Who is the weirdest video game character

The 30 Most Powerful Video Game Villains Of All Time, Officially Rated

Video games are a medium that immerses the player in unique worlds that others simply do not know.

Such experiences can make players feel powerful when exercising their character as proxy. And with a powerful character, there should be a powerful villain.

Forget about your heroes of time, warriors of light, dragonborn, vampire hunters, secret agents, one-man armies and the rest of the heroic people.

With our list ofThe 30 Most Powerful Video Game Villains Of All Time, Officially RatedWe will only deal with this topic.

We take our contestants from a wide variety of genres, generations, and games, and we hope to discover once and for all which video game villain is the most powerful of them all.

We avoided all licensed characters, so noStar Wars, Lord of the Rings,or whatever, but that's fine as games have more than enough original villains to fight for the top spot.

Let's start with the established rules.

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30 two

In the world ofPokémon, Mewtwo isn't necessarily a “bad guy” in and of itself.

Regardless, his brilliant intellect, army of superior Pokémon clones, and raw and powerful psychic talents make for a deadly combination.

Even more critical is how powerful it is in the game. PokémonGames, Mewtwo's psychic powers and statistics are unmatched, which makes it almost unbeatable.

29 Wesker

Albert Wesker has gone through a multitude of changes during his tenure as the big time villainresident Evil.

His keen mind and incredible amount of resources are one thing, but it is his superhuman powers and powers that make him as dangerous as he is.

Combine all of that with insane, doomsday oriented ambitions and it's not hard to see just how deadly Wesker really is.

28 sigma

A former hero turned evil, Sigma went from being a reploid soldier to being a living computer virus.

He's certainly physically strong, but not unbeatable.

No matter how many times he is destroyed, his status as a viral being keeps him coming back and rebuilding his armies in the process.

Sigma is like the itch that never goes away no matter how many times you scratch it.

27 Dr. Robotnik

In all honesty, Dr. Robotnik (or “Eggman”, depending on your age) seems a lot more of a harmless “bad guy” joke than anything that should be called “powerful”, but listen to us.

This one man has a seemingly infinite amount of resources.

He's a joke in and of itself, but given his unparalleled technical and production skills, he's a far stronger threat than he's often given credit for.

26 Empty terms

Kirby is easily one of the most powerful video game characters out there.

Such a formidable hero needs an equally formidable villain, and this is where Void Termina comes in.

Void Termina, known as the "true destroyer of the worlds", is a being that exists in all dimensions simultaneously and is the origin of the very fabric of the universe.

25 mother brain

Samus Aran is arguably one of the most powerful figures on Nintendo, thanks to their arsenal of powerful internal weapons and a shielding system that makes all other power armor blush (sorry, Master Chief!)

So remember: Mother Brain, the leader of the hated space pirates, is able to fire a beam that eats in through a fully powered SamusSeconds.

Remember that this is a shielding system that can withstand constant contact with lava and all kinds of weapons.

Yet here is Mother Brain, a gigantic creature with a main apocalyptic weapon and an army of space pirates.

24 Andross

Andross himself isn't incredibly powerful (as he can be defeated by a single fighter plane), but what makes him powerful enough to be on this list is his ingenuity.

Despite being a lone (albeit astute) scientist, Andross is capable of designing and manufacturing a huge fleet of fighters, warships, ground vehicles, biological weapons, and more, the size of a solar system, while successfully recruiting others

Then there's his mind: he's so smart he's turned into a giant brain.

23 Ganon

Ganon is extremely powerful, but frankly, he's not that impressive when compared to others on this list. Breath of the wild.

Almost incomprehensible, Ganon is a swirling manifestation of malice.

22 Goro

Okay, so Goro isn't really that powerful even in the extremely tangled story ofMortal Kombat.

Then why is he here?

So maybe he's not too impressiveMKsLore, but he isfrustratingimpressive when it comes to the actual game.

21 Master hand / Galeem / Tabuu etc.

TheSuper Smash Bros.The storyline and world are confusing to say the least, so we're going to put all of the other world's enemies into a single entry.

Conceptually, Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Tabuu, Galeem, Dharkon, and the rest are ultra-powerful beings depicting great concepts like creation, destruction, and more, but in the game they can be beaten by a two-dimensional man throwing bacon

Because of the discrepancy between agency and actual power, we are forced to place this group at the bottom of the list.

