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Those who do not complain will not be regretted.

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Writer, "Sense and Sensibility" / 1811, "Pride and Prejudice" / 1813, "Mansfield Park" / 1814 (England, 1775 - 1817).

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Jane Austen would be 245 years, 5 months, 4 days, or 89,640 days old today.

Born on December 16, 1775 in Steventon (Hampshire)
Died on July 18th, 1817 in Winchester (tuberculosis)
Star sign:♐ Sagittarius

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  • A very soft-boiled egg is not unhealthy.

  • Allow me to feel no more than I express.

  • It is a well-established fact that a single man with considerable property needs nothing more than a woman.

  • It will always be incomprehensible for a man that a woman could reject a marriage proposal.

  • I can't speak well enough to be incomprehensible.

  • I don't ask people to be comfortable with me because it saves me from the problem of liking them.

  • I don't want people to be nice. Then I don't need to like her either.

  • Nine times out of ten, a woman should rather show more emotions than she feels.

  • Young ladies are delicate plants.

  • My God, not me: I never read much; I have other things to do.

  • Selfishness must always be forgiven, for it is a disease for which there is no cure.

  • You have pleased us long enough.

  • Surprises are stupid. The pleasure is not increased and the inconvenience is often considerable.

  • What terribly hot weather! It keeps me in a state of permanent inelegance.

  • Those who do not complain will not be regretted.

  • We met Dr. Hall echoed in such deep sadness that either his mother, wife, or himself must be dead.

  • Allow me to feel no more than I profess.

  • An egg boiled very soft is not unwholesome.

  • I cannot speak well enough to be unintelligible.

  • It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.