How can I soften my British accent?

Learning to Speak Accent Free: Guide to Getting Rid of the German Accent in English

Those who are really serious about their pronunciation should consider taking an online course. While with a private language teacher you first have to work out a concept after dividing your learning units, online courses are based on a tried and tested learning concept.

It goes without saying that something has to be done here as well. As everywhere, the same applies here: Practice makes perfect.

Audio book: With Audible you can download the famous audio book "Get Rid of Your Accent: British-English" for free. After 30 days, the Audible Pro subscription costs EUR 9.95 / month and you can download another audiobook every month. You can cancel this subscription at any time.

Online courses: The "Get Rid of Your Accent" training is now also available as an online course. The special thing about this course is that the renowned language trainer Linda James demonstrates the exercises together with a Russian language student. Linda James' methodology is used for acting schools in the UK.

Get Rid of Your Accent Part One

Get Rid of Your Accent Part Two

Audio book: With the American Accent Training you can teach yourself the American accent. Either via a manual with CDs or directly as an audio book. Here, too, Audible offers a free audio book for new customers. If you like Audible, you can subscribe to a new audiobook every 30 days for EUR 9.95 / month. You can cancel the subscription in the trial month or at any time.

Online courses:

If you want to learn an American accent, Ashwin Gore is the place to be. He's a well-known accent trainer in Hollywood.

The special thing about Venya Pak's course is that he himself developed a methodology to learn English like a native speaker. Although Venya sounds like an American, he is originally from Russia. Absolutely impressive. Find his course here.