20 Sephiroth

One of the game's most famous villains, Sephiroth is helping to redefine an entire genreFinal Fantasy VIIAlong with creating a whole new generation of RPG fans.

Sephiroth himself is a mighty force of evil.

That is, there are othersFinal FantasyVillains who far surpass him in both sheer power and evil ambition, regardless of his legendary status ...

19 Dark Samus

Originally known as "Metroid Prime", Dark Samus not only has similar abilities to the extremely powerful original Samus, but is also the living embodiment of Phazon radiation and uses the substance as a weapon to reach a certain level

So not only can Dark Samus exert the most dangerous form of radiation in the cosmos when wearing extremely strong armor, but it is also completely morally impartial, which means that it has no qualms about using its full power on anything that is in its Inside stands

18 Diablo

The dungeon's title villain who crawls and scoops up lootDiabloSeries, this terrifying force of pure evil does justice to the satanic connotations of its name and its outwardly demonic appearance.

The youngest of the three Prime Evils is a master of terror and capable of corrupting anyone who foolishly crosses his path.

Diablo is the most feared and powerful demon in his universe, capable of actually turning a person's fears into reality, and he only gets stronger when he feeds on such terror.

17 Sinistar

Sinistar is the main villain of an arcade game of the same name, and not as powerful as many of the others on this list. realWorld.

In the shape of a scary biomechanical skull, Sinistar is constantly being constructed by his slaves no matter how many times you defeat him, but his real power comes from making him scream in your ears and in reality scare you.

Sinistars booming voice and menacing lines like "BEWARE, I LIVE!" Set the title character and his game apart from his contemporaries.

16 Dracula

In his earliest incarnations, Dracula was powerful enough, but as thatCastlevaniaThe series went on, Dracula becoming synonymous with the devil himself (and even more powerful at times!)

Dracula's demonic transformations and cataclysmic power are one thing, but it is the concept ofpermanentDealing with him makes him a lot more terrifying than the others on this list.

The best way the characters in the game came up with something was to seal it off inside an eclipse.

15 Kerrigan

As the Queen of Blades, Kerrigan is a formidable opponent who can take on huge armies and mighty warriors on her own.

That aspect alone is enough to put them in the top half of this list, but it is their rule over the galactic scourge, the zerg, that cement their rightful place.

The zerg are an enormous, ever-evolving, ever-multiplying alien race that consumes everything in its path.

Their numbers are astronomical and not even the most powerful technology in the known universe is able to definitely keep them in check.

Kerrigan and her hordes are not to be underestimated.

14 The cloud of darkness

As the last boss ofFinal Fantasy III(This isFinal Fantasy III, earliernot the one who really isFinal Fantasy VI), the so-called "cloud of darkness", is an almost incomprehensible force of nature.

The cloud of darkness is a ghastly looking female spirit, and its unique desire is to transform the vastness of reality into the solitude of pure nothingness.

This "villain" is something that no human mind can truly comprehend, and not only is it conceptually omnipotent, but it is also proven to be able to canonically defeat the game's heroes!

13 All dark souls

There are many god-like beings in the threeDark soulsGames some of which could easily occupy a place on this list. Dark soulsTrilogy itself in its place.

Few games have managed to develop the reputation theSoulsSeries enjoys: difficulty level, tough choices, and absolutely no mercy for inexperienced players.

TheSoulsSeries is not for everyone and he doesn't care either.

12 Ultimecia

Final Fantasy VIIIdoesn't get as much love as it deserves VIIIhas some fascinating elements.

It also has a damn high villain in Ultimecia.

Ultimecia is a sorceress from the future and wants to perform a “time compression” that unites the past, present and future in a single reality. Only she can rule as God.

11 Lavos

Chrono triggeris not only one of the largest JRPGs on the Super Nintendo, but one of the largest JRPGs fromthe whole time.

With Akira Toriyama's magnificent work of art, Yasunori Mitsuda's dreamy music, and the incredible characters and plot to go with him, there are few games that can measure up to artistic triumph, that isChrono trigger.

Fittingly, his main villain is also one who seeks his equals both literally and figuratively.

Lavos is a huge, alien giant who can perfectly imitate other bosses, and his true form, the core, can manipulate time at will.

