Is mocha coffee

Which is stronger - Turkish mocha or espresso from the machine?

The subtle difference between espresso and Turkish mocha

The difference between mocha and espresso is, on the one hand, the composition of the coffee that is used and, on the other hand, the roasting of the coffee beans. Turkish mocha, also called Turkish, is very different from espresso from the machine or from the espresso maker. The composition of Turkish is completely different and the roasting of the coffee beans varies in intensity. Anyone who wants to prepare espresso with the machine or with the espresso maker should know that espresso can be a mixture of different types of coffee that are subjected to a certain roasting process. It is precisely because of the intensive roasting that espresso has less caffeine than most coffee drinkers think. A portion of Robusta creates the famous crema. You can prepare espresso in mocha pots instead of the espresso machine or the espresso maker. In this case, however, the powder must not be ground too finely, otherwise the water will pull too slowly through the powder and the taste will be too bitter. Mocha refers to the coffee from Yemen and Ethiopia. The name Mocha goes back to the Yemeni city "Al Mukah". The city on the Red Sea used to be an important coffee loading port. The coffee beans for the Turkish are roasted even more vigorously and ground to a fine powder. The popular hot drink is traditionally prepared from the fine powder. Turkish mocha is full-bodied, strong, black and has a fine acidity.