Why does Donald Trump lie so much

Why people believe Donald Trump

This week, several hundred people in the US capital, Washington D.C., broke into an important building - the Capitol. The people had one thing in common: They are all supporters of President Donald Trump. Shortly before the people stormed into the building, he repeated the lie in a speech that he was actually the winner of the presidential election. Many therefore believe that Trump is partly responsible for some supporters breaking into the building in Washington. Here you can read again exactly what has happened in the last few days.

Four years, many falsehoods

During the last four years in office, the US President Trump has repeatedly asserted things that were not always entirely correct. It started at the beginning of his term in office. At the time, he said that more people had come to his inauguration than ever before. However, a comparison with pictures from earlier inaugurations showed that there were significantly fewer people at Trump. Again and again Trump has also asserted that climate change would not happen. Experts around the world see it differently.

If Trump is always telling lies, why do his supporters still believe him?

Many experts are dealing with this question. Among others, Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook. She is a USA and politics expert and with her logo! talked about. In the video you can find out what reasons there could be.

Why are social networks so important to Trump?

Trump sent a lot of messages via the short message service Twitter during his tenure as US President. In the meantime, his account has been blocked by Twitter. The reason: Two of his tweets would glorify the violence in the incident in the important building. It has never happened before an account is blocked by an important politician like the US President.

  • Twitter is a short message service. Twitter is English and translates as twitter. That's why the app's logo is a blue bird. Users can post with an account, similar to Facebook or Instagram. On Twitter, these are mostly short messages. These are also known as "tweets". The special thing about it: You can't write infinitely long messages on Twitter, because the posts are limited to 140 characters. Not only journalists and politicians are in the social network, but also many other people. A total of around 330 million people are active on Twitter every month.

    Image source: Ole Spata / dpa

Trump had millions of followers on Twitter. Through Twitter and other social networks, Trump was able to bypass media such as radio or television. Because: In the tweets he was able to spread his opinion and also his lies for a long time without these being checked or corrected again.

He was also able to use Twitter to get in direct contact with his followers and people who are afraid or feel insecure. USA expert Clüver Ashbrook says that he has always been able to make people feel like they are being heard by the most powerful person in the world. During last year's election campaign, Twitter began specifically flagging tweets from Donald Trump in which he was making false statements.

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