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Italian food - your food guide for Italian cuisine

Italian food is to die for! In Italy it works Love through the stomach - this is clearly reflected in the devotion of the Italians to their national cuisine. But not only the Italians, but people all over the world agree:

You just have to love pizza, pasta and gelato!


I was able to visit Italy many times as a child and I like to remember them numerous ice momentsand pizza nights with my family. What I didn't know then was how U.Nincredibly versatile the Italian cuisine in truth is.

Accompany me on a tour through the culinary world of Italy! 🙂


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Italian food: pizza, pasta e amore


No matter whether you visit a pizzeria in the vast hinterland of Umbria or the Osteria run by Guiseppe in the center of Milan, you will hardly meet a compatriot who does not know Italian cuisine The best in the world would denote.

The Proud and passion for traditional recipes And ingredients don't seem to be decreasing in Italy even in our global age, in which food cultures, especially in international cities, are rapidly merging into one another.



An Italian friend explained to me a few years ago that his family had not treated food as a simple meal for a long time, but rather as a ceremony in honor of family tradition.

Dishes like pizza, spaghetti bolognese, gnocchi and risotto have been amplifying for as long as he can remember Feeling of comfort and security - regardless of whether he was at his parents' dining table or at the other end of the world.


My advice: In the cookbook by Jamie Oliver Jamie cooks Italy: From the heart of Italian cuisine * you will find authentic Italian recipes that are easy to copy but extremely sophisticated.

For me, this book is one of the absolute best cookbooks for delicious Italian food!


I love Italy, its cities and of course the delicious Italian food! [Image: Venice]




Italian starters (antipasti)


When I am a guest in an Italian restaurant, I keep making the same mistake to this day: to eat enough of the delicacies of the first course and not leave any space for the equally delicious Italian main course.

My favorite antipasti from Italian cuisine include:



Pickled vegetables, cheese & cold meat platter


Although ,antipasti' Translated from Italian, it means 'starters', which is what most people initially associate grilled vegetables pickled in oil and vinegar with this dish.

The ingredient mix of artichokes, aubergines, tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers and mushrooms is often added Cheese, ham and some homemade bread enough.



Caprese salad


Because the Mediterranean climate is particularly good for cultivation juicy tomatoes shrub vegetables are used in the Italian kitchen in a more versatile and generous way than any other.

Especially the combination of delicious tomatoes and creamy mozzarella cheesegarnished with basil Everyone is guaranteed to taste it. The Caprese Salad is a real starter classic in Italian food and an integral part of many restaurant menus.





Goulash soups and Minestrones are popular antipasti alternatives for cold days and are mainly served as a starter in the northern regions of Italy.

The latter is often enriched with vegetables and pasta and seasoned with fresh herbs.



Pasta dishes


While spaghetti, tagliatelle and lasagna are more like a main course or even a full meal for us, pasta is as much a part of food in Italy as butter is part of bread for us and is often served as a starter.

Unlike ours, pasta is still used in the kitchen of most Italian restaurants specially made, Al dente cooked to the minute and lovingly served with creamy sauces, fresh seafood and garlic, tomatoes or charismatic meat.

Ingredients such as fresh herbs such as basil, a little olive oil and fresh Parmesan should not be missing on any Italian pasta dish.


Starter: Italian cuisine is full of delicious delicacies. I usually find it difficult not to eat enough of the starters!



Italian main courses & classics of Italian cuisine


Although you probably know that Italian cuisine varies depending on the region of the country and that pizza is not the same as pizza, Italian food is mostly associated with the following dishes.





A good pizza should in my opinion as crispy as it is fatty the crispy base has the perfect consistency to carry the juicy tomato sauce and melting cheese without becoming soggy.

When it comes to the topping of my pizza, I like to follow the principle 'the simpler, the better' and often enjoy myself with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella or basil.


Fortunately, in Italy - no matter which region of the country you are visiting - you will certainly not be missing the choice of your pizza topping: fresh mozzarella, juicy ricotta, aromatic tomatoes, tender artichokes, fish and garlic or grilled vegetables the Italian pizza you are spoiled for choice!

Almost self-evident, a good Italian pizza is of course not baked in the oven, but in a traditional stone oven. The hot embers give what is probably the most famous Italian delicacy its particularly crispy aroma.


The famous and globally popular pizza, along with pasta, is probably the best-known main course in Italian food. Fresh ingredients such as basil and tomatoes as well as the delicious mozzarella or Parmesan cheese give the delicacy its delicious taste.





Arrabiata is the beginning not only in the pasta alphabet, but also in the history of Italian cuisine.

For centuries tomatoes and pasta have been used together in Italy as the basis for a wide variety of pasta recipes and therefore belong in the pantry of every restaurant, every student household and every hostel kitchen.

The immense Variety of pasta dishes and casseroles in Italian cuisine is really remarkable and if you resolved to try all imaginable pasta recipes, you would probably never get out of cooking.


Pasta is a real staple in Italian cuisine. If pasta is homemade, the taste is unsurpassably delicious!





When it comes to meat dishes, the greatest differences in type and preparation can be found across regions. Meat is made in Italy in wafer-thin slices as a carpaccio arranged, after Florentine art Fried as a juicy steak or cooked as a goulash.

In addition, meat can of course be found as Bacon, salami or Parma ham on all pizzas, pasta dishes and salads.





Fish is usually similar to meat as main course served. Make exceptions pickled Italian specialties such as sardines on the starter plate of the antipasti, Tuna to the salad or Scampi with spaghetti, Tagliatell or other pasta.