Why do all private schools wear uniforms

Pros and cons of the school uniform: who has which arguments?

Have you tried to introduce a school uniform before?

In principle, the discussion in Germany has existed since the 1950s. Even if there have always been efforts to introduce a school uniform, they have always failed so far.

What are the arguments in favor of wearing a school uniform?

The pro-arguments essentially relate to a great advantage in terms of togetherness. Bullying is to be prevented in this way.

Are there any points that speak against the introduction of a school uniform?

Of course there are also a lot of negative arguments. In particular, the restriction of individual freedom should not be underestimated.

The question of uniform school clothing has been raised for many years. While it is common in many parts of the world to adhere to a dress code, this is still atypical in Germany.

To give you an overview of the debate, we will show you which arguments for and against the school uniform speak for and against.

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1. Uniform school attire has long been under discussion

There are many arguments for and against wearing a school uniform.

Shortly after the end of the Second World War, there were initial efforts in Germany for schoolchildren to wear uniform clothing.

Introducing such a uniform failed, however, mainly from the point of view of the legacy of the Third Reich. Instead of equipping all children and young people equally, should There is plurality in order to ensure at an early stage that one's own opinion was possible. Expressing this through clothing is still one of the decisive contra arguments against school uniforms.

To date, however, there is no mandatory dress code. Much more Each school decides for itself whether and to what extent it would like to make school clothes available to students.

Private schools in particular tend to use school uniforms. However, some state schools in Germany have also started to introduce a school uniform.

2. Arguments in favor of introducing school uniforms for boys and girls

Not all school uniforms look the same.

Proponents of a school uniform see the uniform dress code as a great advantage, especially because children are in one class no longer have a reason to bully others because of their clothes.
In particular, poorer children, for whom their parents can only provide a few clothes, benefit from this point.

This plus point on the list is immediately followed by the Improving the sense of community at. This way, people who wear the same clothes as other students can make themselves clear identify better with their own school.

Due to the identical dress code throughout the school, there will also be Differences between classes and grades avoided. If social status no longer plays a role, disadvantaged students in particular find it much easier to get involved in the classroom.
So money is becoming less and less important because more money, at least when it comes to choosing clothes, offers no advantages.

The often already strong competitive thinking among each other is reduced because the students think more in terms of a we than an I. Overly selfish tendencies are therefore a thing of the past, even if this cannot of course be carried over to all areas of life.

Overall, advocates of the school uniform repeatedly point out that the entire learning atmosphere is relaxed. The lessons themselves are in focus as there is significantly fewer distractions from clothing gives.

A study by the University of Münster, which conducted a large-scale survey of 18,000 schoolchildren, came to the conclusion that around 50% of all schoolchildren would like to wear school clothes.
This astonishingly high result shows that there seem to be deficits in German schools.
However, it cannot be determined on the basis of the investigation whether this can be solved by wearing uniform clothing.

Danger: Since wearing a school uniform is usually associated with certain costs, it must be ensured that all children receive it. Poor families must therefore receive grants in order not to face the problem of exclusion again.

3. The most important aspects against a school uniform in Germany

When discussing the pros and cons of introducing a school uniform, there is a lot to talk about. Above all, it shows that many positive effects can be refuted.

Not every schoolgirl likes to wear a skirt.

This becomes particularly clear when it comes to uniform school uniforms, which are intended to strengthen the feeling of belonging to the school. This is certainly desirable, however The question arises whether it is necessary to be able to assign children to individual schools on the way to school.
It is clear at a glance which child is attending the local grammar school and which child only goes to secondary school.
Social differences emerge so clearly and children can see who is in which class.

Even if branded clothing can certainly have an impact on status, comparatively few students complain that they have problems because of the clothing.
Certainly, a lot of children don't always feel comfortable in school. However, this has only very limited to do with clothing, but encompasses many more aspects.
In addition, other things, such as the latest smartphone or the expensive school backpack, are moving more into focus.

But now we come to the main argument against a school uniform: Clothing is simply a means of expression for children and young people.

Clothing is becoming more and more important, especially in adolescence, and is chosen consciously. Often it is not about brands, but about a certain look.
Those who like to wear black and listen to heavy metal are certainly in the minority, but they can quickly find like-minded people at school.
With a uniform school uniform, freedom falls by the wayside and clothing only plays a role in leisure time.

4. The school uniform - a short pro-con comparison

The most important pro and contra arguments of a school uniform we have briefly summarized for you in the following table:

  • School uniforms reduce social exclusion within the school
  • the sense of community and cohesion in the class improves
  • the distraction in class is reduced
  • Children and young people no longer have to worry about clothing, but can concentrate on other topics
  • Pupils can learn not to define themselves through their clothes, but to convince through their character
  • A uniform school uniform leads to a differentiation from students in other schools (especially grammar schools, secondary schools and secondary schools)
  • the freedom of one's own choice of clothing is undermined
  • the status symbols may shift so that the desired effect fizzles out despite the high costs
  • Bullying also exists in schools that have introduced a school uniform
  • Girls are forced to wear girls' clothes, so classic gender roles are strengthened

A discussion about the pros and cons of a school uniform from a student's point of view can be seen in this video:

5. Countries with school uniforms - in these countries it is common to wear uniform clothing

Even if there is still no obligation to wear a school uniform in Germany, it looks very different in many other countries around the world.

In many countries it is common to wear a school uniform.

School uniforms have existed in England since the 16th century. However, today's arguments played no role there. Rather, the introduction was about a demarcation from the common population.
These ideas are diametrically opposed to today's sense of school clothing, to counteract bullying.

Many English colonies that are still part of the Commonwealth today also advocate uniform school attire.
The purpose is, however, also owed to the history.

Even if School uniforms in the USA are well known, the majority of all students there do not wear a uniform. However, many private schools and an increasing number of public schools are starting to offer and gradually introduce school clothing.
It is still not possible for schools in many states in the USA to establish a binding school uniform.

Even in the Far East, in Japan and China, school uniforms can be found quite often.
Here, too, girls usually wear skirts and boys a shirt and tie.

Whether the introduction of a school uniform is up-to-date and good and would also be conceivable in Germany appears questionable in view of numerous counter-arguments, but not generally hopeless.

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Pros and cons of the school uniform: who has which arguments?
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