What is meant by residential building

Building fire insurance: Here you will find the best protection

Take precautions with building fire insurance

Fire! An element that people have always treated with great respect. For good reason: If a fire is not discovered in time, it is not uncommon for the building to be completely lost. A Building fire insurance is therefore a must for homeowners and is a prerequisite for many banks to grant a real estate loan. Fire protection can also be insured individually, but when people speak of building fire insurance, what is usually meant is residential building insurance. Here the homeowner can determine the scope of insurance himself and will usually also insure storm, hail and tap water damage. With the comparison calculator from Verivox, the best building fire insurance determine quickly and easily.

Step by step to optimal building fire insurance

Just pick up the folder in which you keep the documents about your property and Verivox will guide you step by step to the most advantageous building fire insurance. According to information on the place of residence, the type of apartment and the use, you can click on “Compare now” for more details. First select whether the building fire insurance should apply to an existing residential building or the fire shell. With the "building data" you should ensure that the construction class is correctly specified. Please refer to your construction documents for details. Verivox has deposited an info block as a little help. It provides information on design classes and groups of prefabricated houses and provides examples of exterior walls and roofing.

Estimate the property value for building fire insurance

Have you increased the value of your property with a complete renovation of the roof or the heating system? Was it even possible that a major renovation took place, in which the roof structure, ceilings, masonry, floors, plaster as well as windows and doors were restored to a new condition? All important information that is relevant for calculating the building fire insurance.

When specifying the area of ​​the building, also think of the additions and ancillary buildings belonging to the property. After all, building fire insurance should also cover your garage or garden shed. And don't be surprised at the “1914 value in marks!”. Some insurers extrapolate this hypothetical building value into today using a factor. But you can also enter the new building sum.

Go into detail with building fire insurance

With a click on the next page you can dedicate yourself to the construction work. Have high-quality parquet floors been installed in the building or does a photovoltaic system shine in the sun on the roof? After the building has been described in detail, the next step is to choose your scope of insurance. "Fire protection" is selected here for building fire insurance. "Tap water" and "Storm hail" are also preset, as these are usually included in the insurance. The property owner can now comfortably choose whether insurance cover for natural hazards, glass breakage or gross negligence is important to him. Finally, information relevant to discounts also has an extremely positive effect on the tariff for building fire insurance. Find the optimal insurance now with the comparison calculator from Verivox.