Where to find startup information in China

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China has always held a great fascination and since it opened it has attracted more and more people from all over the world. Whether you are traveling to China or dreaming of starting a private business, China offers you a huge range of options.

Travel preparation China
Would you like to learn more about the country and its people before traveling to China than would ever be possible with a travel guide? Are you not only interested in the tourist hotspots, but are you also interested in the real China? We will prepare an introduction for you that will reflect your travel plans. This way you will see the Middle Kingdom through different eyes and avoid tourist traps. Learn more about the 5000-year-old culture, but also the many differences in this huge country, because every region has its own characteristics. After all, Switzerland fits 231 times and Germany 27 times into China's land area. After the introduction you will understand the people and the country better and you will be able to take home more intensive experiences.

Dealing with Chinese
Do you deal with Chinese people at work or in your free time? Would you like to get to know the dos and don'ts in China? You will quickly find out that you are in two completely different cultures. This can quickly lead to misunderstandings, since the handling and perception of the environment in Europe and China takes place in two different ways. Learn how to deal with the Chinese with us and understand why certain things are handled in one way and not differently in China. Understand the importance of popular beliefs and superstitions in China, which still play a big role in China, as well as tradition. This will make it easier for you to communicate and give you a clearer picture and understanding when interacting with Chinese people.

Startup in China
Are you thinking of founding a startup in one of China's booming cities? We at MandaLingua can give you first-hand information and analyze your project together with you and support you with the alignment with a lot of know-how. You have to consider that the Chinese market has many special features that Europeans are not always fully aware of. Nor should one assume that a Western company is automatically successful in China. Those times are over and the Chinese and international competition is fierce. Still, China offers enormous opportunities that are unique in the world. Good preparation is the first step to success.

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