Will I get a government job 4

solution: Escape from Monkey Island

On the ship

Kick a pan with glowing coals
Take a coal piece and use it with the loaded cannon

ACT 1: On Melee Island

Talk to the catapultist
Go to the Scumm Bar
Talk to the bartender and the drunken sailor
Talk to the dart players until they toss the balloon
Go to the dead sailor and take the pretzel bowl
Now go to the other seaman and talk to him
Ask him if he wants to hire you until he offers to come along if you hit him in the insult arm press (this may take some practice)
Go to the port
Take the rubber hose and talk to the harbor master
Now you can give the catapultist the pretzels
While he's gone, you can use the rubber hose with the cactus in front of the governor's mansion
Give him the pretzels again and manipulate the catapult
Go to the governor's mansion and take the government letter from the chest of drawers by the window
Read it through
Give it to Elaine
Go to Carla and Otis
Talk to them
Give them the contract for tepid government jobs
Go back to the harbor and show the harbor master the governor's seal
Off to Lucre Island

On Lucre Island

Go to the law firm and speak to the lawyers
Take the letter and read it
Go to the bank
Talk to Brittany, ask to see the number chest
Take the heavy weight, the handkerchief and the three sponges
Look in the number chest
Take the jukebox and the bottle of grog
Use the sword on the lower tang
Put the sword and sponges in the crack
Use grog with a crack and a sponge
Talk to the inspector
Take the can of chicken lard that is in front of the Iron Maiden
Use the broken sword on the manhole next to the bench
Look at the manhole cover and note the names
Enter the prosthetic paradise and talk to Dave
Ask for a free prosthesis and add the names of the manhole cover in the story
Use the jukebox with Dave and take the wooden hand out of the basket by the door (hurry up)
Leave the prosthetic paradise and use the artificial skin with the open manhole
Use the manhole covered with artificial skin and jump through the window into the bench
Pull on the pull chain
Take the scupper can off the table
Take the nose
Get out of the bank
Go to the Fragrance House and take one of the empty atomizers
Talk to the seller
Take the small perfume bottle off the stand
Enter the House of Sticks and speak to Freddie
Take the wood shavings from Mandrill's walking stick
Use the wood chips with the empty atomizer
Exit the house and make your way to the bait shop
Use the homemade perfume with the free bait
Talk to the seller
Take a free bait and put it in the scupper can
Use the wooden hand with the termite circus
Go outside and grab the duck that is walking around outside
Leave the city and go to the haunted house
Pick the flower in front of the fountain and mix it with the homemade perfume
Talk to Mr. Mandrill
Spray EauDeLechuck on the platypus at Mandrill's feet
Now go to the swamps and use the homemade perfume with the puddle
Go to Prosthetic Paradise and spray Dave with the homemade perfume
Memorize the name and play with the file retrieval controls;

Rabbit = A-D
Palm = E-H
Pumpkin = I-M
Monkey = N-T
Banana = U-Z

Talk to the corpulent chess player
Then talk to the skinny chess player and pretend Brittany is there until an argument breaks out between the two
Take the watch and go to the swamps
Use the clock on the raft and set off
Pay attention to the times and follow the plan from the prosthetic paradise
When you run into the other guybrush, do what he asks
Next time you have to say and do the same thing your counterpart did before (in the same order)
At Pagnose's house you have to use the chicken lard with the doormat and the duck with the window
Go to Freddie's stick shop and use the termite hand on Mandrill's walking stick
Go back to Ozzie Mandrill and speak to him
Follow him when he goes to the secret showroom
There is a secret passage between the trees
Press the switch and exit the cave and jump into the deep water
Use the bait with the flare fish
Take the Marley heirlooms and the tiny screw
Back in the courthouse, you give the screw to the inspector

