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Mind and present

Hello Gilbert,

Thomann has further developed the Riemann model, renaming the versions differently and preparing the whole thing much better. I didn't know him yet. When I dealt with it, there was still nothing from Thomann.
With him that means:
Duration (compulsive)
Change (hysterical)
Closeness (depressed)
Distance (schizoid)

He prepares this optically in a coordinate diagram with 2 axes, a time axis with the antipodes duration / change and a spatial axis proximity / distance.

So I haven't found anything new there, because Thomann's space and time axes correspond to my interpretation of mental and physical characteristics.
The diagram also clearly shows that each axis has a characteristic, usually one dominant and one less pronounced.
One might discuss whether a person has all 4 characteristics with a focus more or less shifted from the center or only sees 2 systems more or less and has to "work out" the missing ones in the course of time.
I, as a pronounced schizoid, including the associated "high sensitivity" and only moderately compulsive person, can say for myself that I have developed corresponding, clear and typical characteristics in both the depressive and hysterical areas - but I definitely do not have them View of a depressed or a hysterical! That is and will ultimately remain a strange world for me. Despite the properties developed in these areas, that's not there. This also applies to the hysterical, where as a weakly compulsive I should actually be close.

It's also interesting in love. The obvious tendency in such a relationship to want to add to the missing characteristics over the other has struck me again and again. It is not enough to have a developed person with appropriate qualities. Both of my wives were depressed / hysterical and thus my complementaries. I learned a lot from them and they both make me so sure that in the end I have no idea about depressive or hysterical experiences! - Just as my schizoidity / compulsiveness is a strange world to them.

I'll express it in a limited area on a property, a hysteric can exercise patience, a compulsive person * is * patience.

That is also the reason why I do not particularly like big 5 and what is based on it. That's good when I'm interested in the resulting traits of a person. For me, the result is quite coherent. Depending on whether I turn out to be more extroverted or introverted in the respective test - I am now pleasantly balanced in this area, but clearly come from the introverted side - I come out as a "type" "teacher" or "scientist". Fits in the corresponding descriptions.
I found neuroticism as the 5th characteristic interesting, in which I always show extreme values ​​in emotional stability and resistance to stress. I wouldn't have seen it as a problem for myself, but also not as such a great number as the tests showed. I then ask myself very intensely where that comes from and how far it is good.