryffindor and Slytherin each have a Snape. There are still the twins. ”Hermione smiled. "I still believe in Ravenclaw."

Severus just smiled.


Five years later:

"Alexander Snape."

Severus watched his youngest son put on the sorting hat. It was incredibly quiet while the staff table was apparently anxiously watching the result.


Severus closed his eyes - his son was a raven. He quickly glanced at his son and hoped the young man hadn't noticed his momentary loss of control. He nodded encouragingly while Nicholas smiled at him and then went to meet his new housemates.

There was still Melinda, but the twins were so alike that the chance she wouldn't come to Ravenclaw was slim, especially now that the hat had already put her brother there.

"Melinda Snape."

The hat settled on the young woman's curls and covered half her face. Severus saw his daughter's lips curl in a smile.


Well, after Alexander it wasn't a big surprise anymore.

Severus called out the last names before going to Hermione and the other teachers at the table. Some of the instructors looked overwhelmed with joy and some not exactly happy. As the twins grew up, Flitwick had changed the betting stakes over the years. Ravenclaw was barely worth his while at the end of the school year.

“I don't want to hear a word. Do you understand? Not a word. ”Severus said as he sat down in his seat. He noticed his wife's smug grin and was sure he would hear a lot later when they were alone in their rooms. But now he wanted a few peaceful minutes. Ravenclaw. They were both ravens.

Severus heard it before he recognized the sound.


He turned abruptly and looked into his wife's smiling face.

Squawk, of course.


Well, which end ...

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