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Tip etiquette: how much do you give in the hotel?

If you are really enjoying your vacation stay, it will of course be nice of you to show your appreciation for the services. But how much tip is actually appropriate and polite in the hotel? Our tips will help you make a decision and show you how to do everything right when it comes to tips in a hotel.

1. Where a tip is desired in the hotel - and where not

Before you figure out how much tip is likely to be appropriate in the hotel, you should know where it is actually desired. Because this is depending on the country and culture really very different.

In It is quite common in Germany, Italy or Spain Tip at the hotel. This also applies to other popular and increasingly popular travel destinations such as Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania or Poland. There are even countries where tipping is part of the standard for every service and is expected accordingly - even if it is never and nowhere actually compulsory. In North African and Arab countries Extra money is mandatory - if you don't tip in the hotel, it will be considered a gesture of extreme dissatisfaction.

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In France and Scandinavian countries However, there is no consensus on tips for hotel staff - so you should hand them over discreetly. Tips for hotel employees are an absolute no-go Japan as well as in some other Asian countries like China. In general, tips are considered an insult there. In Thailand and the Philippines on the other hand, a bit of tip is gladly accepted.

The Tipping website shows whether and how much tip is appropriate in hotels, restaurants and for many services in various countries, adjusted to current currency conditions.

2. Who should get tips in the hotel

If you are really enjoying your stay, you may want to tip every member of staff at the hotel. But is that also appropriate for every service? Basically you don't tip the front desk. Exception: you have previously neglected to leave a tip for other hotel employees, then you can give tips for everyone when you check out.

Otherwise, every service is a matter of course in a good hotel - but behind it there is always a person who provides it. And of course he is happy about a little recognition of his services. The bellboy, concierge, cleaning staff, room service and waiters are certainly given tips in the hotel. And each individually for his or her personal performance.

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Also the Valet parking should get tipwhen he takes care of your car or rental car for you. On the other hand, it is not customary to show appreciation for massages or other wellness treatments with a tip in the hotel. Will hotel staff pick you up from the airport or train station? Then you should tip the driverIf this service was only provided for you - if different guests are picked up in a whole shuttle bus, no tip is necessary.

3. How much tip for whom in the hotel?

In good guest houses with extensive service, there are of course a correspondingly large number of different service staff. It is not necessary to tip everyone equally in the hotel.

Waiter and room service: If you order something for your room, you should give the room service about ten percent of the order value as a tip. If what you ordered is included in the price, you should give one to two euros. The same rule of thumb for tipping in the hotel also applies to waiters: If you dine in the hotel restaurant for a fee, it is customary to tip per invoice. That should be around ten percent of the invoice value in Germany and Western Europe. In other countries, one euro in local currency or one dollar is sufficient if that is also accepted. If the meal is included, one to two euros per vacation day is fair.

Room cleaning staff: Here it depends on how long you stay to give the correct sum. For a short trip of one or two nights, you should give around five euros. In countries where the overnight stay costs much less than in Germany, it can be correspondingly less. Are you staying for more than a few days? For longer stays, one to two euros per day is a fair tip in the hotel. Did you ask for something, like more soap or another pillow, and got it promptly and kindly? Then you should reward this extra service with at least one euro extra tip.

Valet parking, porters and concierge: Basically you are not doing anything wrong if you show your appreciation for every achievement with around one euro. That means every time you carry your suitcase and every time you park or pick up your car or rental car. And of course for every service that the concierge takes on for you: making reservations in the restaurant, ordering theater tickets, organizing a tour and so on.

4. How best to hand over the tip

Should you give your tips in cash at the hotel or should you leave them discreetly? That too depends on the country in question and the services. This is how you won't go wrong with giving tips anywhere:

Room cleaning staff: Tips are best given to the room staff at the hotel when they leave. You can only show your appreciation for half of the duration of the accommodation if you stay longer than fourteen days. In many countries, tips for cleaning staff are not given in the hand, but left in the room - most notably on the pillow. It's always nice and personal to add a thank you note. Such a written thank you will certainly also be understood in English, but in the local language it expresses even more appreciation.

Waiters and bar staff: If you tip per bill in the hotel restaurant, it will of course be tipped with the bill. But: In some countries, the tip is not rounded up, but rather left on the table later. You can do it like this anywhere if you are unsure. If the meals were included, tip in the hotel after the last meal - in the same way. Incidentally, it is always a pleasant gesture worldwide when you thank you personally for the good catering service during your stay, regardless of the tip handover.

Valet parking, porters and concierge: You should always give the tip immediately and directly to the employees of the parking service and also to the porters or bellboys. So show yourself immediately recognizable for each of these services. It is different with the concierge: The services provided here are more individual and complex - to put it clearly: nothing for which you give someone a flat euro. Again, you should tip for the service only when you check out or when you last used it.

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