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Work-life balance at MLP


Working at MLP: flexible and independent

When work goes by in a flash, you can flexibly pursue your interests and combine family and work optimally, then you work as a financial advisor at MLP. We ensure that work-life balance is not a myth, but everyday life.

Combine work and leisure - without any problems

Flexibility and freedom

As a financial advisor, you design your working day yourself. Work at your own pace with our mobile business solutions. You can work from anywhere. So you have maximum freedom in your everyday life.

Individual educational offer

Adapt your further education at the MLP Corporate University to your individual needs. Professionally as well as in relation to place of education and time We offer you a variety of options. In addition to classic seminars on the Wiesloch campus and in your region, you can also use our flexible e-learning offer for many topics.

Advice on the subject of family and work

We support you in balancing family and work. We have comprehensive offers for this. In addition to the search for suitable childcare and a short-term backup service, we also offer you advice in the areas of eldercare and other life situations through our service provider.

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