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interview Marianne Heiß: "Equal rights for women must be a matter of course"

Ms. HOT, your husband and you work as managers in different companies.In your opinion, what are the greatest challenges for dual career couples?

I see three levels here: the private, the social and the professional challenge. The partnership is about ensuring unity and support. At the political level, we need structural adjustments in order to be able to ensure comprehensive care offers for children of all ages. On the corporate side, men and women need equal opportunities.

How do you create the right balance as a dual career couple with time-consuming jobs?

For me, the meaning of life is to live in a self-determined way. Quality, depth, abundance and intensity are very important to me. Professional fulfillment is just one of several key components. In order to find enough time for family, friends, sports and cultural experiences, my husband and I coordinate a lot.

In 2011 you wrote the book “Yes she can”. In it, they explain why female executives are essential for the long-term success of a company. What has already happened in terms of equal opportunities in management positions?

Women, above all Chancellor Angela Merkel, have shown that they can take on great responsibility and lead. We are also finding more and more women in top management positions in the corporate sector. This has accelerated social change and had a lasting effect on politics, business and companies. At the same time, statutory quotas for women and initiatives such as “Chefsache” have given important impetus. Many companies now see diversity as part of their corporate culture. This is a clear step forward compared to 2011 - no more, but also no less.

In your opinion, what else needs to be done to ensure that equality between men and women is actively lived out?

We must not stop now. We should push for equality to become so self-evident. Women and men should jointly ensure that the commitment to diversity is actually practiced everywhere, at all levels and without prejudice.

Keyword “Unconscious prejudices in everyday work”: These are still one of the reasons why women are less likely to have a career. What do you personally do against such prejudices?

When filling a position, it must be about the best and most suitable qualification and not about gender. “Being a woman” must by no means be a malus, which, of course, as a woman, I pay special attention to. In general, it is important to always reflect your judgments and to subject them to a reality check again and again. When stereotyped thinking leads to a wrong decision, I believe it is important to correct that decision.

You have been a member of the Supervisory Board at AUDI AG for a little more than a year. What goals are important to you in this role?

In the past 23 years in which I gained international experience at BBDO, I was able to get a good overview, especially in the automotive industry. As a member of the Supervisory Board, I deal with the following focal points: What are the automotive challenges of the future? How can the necessary change be successfully designed? And what contribution can I make in my role on the supervisory board to accompany this change? I would like to provide answers to these questions.