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Land surveying and related costs

Anyone who wants to buy a plot of land where the ownership structure has not been precisely clarified must have a survey carried out. The neighbors must also contribute to this - the result is determined at the so-called border date. In addition, building owners have to have measurements carried out at different points in the construction process. In this article, you can find out everything about land surveying, building surveying and the associated costs and savings.

the essentials in brief

  • Measurements must be carried out at different times in the construction process: when purchasing the property, as part of the building application, at the start of construction and when measuring the building.
  • Costs can be saved with regard to the different surveying activities, because in certain cases the construction control and building surveying can be carried out together. It should also be precisely negotiated who bears the costs. Ideally, the previous owner pays the full cost of measuring the property.
  • The land registry office is the master of the true-to-scale mapping of land and real estate. The cadastral map (also called real estate or cadastral map) is the crucial document that ensures ownership of land. From an official point of view, every property survey is therefore an official matter according to fixed legal requirements. They are carried out by the publicly appointed surveying engineers (ÖbVI) of the officially recognized surveying offices.

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When are measurements carried out?

Measurements must be carried out in the following phases of the construction process:

  • Surveying when buying a property
  • Measurement for the building application (official site plan)
  • Measurement at the start of construction - the construction control measurement
  • Measurement during construction completion - the building measurement

Surveying when buying a property

When purchasing parts of a plot of land (parcelling), a measurement is always necessary. When buying undivided plots of land, a plot of land measurement is not necessarily necessary. However, a measurement may also be necessary or recommended here.

When should a survey be carried out when buying undivided land?

  • You want legal certainty as to whether the specified limits are correct. Also talk to the neighbors: Are there any doubts about the borderline?
  • When boundary characters are damaged or incomplete. The boundary points should be compared with the representation in the land map.
  • When the previous owner is not clear about the location of all boundary signs. It happens that they are built over by fences or bushes are overgrown.
  • If the property has not been measured with modern geodesy in the past. Information about this can be found in the cadastre.

Boundary determination of existing boundary points 

The border determination is the official procedure for determining existing and new border points and boundaries of a parcel. A boundary determination results in a record in the real estate cadastre.

Overview of land surveying costs

The costs incurred must be negotiated between the buyer and seller. There are e.g. B. Solutions in which both bear the costs or the seller bears the costs alone. Agreements on this should be made in any case and clearly recorded in the sales contract.

The costs for the various surveying activities result from the surveying fee schedule for the publicly appointed surveying engineers (ÖbVI) of the respective federal states. The costs are based on a series of input values, on the basis of which the calculation is carried out. These input values ​​are the standard land value (average square meter price), area of ​​the parcel, number of parcels to be changed or created, number of required boundary points, land value (value of an undeveloped plot of land).

Below you will find exemplary cost statements for the various surveying activities in Baden-Würtemberg:

Property surveying: parceling out a property

Input values: Standard land value: € 250 per square meter, boundary formation through two boundary points (straight line)

Formation of the parcel 1508 €

Marking of the border points 180 €

19% sales tax € 320

35% continuation fee for the land registry office 527 €

Total costs: 2535 €

(thereof € 2008 for the ÖbVI and € 527 for the responsible land surveying office)

Boundary determination 

Input values: Standard land value: € 250, number of limit points to be determined including markings: 3

Basic amount 150 €

Limit points determination 120 €

Boundary points marking 120 €

€ 250 multiplied by 2.25 (land value factor) = € 562

19% sales tax on € 712 = € 135

Total cost 1087 €

Surveying official site plan

Are based on the construction costs of the building and the fee schedule for architects and engineers.

Input values: Construction project for a single-family house € 132,250, digital data from the real estate cadastre are available, the building plot is flat so that no topographical recordings are necessary.

Total costs (including 19% sales tax) 670 €

Building measurement

The building measurement depends on the construction costs and the number of buildings.

Input values: single-family house with garage, construction costs 320,000 €

Building recordings € 300

19% sales tax 57 €

35% continuation fee for the property office 105 €

Total cost: € 462

A similar amount can be expected for the construction control measurement.

Application for the measurement of a property

In order to carry out a property survey, a corresponding application must be submitted to an officially recognized surveying office. This application can only be made by the owner of the property or with the express permission of the owner. Please note that even after the purchase contract has been signed, ownership does not change until the entry is made in the land register, which can take up to six months. Here you can find out more about the land register and the land charge.

Boundary restoration of existing boundary points 

When the border is restored, an official decision is made as to whether an established parcel border actually corresponds to the evidence in the real estate cadastre, i.e. that it has been transferred to the location in accordance with the details of the cadastre.

The deadline

In the course of the measurement, the so-called border production is presented to all those involved on the border date. The following are present at the deadline: the owner / if necessary. Buyer of the property and the owners of all adjacent properties. The meeting is recorded in writing. All parties have to recognize the borderline. Any challenges to the border course are to be announced here. In the case of universal recognition, the established property boundary is marked by affixing visible boundary signs.

Following the border appointment, the surveying documents are submitted to the responsible cadastral authority (land surveying office). These will be examined with a four-week period for objection. If the check is positive, the determined boundary lines are transferred to the cadastre and entered accordingly in the land register.

Marking of identified boundary signs

Marking is the official procedure for marking visible border points. If the boundary points are marked off, there is permanent security over the course of the boundaries of a property.

Measurement for the building application

An official site plan is required for the building application. The building permit procedure is carried out on the basis of the official site plan. The publicly appointed surveying engineer (ÖbVI) prepares the official site plan on the basis of his own measurements and the documents from the real estate cadastre. All facts that are important for the construction project (e.g. dimensions, orientation) are recorded, taking into account the characteristics of the property (e.g. elevations, lines, dimensions of the neighboring buildings, distances).

Measurement at the start of construction - the construction control measurement

After the start of construction, the building supervisory authority must be shown compliance with the area and altitude specified in the building permit within two weeks. The client provides this evidence by means of a construction control measurement.

The publicly appointed surveying engineer (ÖbVI) also carries out the construction control measurements. Incidentally, such a control measurement can protect against additional costs that may occur due to possible errors and is therefore also v. a. to be understood as a safeguard for the client.

What is recorded in the official site plan?

The official site plan contains information on the borderline, topography, terrain heights, spacing areas, easements and all existing lines that run above and below ground. There are also provisions from the development plan as well as names in the land register (e.g. information on owners) for the respective property and those of the neighbors. All important information about the building plot can be found here, so that an assessment of the building project can be made with regard to the properties of the plot. Here you can find out more about the development plan. Here you can find out more about the spacing surfaces.

Measurement during construction completion - the building measurement

Upon completion of the construction project, the client must have the building measured by the publicly appointed surveying engineer (ÖbVI). This procedure guarantees that the official property map is up-to-date and updated.

Tip: Carry out construction control and building measurements at the same time!

In some cases it is possible to carry out construction control measurements and building measurements together, so that costs can be saved. However, this is only possible if the final form of the floor plan is sufficiently recognizable within the two-week period to be observed for the construction control measurement. Because the building measurement can be carried out in sufficient form on the floor slab or basement.