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Speech examples from students:

These are short speeches of 2 to 4 minutes that students gave at the Berlin University of the Arts in the subject of rhetoric. Only the most successful speeches are listed here.
The selection was made not only because the speeches were successful, but also because they partly deal with the topic of the speech itself.



1st speech example "Learn German better!"

Don't you find it really surprising how easily we take it for granted that we understand one another? Probably not. Because we try to speak honestly, clearly and understandably. We choose formulations that allow the listener to comfortably follow the speech. And even if one or the other tries to fascinate the auditorium with linguistic peculiarities, our communication still works flawlessly ... read on


2nd speech example "Conspiracy theories - village idiots have discovered the Internet"

It used to be that there was a village idiot in every village. That was someone who was looking for a perspective in life, but always turned in the wrong place. You knew him, you knew how to take him, nobody took him seriously, the village could live with him. It's different today. Today there is the Internet ... read on

3. Speech example "Call for speech boycott"

You don't need a speech writer for a successful speech. Some of you have already given your speeches, others will do so today and in the next few weeks; Mr Münzer told us a lot about the benefits of speeches - but one aspect has always been neglected, namely the problems and risks of speeches! It is by no means the case that speeches only offer advantages ... read on


4. Speech example "About thoughtless laughter"

I will not make a joke speech. I want to tell you about an incident that moved me deeply. To this end, I will turn your attention to a danger hidden in a human reaction that is well known to us. I'm talking about thoughtless laughter. We know laughing as a reaction to cheerful or funny experiences and as an expression of certain moods .... read on


5. Speech example "The absolutely perfect speech utensil"

For months we have been trying to learn the art of speech. We have already learned what rhetoric and polemics are, what significance the audience has and how a speech should be structured. Or that on the one hand there is nothing good unless you do it, but on the other hand you shouldn't say "you". And last but not least, we have learned: a good speaker does not make the mistakes of a bad speaker .... read on


6. Speech example "Let's use our language to get closer ..."

Everyone knows the problem, the big day of speech is getting closer and we still have no topic for our speech. It was the same for me. I had a thousand thoughts in my head; lots of little stories; there were new ones every day; I forgot the old ones again; the thoughts came and went, but they were all intangible ... read on


7. Speech example "The fear of speaking"

I ask for your attention and a little sympathy, because today I would like to talk to you about an uncomfortable emotional state that has caused you painful stomach cramps and sleepless nights, probably just like me, especially in the days immediately before our speech. I want to talk about fear ... read on


8. Speech example "Time, the fourth dimension"

Time is the fourth dimension. As I stand here and start talking, it is already passing. It is defined as the irreversible, non-repeatable one after the other. We become aware of it as a succession of changes and events in nature and history. According to Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, it is known to us as the fourth dimension ... read on


9. Speech example "Speech against stupidity on television"

I want to talk about stupidity. And on television. I would like to talk about a terrifyingly penetrating appearance on German television, which unfortunately gives stupidity a forum that is far too large. I'm talking about little ghosts and big bottles - I'm talking about the talk shows on private television ... read on


10. Speech example "It's better without it - the lectern"

One problem with every speech that we are not yet sufficiently aware of: the lectern is a distraction. And that is also very clear: many of us will give our first speech here, some will be very excited, like me. Our hands are only too happy to take up every opportunity to get rid of nervousness ... read on


11. Speech example "Make your speech!"

It was sometime in the 80s. I played soccer in the C-youth of my home club and at the same time I was thinking of moving to another club. And of all things to the local rival. Not an easy decision, but for me there were solid reasons ... read on


12. Speech example "About the victorious fight against the weaker self"

I am happy to be able to stand here today. Because being able to stand here today is the result of a tough battle. A victorious battle. When I noticed days ago that my speaking appointment was due this Friday, I first went to my wardrobe to tidy it up ... read on


13. Speech example "Women are better"

Now this semester we have heard a lot about the art of speaking, have defined rhetoric, learned how to plan the course of a speech and discussed the stylistics. But the essential basic requirement of being able to give a good speech was knowingly withheld from us by our lecturer ... read on


14. Speech example "Men are better"

With some astonishment I endured numerous speeches by my fellow students in this rhetoric seminar, which are hard to beat in terms of ridicule and malice. So we men were outed as miserable rhetoricians, notorious stutterers and calcified dyslexics. We have been compared to stubborn, critically endangered pandas ... read on


15. Speech example "I am the audience"

I am the audience. That sentence, whether provocative or ridiculous, is the subject I want to talk to you about today. I am standing here. You sit. I'm talking about. You listen. These differences are formal ... read on

16. Example of speech "When is a man a man"

As we now know, there are good arguments in favor of women being allowed to join the Bundeswehr. Then you asked me, Mr. Münzer, whether it was over with masculinity. Me of all people. First of all, I don't have to go to the Bundeswehr, I'm really happy about it, and I still believe I'm a man ... read on


17. Example of speech "Women, leave your lips as they are"

On behalf of the men, I want to make an urgent appeal to you women: I know you are much more avid followers of fashion than we men. As soon as a new trend emerges, it will be difficult for you to escape this trend .... read on


18. Speech example "Denglish in our language"

I want to talk about a problem. A problem of social proportions. It did not occur suddenly, no, it is rather an ongoing process. A process that we can hardly stop if we don't start now. It's about a central pillar of our cultural identity: our mother tongue ... read on


19. Speech example "About improvisation"

I am happy to be able to stand here today. In front of me is a piece of paper, on the paper there are words that will be my speech. I am reassured. The anxious wait and excitement have overcome the worst point. That is not surprising, my finished speech lies before me. I am so well prepared. I can read that here. In front of me is a written piece of paper. Described by me. BUT. It does not matter. That's not it. It doesn't matter ... read on


20. Speech example "The Alpha Woman"

She is smart, ambitious and self-confident, assertive and, yes, tough if necessary. With a radiant smile and feminine charm, of course. She makes a career because she knows what she can do and what she wants. Creative freedom, success, influence and power are goals that she strives for with great nonchalance. She likes to be first and her preferred position in life is the absolute top. Let's just call her the alpha female ... read on


21. Speech example "Let yourself be individualized"

You there! Yes, exactly you, who are sitting there in the back row and secretly looking into your cell phone. You always look at the clock and wait for something, only you don't know what exactly. You, who slither through the school courses, just like everyone else here and don't even know what you really want. Look at. Switch your cell phone to silent. And let me personalize you .... read on


22. Speech example "The German language violates the constitution"

According to Article 3 of the Basic Law, nobody may be disadvantaged or preferred because of their gender. However, this is precisely what happens permanently with regard to women through the current use of the German language. That is why I advocate a ban on the German language, as it blatantly disadvantages women. The German language is not constitutional ... read on



The listed speeches are the speeches from the semester winter semester 1991/92 to semester winter semester 2005/06 at the University of the Arts in Berlin in the subject GWK. These speeches were not written by a speechwriter, but written by the students themselves.


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