ACT 2: On Melee

Talk to Elaine, then go to the voodoo lady
When you have the three parts, go to Meathook and talk to him
Take his old brush. Go to the harbor and take the coin from the change slot of the grog machine
Throw them in and work the machine until it gives you your grog
Take a can. Go to the LUA-BAR and order the flambéed tripe
Ram the brush into the sushi boat drive so that the burning boat stops exactly below the picture (you need a bit of practice, but don't lose your nerve)
Quickly run into the kitchen and use the grog on the steam generator
If everything went well, you can keep the picture
Off to the port
Use the earring, the choker, the pin on the chain, and the blue painting (in that order) on the figurehead
On Jambalaya Island
First go to the Starbuceneers and take the Grogochino cup that you can see in the window from outside
Let the cup fill you up
Take a bagel and eat it
You put the filling in
Talk to the woman and ask her about the ultimate insult
Steal the cup from her grocery bag
Get out of town and head to Stan's timeshare
Take a brochure and drink the grogochino
Talk to Stan and listen to his offer
Take the monkey mug voucher
You also have to take the bottle of glue on the window with you
Now you have to go to the Threepwood Palace
Talk to Murray and the tourist
Show the timeshare brochure to the waitress and order something
Convince the cartoonist to draw a picture of you and the monkey jar
Use the glue on the picture, then use the picture on the Starbuceneer jug
Use the jar with the monkey jar
Take the monkey jar
Exit the planet Threepwood
In the micro grocery store you have to use the glue with the manatee
Then talk to the bartender and order a grog
After your ride you talk to Carla
Now go to the harbor and use the shared rowing boat to row to Knuttin Atoll
Talk to the Mini-LeChuck and ask him where he has been for the last 80 years
The Mini-Guybrush then lets you talk to the puppeteer
Show him the picture of the ultimate insult
Take the dolls
Take part in the course to rehabilitate the pirates
Answer only with the most brutal answers
Now you take off the fool's cap and activate the fire alarm
Go back into the building
Take the small pipe from the chest next to the door
Go to the beach and speak to LaFeet
Give the grog to one of the parrots
Now you can tell them apart
Ask whoever is telling the truth under which stone the hat is buried (it goes faster if you always ask for the direction)
Now use the dolls with the stone
Now row back to Jambalaya and go to the plank jumping competition
Use the bagel filling with the baby seal oil
Go to the judges and get checked out
Jump against De Pollo
After the jump, ask the hippie judge what was wrong with your jump
Memorize the jumps and the movements
Then talk to the grouchy judge and ask him why he gives you such low marks
Show him the brochure
Jump again and repeat De Pollo's jumps
Put on the fool's hat for your jump
If everything is right, there will be a sting
Just jump somehow

ACT 3: On Monkey Island

Go to Hermann's camp
Take the coconut
Go to the gorge and take the banana picker
Now you can pick the bananas on the beach
Repeat this until the perennial falls down
Give Timmy a banana
Go to the canyon with him
Give him another banana that he'll follow you in the face
Open the small flap in the iron door (below)
Throw in a banana and when Timmy climbs in, close it again
Now throw a banana into the portal (above)
Go in the hose
Take the seaweed picker with the help of the banana picker
Get out of the mine
Make your way to the lookout point
Take a stone and throw it in the right channel
If the branch wobbles, take another one and toss it in the middle
If the branch wobbles, take another one and toss it in on the right
If the branch wobbles, take another one and toss it back in on the right
If everything was right, a stone should have landed in the lava basin
Now go to the church
Use the banana picker to get to the shields over the door
Talk to the priest
Convince him to take a trip on the wedding boat
Use the banana picker with the milk bottle
Steer your boat into the lava basin
Use the kelp picker on the weeds
Go to the Monkey Village
Use the shields as soon as you stand under the monkey playing accordion
Take the accordion
Talk to Jojo Jr.
Now go and fight with the monkeys you meet (my tip: write down what you have to say to get from one figure to the other)
The fearful monkey -> (stings) the panic baboon
Panic Baboon -> Drunk Howler Monkey
Drunk Howler Monkey -> Scared Monkey
Panic Baboon -> Fast Chimpanzee
Fast chimpanzee -> sociable gibbon
Sociable gibbon -> drunken howler monkey
Fast chimpanzee -> fearful monkey
Afraid monkey -> sociable gibbon
Sociable Gibbon -> Panic Baboon
You have probably noticed that each position beats two others
If you're good enough, you can fight Jo Jo Jr.
Put the bronze hat on the big monkey head
Use the banana picker with the monkey nose
Go to Hermann's camp. Throw the coconut at Hermann
As soon as he remembers more, you toss the milk bottle on his head
He should get some of his memory back
Now you throw the accordion at him
Now he should tell you his life story
Take the governor's seal and go back to the monkey head
Put the governor's seal in the crack in the monkey's head (you may have to look for it between the fittings)

Final fight

Take the small lath off the floor
Use them with the smallest tower
I don't have any tricks for you for the last fight.
You don't have to defeat LeChuck, you just have to resist long enough
After a while he gives up and lets Elaine go.

Author: unknown