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Healthy recipes: These ideas are guaranteed to keep you in shape

Tasty ideas for your health

Everyone should, many want it, but only a few can pull it off without exception - healthy eating. It's not that easy to stay away from all the eating sins. The only thing we can help you with in this regard is to introduce you to the tastiest healthy recipes that don't have to lose their appeal in endless preparation times, boring ingredients or long shopping lists. With this article we will show you how to turn your thoughts away from chocolate and Co. guaranteed, bring your body and mind into shape and even have fun doing it.

Healthy recipes: what is important?

More and more people are paying attention to their diet in order to stay healthy and to be mindful of their line. The trend is towards veggie burgers instead of cheeseburgers, and salad instead of fries is more often on the plates. But: aren't there infinite ideas about what is healthy and what is not? Or is it perhaps not so good to worry too much about what is allowed and what is forbidden?

First of all, don't panic. Eating healthy doesn't mean it's a challenge. On the contrary: It can be fun to watch your body how it reacts to a balanced diet and how a little more vegetables on your eating plan can enrich your life.

Small tricks and tricks can be incorporated into your everyday life without much effort or loss. For example, instead of milk with a high fat content, use low-fat milk, the same with yogurt, butter, etc. At the same time, you can consider whether you will heat your pan with butter or lard for frying the next time, or whether vegetable oil will not bring the same benefit. If you want to try other types of pasta, you can also use whole wheat pasta instead of wheat noodles. The list could go on forever, but ultimately you have to decide what you're comfortable with.

What does a balanced diet look like?

Well, one cannot simply speak of a healthy or unhealthy diet. It is important that you eat a balanced diet in order to supply your body with a variety of nutrients. You can pay attention to more and less recommendable foods that you eat.

Not only fruit and vegetables, but also pasta, rice, meat and fish in various variations provide you with everything you need. But here, too, the following applies again: Vary between all ingredients, because if you only eat pasta and rice, this is not only figure-unfriendly in the long run, you also lack energy and important vitamins due to the one-sided diet.

It is ideal to eat fruit or vegetables at every meal. This is done quickly with a side salad or an apple for dessert. The vitamins it contains are important for your bones, eyes, skin and nerves. If you feel hungry between meals, it makes more sense to limit yourself to a handful of nuts or vegetables than to fill your stomach before a main meal.

It's easiest when you already have healthy recipe ideas in front of you, isn't it? In the Kitchen Stories app, we have countless ways in which you can get your healthy meal plan going. With this article, we make it even easier for you by presenting you with all of our favorite, healthy cooking recipes at once.

In addition to the thoughts of how to balance your diet, there is also the daily pressure of time and stress. But who says that healthy and just don't go together? Let's put it this way, dishes that are prepared quickly are one thing, eating quickly is another.

A real devouring of his meals is not uncommon in everyday work, but hectic eating has not insignificant disadvantages: high blood pressure, fat deposits in the abdominal area and a disturbed metabolism can be the consequences. Therefore: easy and quick preparation - gladly, but the food itself should take place calmly. Our recipes are quick and easy to make, healthy and guaranteed to be so tasty that no stress in the world can distract you from enjoying them.

For reasons of time or habit, many skip breakfast altogether. However, it is important to eat something in the morning to replenish your energy stores for the day. If this also applies to you, you should rather take a suitable meal with you for work, university and the like. Here we have delicious recipe suggestions for you:

At lunchtime it is usually a part of sitting down with colleagues in a restaurant without thinking too much about it and ordering what is most likely to catch your eye on the menu. Here too, quickly prepared dishes are often used due to lack of time. You can simply cook an extra portion the evening before or prepare a quick, healthy meal for lunch in the morning:

Those who come home in the evening after a stressful day often prefer to put their feet up instead of standing in the kitchen and doing the elaborate cooking. Without further ado, the phone is pulled out and the connection to the pizza service is established faster than you healthy eating can say. But soon you can hang up again immediately, because here are light, tasty and healthy evening meals:

Losing weight is probably one of the most popular reasons to eat healthily. And as even fitness trainers always conjure up, a balanced diet has an even greater weight loss effect than exercise itself. Low-carb meals are particularly popular in the evening so as not to disturb the night-time fat burning. Also take a look at our article on low-carb nutrition.

No-gos that interfere with weight loss are sweets, alcohol and unhealthy fats that are found in fatty dairy products, hydrogenated vegetable oils such as margarine or cheese, for example. We'll show you how to avoid these taboos with delicious diet recipes. In addition, you should of course make sure you get enough exercise and fluid intake.

With meat or vegetarian?

Some consider meat to be essential in a healthy diet, others do not even relate the two terms. Certain vitamins, minerals and trace elements occur naturally only in meat. It also provides a lot of protein, which promotes muscle building and makes meat an integral part of the daily diet for athletes. On the other hand, there is hardly as much debate as there is about meat consumption today. The fear of consuming numerous pathogens and hidden drug residues with meat prevents some from reaching into the meat shelf.

For die-hard lovers, suspicion can at least be reduced if they shop at the butcher they trust. In addition, it should be consumed in moderation. Experts recommend eating around 300 to 600 grams of meat. If you already smell the smell of freshly roasted meat, it's time to get on the stove with one of our recipes:

Those who prefer to forego meat can of course still get their money's worth

Those who follow a vegan diet usually choose the ingredients for their meals very carefully. Vegetables and fruits are important staple foods that have long had a permanent place in the refrigerator. To all vegans out there: Brave your vegetable drawer, it's time for our favorite vegan recipes!

At this moment you can surely imagine what face children make when they to eat healthy food Listen. The eyes are closed, the face screwed up, and in my imagination the child covers its ears at the same time - how about you? Since our younger people sometimes don't even know what they're missing, we have to show them how delicious and healthy go together!

Healthy cooking with rice and potatoes

Healthy does not always mean light food. Healthy also means that you use foods that provide the body with energy and vitamins. We all want to get through the day powerfully, don't we? Carbohydrate-rich side dishes such as rice and potatoes are therefore just as important for a balanced diet. Due to their high fiber content, they fill you up for a long time and stimulate digestion. Their proportion of important minerals and vitamins should not be underestimated.