I am extremely bored what should i do

100 things to do when you're bored

There are days ... they don't feel like real days at all. Where boredom remains boredom. Though you could do THAT instead of getting bored.

If even great suggestions like "yes then learn something", Or"read something“Just not enough anymore to kill the boredom, then we have already reached a bad level. But seriously: There are days when boredom WILL simply spoil the remaining hours of our “being awake” that we have left to such an extent that they in turn resemble days. And all the ideas in the world seem useless to fight them.

Our 100 things against boredom

We have a whole here Hundred point spectrum of ideasso that you can at least REALLY choose what you actually reject:

1.Read (haha really)
2. Listen to music
3.Baking (to get fat at times)
4. Dancing
5. Paint
6. Create a flower arrangement (yes - get flowers)
7. Classic: cleaning the room / apartment
8. Also clean the room of the roommate
9. Go through old pictures
10. Take a bubble bath (or, in the worst case, a really long, hot shower)

11. Television
12. Build a sheet lock
13. Play with your pets
14. Watch DIY videos
15. Take a nap
16. Draw with chalk or something else
17. Jump around on the bed
18.Or on the trampoline (if you have one)
19. Paint fingernails

20. Reorganize
21. Learn origami
22. Write to-do lists
23. Write lists of places you still want to visit
24. Find and create ideas for a bullet journal
25. Sing and scare your neighbors with it
26. Write another song right away
27. FOOD
28. Imagine you are a chef and you are holding a cooking contest with friends
29. Call your grandparents

30. Write a poem
31. Another nap
32. Create a photo album
33. Imitates stars in front of the mirror
34. Close the door - music on - scream your soul out of your body
35. Try different accents
36th film marathon
38. Online shopping
39. Write letters that you may never send

40. Go for a walk / workout
41. Do you have a bike? Go cycling
42. Yoga is also possible
43. Or lie in bed
44. Actually go shopping
45. Make a DIY face mask
46. ​​Or buy a face mask
47. Call relatives or friends
48. Write a text
49. A picnic (outside or inside)

50. Studied a dance from YouTube
51. Watch YouTube
52. Pop the bubble wrap
53. Try a new hairstyle
54. Going forward with yourself in the mirror
55. Napping in the sun
56. Go swimming
57. Choosing new mobile wallpapers
58. Expanding the plate collection
59. A time capsule for yourself

60. With a letter to yourself in the future
61. Routes
62. Pranks on the phone
63. Run through sprinklers
64. Learn the first five ballet positions
65. Looking for new musical talent
66. Manicure
67. Or pedicure
68. Wear as many shirts as possible at once
69. Take photos

70. Make a list of 100 things to do when you are bored
71. Tinkering with Wikipedia
72. Sewing
73. Pretend it's Christmas time
74. Build a family tree
75. Blow soap bubbles
76. Painting dishes
77. Read a book you've read before
78. Playing with bubbles
79. Stalk someone (HARMLESS) on social media

80. Selfies
81. Put together cute outfits
82. Compliment yourself
83. Math (hahahahahahahahahahaha)
84.Singing videos (by others, unless you sing well)
85. Design a poster
86. Sitting somewhere where you normally don't sit and wondering why you never sit there
87. Looking at clouds, or stars
88.Yawn (that's a great example)
89. Stand on the edge of your sofa and pretend it's a cliff

90. Duck dance
91. Send a letter with confetti
92. Shake a water bottle with sparkling water
93. Let EVERYONE know how bored you are
94.Daydream (about something that will NEVER happen)
95. Break the chalk and glue it back together
96. To invent a new language
97. Distribute notes all over the apartment saying that you are bored
98. Write a song about your life
99. Paint your face
100. Dancing on the table

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