How long do rebound relationships last

12 clear signs you're in a rebound relationship

Are you in a rebound relationship? Is your partner with you just to ease the pain of their last breakup? If so, it will only cause you more pain.

In most cases, rebound relationships don't last long as they're primarily a way to get over an ex-partner. When you're in a rebound relationship, it can be a roller coaster ride for you that doesn't end well for anyone.

12 Undoubted Signs You're in a Rebound Relationship

So, you think you've finally met this amazing person, but something just doesn't feel right.

Your new love seems to have come out of nowhere, and it seems eager, almost dogged, to be in a relationship with you. But instead of being happy and excited, you feel a little insecure.

You used to dream of having this type of hurricane relationship, but silently you question your partner's motives because the relationship is progressing at an accelerated pace.

Even though things are moving in the fast lane, you find that you don't know much about your partner's past. You have never met their friends or family, you haven't talked about each other's visions for the future, and you don't talk about the direction this relationship is going.

You start to wonder - are you in a rebound relationship?

Unfortunately, when people recover from a previous relationship, they do so to escape negative feelings of pain and sadness associated with the loss of being out of the relationship.

The jump into a new relationship immediately after the previous relationship ended is usually to avoid being alone or to face the reasons why the relationship ended.

Rebounding into something new without grieving and coming to terms with the loss of previous partners can limit your ability to learn and grow from the relationship.

When a relationship ends, it's important to take the time to process what happened and identify your personal role in the breakdown of the relationship.

People who enter into rebound relationships tend to get hooked on someone new very quickly and very intensely.

Their failure to learn from their role in the decline and subsequent breakdown of past relationships makes it more likely that they will enter a new relationship with the same problematic behavior and excessive baggage.

Here are 12 warning signs of a rebound relationship to look out for:

1. If the length of time between your relationship or your partner's previous relationship is very short, it could indicate a rebound relationship

When you've just been through a breakup, you often feel a gap in yourself that you want to fill again immediately. Therefore, many try to run from one relationship to the next, in the hope that a new partner will fill the gap and suppress the pain.

2. If you haven't met your partner's friends or family yet, it could be a rebound relationship

A rebound relationship doesn't last long, we know it deep down, so we avoid introducing it to the most important people in our lives.

3. If you don't talk about your future together, it could be a rebound relationship

Someone who enters into a reabound relationship does it just to get them going. He doesn't see a future for you and he won't talk about it.

4. You or your partner monitor your ex on social networks - rebound relationship

If either of you is still stalking your ex, it's definitely a rebound relationship.

5. You or your partner still have old messages (texts, voicemails, pictures, etc.) from an ex

This is a clear warning that you are still attached to your ex and that you may still be hoping for a future with him.

6. You or your partner plunged into the relationship so as not to feel incomplete - rebound relationship

Many are still reluctant to be single and prefer to be halfway into a relationship than to be on their own.

7. You enter the relationship quickly, even though you know that it is not "relationship material" - rebound relationship

Even though we sometimes know better, and we feel that the other is not a match for us and the relationship is going to be successful, we still move things quickly because we need the new excitement.

8. Your new partner seems overly loving to you when he meets his ex

An obvious sign that you are in a rebound relationship, and he may only be using you to make his ex jealous, is if he treats you lovingly, only in the presence of his exes.

9. If you're not talking about your past relationships, it could be a rebound relationship

Trying to talk about past relationships seems particularly painful, like the equivalent of pulling teeth.

10. If you avoid difficult topics of conversation, you may be in a rebound relationship

You try to talk to your partner about their worldview, but they stay away from serious topics and prefer to talk about superficial topics.

11. Sex - yes, intimacy - no, also speaks for a rebound relationship

You have sex, but there is a lack of intimacy. You only hold, hug, or touch during sex.

12. If you are constantly flirting with others, it could be a rebound relationship

You or your partner participate in endless, undifferentiated flirting. It doesn't matter who the person is. You or she choose the first fish to grab the bait.

Why a rebound relationship makes it difficult for you to move forward

Breakups are never easy, but when they do happen it's important to learn from them and take the opportunity to get to know yourself again.

It is a chance to explore what has changed about you and what you are looking for in your next relationship.

Especially when you're alone, that doesn't mean you have to be lonely.

Sometimes we use the words alone and lonely in the same context, which makes it difficult to determine how we really feel about breaking up a romantic relationship.

It's also important to note that you can be lonely in a relationship, especially if the relationship is unhealthy or has run its course.

Rebounding from one relationship to the next can provide a temporary distraction from negative feelings, but like most things of this type, you will soon face the problems that ended your relationship as well as the negative feelings you tried to avoid by jumping into a new relationship.

Be kind to yourself and the new person you would like to get closer to by taking the time to feel and experience the dissolution of your previous relationship so that you can give something to your new relationship selflessly, honestly, and passionately.