10 The crystals

Whether you are familiar with the shoot em up series or notRaiden,You'll more than understand why the series' main villains are on this list.

Developed by the “Cranassians”, strange red crystals float towards planets that they want to conquer.

So not only are they rendering a planet's entire military obsolete, but they're also making it their own military as they slowly make the planet inhospitable.

It's overwhelmingly terrifying.

9 Mike Tyson

Punch out !!is not exactly an easy title.

Mike Tyson, acting as the final boss, will end Little Mac's career immediately even if you know what you're doing.

The only way to overcome this adversary is to practice for hours and then apply the zen-like focus, but even then there are few who have defeated Mike Tyson.

8 Alduin

TheElder ScrollsThe series offers a deep and extensive lore, but while there are tons of super-powerful beasts and villains out there, none really comes close to AlduinSkyrim.

Alduin, a dragon god known as the “Eater of the World”, easily destroyed the world in the past and intends to do it again with today's world.

This is absolutely powerful on its own, but he can also control other dragons and give him such an all-powerful army.

Oh, and since he can resuscitate himself indefinitely, the only method people thought would work on him was thissend him back in time.

7 Zanza

The games that fall under the banner ofXenoblade Chroniclesare best known for being absurdly long, incredibly rich in content, and incredibly complex stories.

Unsurprisingly, these overly complex stories are often told by immensely powerful villains, and Zanza is the crème de la crème.

In a universe with two gods, Zanza is one of them, and he succeeded in destroying the other person by brandishing her weapon as if it were his own.

He also loves the extinction and obliteration of planets, which he can accomplish with ease.

6 Giygas

The mysterious, pure nightmare drives bosses offEarthboundGiygas is known as the "embodiment of evil" and "universal cosmic destroyer". If that's not all you need to know, we don't know what will.

Its main goal was to reclaim PSI from humanity, but abandon that plan in favor of the destruction of reality as we know it.

Giyga's powers range from creating armies and commanding them to influence others to do his orders, to the manipulation of pure evil and, you guessed it, apocalyptic destruction.

Giygas is the incarnation of evil and everything that goes with it.

5 Human nature in Minecraft

It is true thatMinecraftisn't as gigantic as it used to be, but maybe that's a good thing.

Like anyone who's ever playedMinecraftOnline can tell you there are far more dangerous enemies than the Wither, and they are your fellow human beings.

Ruthless, heartless gamers will ruthlessly slaughter newbies on servers, even if they are kids.

Surviving on a lawless server is extremely difficult. This is thanks to the terrible people who hunt people who just want to research and build in peace.

4 The reapers

While the in-game fiction ofMass Effect’sReapers seem to be going back and forth (which is a shame), these robotic giants are still an amazingly powerful force that is practically unstoppable.

When they overcome the darkness between galaxies, they have a unique goal: to destroy all sentient life.

They carry out this mission with brutal efficiency, using their destructive weapons and size to smash anyone who opposes them while turning the population of a planet into their zombie slaves.

Worst of all, however, they are virtually indestructible, even if there is a fleet made up of every species in the galaxy.

3 majoras

Ganon is nothing compared to Majora, that's for sure.

Majora is a kind of evil being who is trapped in a mask and possesses an incredible number of god-like powers that have nothing in themZeldaUniverse can really compare with.

Regardless, Majora is capable of destroying planets, creating alternate realities, controlling mortals, and so much more ... and if we're honest we don't think this is even the tip of the iceberg.

2 RNG / yourself in XCOM

Do that againXCOMseries is a fantastic duo of games (without their expansions) that puts players in extremely difficult tactical situations and is filled with decisions that can have consequences that will cause your entire run to fail.

The pressure is high and the evil aliens your paramilitary forces are up against are powerful, but the real villains of the game and the most powerful are the RNG andyou.

When the cruelty of the RNG teams up with your sloppy tactics, it becomes an unequaled enemy, especially on Impossible difficulty.

1 Chakravartin The Creator

Unfortunately, relatively few people are familiar with itAsura's wrath, a game / interactive anime in which you play as an extremely angry and powerful god who at some point slaps a living planet in the face and destroys a giant fellow god (bigger than earth) by squeezing his finger.

However, none of these opponents can compete with Chakravartin the Creator.

Chakravartin is the true ruler of all gods and the one who created the entire universe.

His limitless powers pale everything else on this list by comparison.