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Günther Jauch: Because of Corona, he has to cancel his TV job again

The TV news in the GALA ticker: "Let's Dance": Due to Corona, Günther Jauch is again not in "Because they don't know what's happening" +++ Oana Nechiti and Erich Klann are counting on Joachim Llambi +++ Dieter Bohlen and Pietro Lombardi: Are the two planning a joint project?

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April 24, 2021

"Because they do not know what is happening": Günther Jauch is not there for the third time because of Corona

Günther Jauch, 64, has not yet survived Corona! At the beginning of April, the moderator announced that he had been infected with the virus. For this reason, the 64-year-old failed for the first time due to health problems: Barbara Schöneberger, 47, and Thomas Gottschalk, 70, had to do the program "Because they don't know what's happening" twice without him. And this Saturday (April 24, 2020) he will be missing again.

This message confirmed RTL spokesman Frank Rendez to the media magazine DWDL.de. Jauch's corona test is still positive even after two weeks of illness, which is why he has to remain in quarantine, according to the reasoning. Who will replace him tonight on the show "Because They Don't Know What Happens" has not yet been determined.

Two weeks ago, Jauch was replaced by eight TV colleagues including Motsi Mabuse, 40, Evelyn Burdecki, 32, and Amira Pocher, 28. Last Saturday, eight celebrity men like Giovanni Zarrella, 43, Pascal Hens, 41, and Sasha, 49, stood in for the sick moderator.

April 23, 2021

"Let's Dance": Oana Nechiti and Erich Klann settle accounts with Joachim Llambi

Oana Nechiti, 33, and Erich Klann, 34, are both currently not professional dancers in "Let's Dance", but they still have something to say about the dance show. In their podcast "Dance or not at all", the two talk about their experiences with the successful TV format and also settle accounts with colleagues. Now juror Joachim Llambi gets his fat off.

The 56-year-old is known for his particularly strict judgments and that's exactly what Oana and Erich are up against. Erich once criticized in the podcast that it would be better not to reply to the jury's verdict, even though "it is often on the tip of your tongue".

Now it was specifically about the harsh criticism against Auma Obama, 61, who lost her grandma and mother during the season. "Especially when people are in such a situation, you shouldn't cheat afterwards," says Erich.

Dieter Bohlen: Visit from Pietro Lombardo - fans hope for a joint show

Dieter Bohlen, 67, and Pietro Lombardi, 28, have not only been colleagues but also friends since Lombardi's participation in the DSDS casting show. The fact that the 28-year-old was now visiting Bohlen raises hopes for a joint show among fans.

The speculations are not out of thin air: After Bohlen's DSDS-Aus it is still open how it will go on with the career of Poptitan. After Lombardi announced a show in collaboration with Bohlen in his Instagram stories, he continues to fuel the rumors with a recent Instagram video. "Once a team, always a team," declares Lombardi. What can the fans look forward to? It remains exciting!

April 22, 2021

"Let's Dance - Kids" is conquering the television screens

It's a real premiere at "Let's Dance": For the first time this year, five celebrity children are dancing. The son of actor Erdoğan Atalay, 54, and the daughter of entrepreneur Judith Williams, 49, are fighting for the title of "Dancing Starlet". The children's version of the successful dance show can already be seen on the streaming platform TVNOW. From May onwards, the little ones will also whirl around the dance floor on TV. For four weeks, a new episode will be broadcast on RTL every Sunday at 19.05.

Each episode has a specific motto. It starts on May 16 with a summer party. As with the big boys, Daniel Hartwich, 42, and Victoria Swarovski, 27, will moderate the shows. The popular jury - consisting of Joachim Llambi, 56, Motsi Mabuse, 40, and Jorge Gonzales, 53 - is there and awards points. There is, however, a slight difference to "Let's Dance": The little sister of the dance show is not broadcast live, but is recorded beforehand. As usual, the calls from the audience do not decide who gets ahead. Instead, 100 households were connected to the recording, who could vote for their favorite dance couple.

April 21, 2021

"The Biggest Loser" winner Ole has made some gains again

It was not until March 2021 that Ole, 41, was frenetically celebrated for his unbelievable success on the Sat.1 show "The Biggest Loser". The former pound guy had lost 79.7 kilos during filming and thus secured the winner's podium in the TV format and 50,000 euros. "I worked hard, achieved a lot and then won 'The Biggest Loser' - that is an unbelievable feeling!" Said the happy man from Saarland, who almost halved his body weight while participating in the show.

But now Ole has decided to put on a few kilos again. "I just didn't feel well, a lot of people said I looked sick," he explains to "Bild". The scale now shows 92 kilos. For the disciplined athlete, a feel-good weight that obviously makes him happy.

