What's the worst job at the airport

According to the current earnings structure survey by the Federal Statistical Office, in 2007 it was mainly the members of the following 10 occupational groups who on average received the worst gross annual income for full-time work in Germany.

In all of these professions, either the fixed collective wages are very low, the employing companies are not bound by collective bargaining agreements, or there are no minimum wages that would also apply to non-collective bargaining companies. In addition, the competition in these professions is through "Low-cost provider" (e.g. hairdressing salons, building cleaning companies, laundries, snack chains) that offer their services and products (partly illegally) "Dumping prices" offer very large. Salaries above the collective bargaining agreement and paid overtime are therefore rather the exception.

1. Hairdressers (approx. EUR 15,800)

Hairdressers not only cut hair, but also advise customers on their hair styling, sell hair care products or offer additional services such as head massages or manicures. The collective wage here, however, is only around EUR 3-8 per hour.

2. Textile cleaners and ironers (approx. 20,600 EUR)

The tasks of this professional group include, above all, sorting laundry, operating cleaning machines and / or ironing cleaned textiles. The collective wage in the textile cleaning industry is currently around 8-14 EUR per hour; however, many companies are not bound by collective agreements.

3. Glass and building cleaners (approx. 21,400 EUR)

While building cleaners work both inside and outside of buildings, glass cleaners are primarily responsible for cleaning windows and glass surfaces. Up to now, a standard wage of approx. Since March 2008, however, the building cleaning trade has had a minimum wage of EUR 6.58 in East Germany and EUR 8.15 in West Germany.

4. Cleaning staff (approx. 21,800 EUR)

Cleaners are primarily responsible for cleaning hotel rooms, offices or private households. The collective wage is only around EUR 4-8 per hour.

5. Housekeeping supervisors (approx. 21,950 EUR)

The professional tasks of the housekeeping supervisors (e.g. also child minders, housekeeping and room boys) include all kinds of household chores, child care or errands. Members of this occupational group often work at the agreed wages in the hotel and catering trade of around EUR 5-10 per hour.

6. Guards and overseers (approx. 22,300 EUR)

The task of guards and supervisors is to ensure order and security in the respective area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperation (e.g. in parking garages, museums, amusement arcades, swimming pools, cinemas, at events, as a police officer or auxiliary policeman). The collective wage in this occupational group is around EUR 4-10 per hour.

7. Guest relations (approx. 23,050 EUR)

The professional group of guest attendants (e.g. also helpers and specialists in the hotel and catering trade, porters, innkeepers and buffet staff), who primarily take care of the satisfaction and physical well-being of the guests in hotels and restaurants, earns a little more . Here, too, the collectively agreed wages are set very low (approx. EUR 5-10 per hour).

8. Meat and sausage producers (approx. 23,350 EUR)

This is followed by the meat and sausage manufacturers, whose main task is the processing of fresh meat into consumable meat and sausage products. The collective wage in this occupational group is around EUR 4-9 per hour.

9. Waiters and stewards / stewardesses (approx. 24,300 EUR)

Waiters as well as stewards and stewardesses (including restaurant specialists, other service staff) primarily serve food and drinks in restaurants or on ships, on trains or airplanes and take care of the guests. Payment in these professions is based on the collective wages of the hotel and catering trade or the transport and traffic trade (approx. EUR 5-10 or EUR 4-11 per hour).

10. Cooks (approx. 24,650 EUR)

The activities of cooks include, in particular, the preparation of food and beverages as well as other tasks in the kitchen area (e.g. purchasing goods, creating menus). In this occupational group, as in the rest of the hotel and restaurant trade or in system catering, often only the low wages of around EUR 5-10 or EUR 6-7.50 per hour are paid.


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