His goal: to live and stay healthy. That is why he is now vegan and does without processed foods or sugar. "I rarely treat myself to a piece of chocolate, but I enjoy it too," he says, proudly revealing his new project: "I'm currently developing vegan grill sauces with my buddy Ralf."

In addition to a balanced diet, fitness is still on his agenda. "I'm currently training for a 100 km walk in 24 hours," announced Ole. The "Biggest Loser" is once again betting on success.

April 20, 2021

"The Rosenheim Cops": Vanessa Eckart leaves the series

It was not until 2020 that Vanessa Eckart, 34, joined the popular "Rosenheim Cops" in her role as investigator Eva Winter - after just a few months it was over again.

"It was definitely not easy for me, I can already say that", Vanessa Eckart now confesses in Nico Gutjahr's web talk show on YouTube. "But I just noticed over time: I would also like to try other things. Being part of a series has an incredible number of advantages, of course, but also has the disadvantage that it is also very time-consuming and you have a lot of work to do If you say you want to do other things, you are definitely more limited. That was the crucial point for me that I said, I would like to see what is still possible. And do something new. "

She will still have positive memories of the past few months, she had a "crazy time". The relationship with the entire "Rosenheim-Cops" team "became even closer and friendlier and more beautiful in the second year, which made the whole thing very sad and difficult."

"Celebrities under palm trees": Patricia Blanco unpacks about her father Roberto Blanco

"That was the worst experience of my life," says Patricia Blanco, 50, in the second episode "Celebrities under palm trees" last Monday (April 19, 2021) on Sat.1. What is meant is her meeting with her father Roberto Blanco, 83, at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2017. At that time, the reality TV actress stormed the event with a camera team and yelled at her father because of his recently published autobiography, in which he reports on numerous affairs , to: "Tell me, aren't you ashamed?" Roberto responded by denying his daughter: "Who are you?" He asked.

In retrospect, Patricia regrets what she did back then. She wrote her father a letter to apologize, but there was no response. Later the two met again by chance at the airport, but while Patricia was about to hug her father, Roberto Blanco fled. The 50-year-old reports with tears of the great disappointment that her father does not want to have anything more to do with her. "I never had a father, but somehow he's always ubiquitous."

April 19, 2021

"Rote Rosen": Production stopped due to Corona

The shooting for "Rote Rosen" is currently on hold. Two corona cases are forcing production to take a break first. "During a routine testing of the team, two employees tested positive. These are the first corona cases in production," explains producer Jan Diepers in a statement on Monday (April 19, 2021). Those affected and their contact persons immediately went into isolation.

But how does the ARD telenovela continue? Production, which employs between 60 and 70 people, has been stopped since Friday. Some of them are said to have been in the home office before. Now the health department has to track the contacts. Fans of the popular TV series can breathe a sigh of relief: Despite the interruption in shooting, the episodes will continue to be broadcast continuously. "It pays off that intensive pre-production and no holidays were taken at Christmas and Easter," said "Rote Rosen" spokesman Dieter Zurstraßen. Apparently the team is well prepared this time. Last spring, due to the first lockdown, older episodes of the telenovela had to be shown.

"Sing my song": DJ BoBo met his father when he was 33 years old

On April 20, 2021 the new season of "Sing my song - The exchange concert" starts. Also present this year: Show legend DJ BoBo. The 53-year-old's career has been shaped by decades of success. The musician is still big in business. But his father doesn't notice much of this. If so, then via the media. He doesn't pick up the phone until his son's 33rd birthday.

DJ BoBo grows up in a small village in Switzerland. His mother works as a florist, his father Luigi Cipriano lives in Italy. "The grandparents were always there for me," reveals the singer in the Vox documentary series "Die Story", which gives intimate insights into the lives of the artists after the exchange concert. However, BoBo, who was born as René Peter Baumann, has no grudges. He didn't miss anything in childhood. He doesn't seek contact with his father. But on his birthday in 2001, his wife Nancy Baumann, 50, handed him the phone with the words: "Someone wants to congratulate you." DJ BoBo remembers: "And then it was my dad's turn."

The then 33-year-old immediately knew who was on the other end of the line. "He sounded like me," said the "Everybody" interpreter. Already there he realizes that Luigi Cipriano is not interested in money or the fame of his son. "Someone was very interested in saying 'hello'." For 13 years, father and son have been trying to catch up on what they missed. The musician speaks warmly of his father in interviews, even if he emphasizes that they can never have a normal relationship. They would have lost too many years. In 2014, at the age of 72, the Italian died.

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