What is your hometown famous for?

Why I like living in my city

What makes a city a good place to live? Four PASCH students from Appleby College in Oakville, Canada talk about what makes their place so special.

The city of Oakville is located in the south of the country near Toronto. In 2018, a Canadian magazine named Oakville the best place to live in Canada. You can find out what makes Oakville worth living from Tristan, Emmett, Ella and Maddy.

© Ruth Renters / Portrait: Katja Hanke

Tristan, 15 years

I think a city is worth living in when it is clean and safe. That means: There is no rubbish on the street and I don't have to be afraid when I walk on the street. In this city, the people are friendly and there are leisure activities such as restaurants and cinemas.

I like living in Oakville because the city has it all. Also, Oakville is smaller than other cities. I like that too. The people here have more contact with their neighbors and other people. Oakville is located on Lake Ontario. That's great. There are beautiful parks by the lake. I really enjoy walking there with my family. Often we also sit down in one of the many cafés. I don't go to the lake with my friends that often because I don't have much time.

What I like most about Oakville is that it's very easy to get to different places from here. Toronto is only 40 kilometers away and in just two hours we can be in the USA by car. We are right in the middle.

© Ruth Renters / Portrait: Katja Hanke

Emmett, age 15

For me, a place is worth living when you have everything close by and can walk there: friends, restaurants, doctors, shops. In Oakville we have a little bit of that. There are many small shops in the center. If you live near the center you can walk anywhere. I live about two kilometers from the nearest mall. Sometimes I go there on foot. I like to do that. But mostly we take the car.

Oakville is great because the city feels like a small place. I also like that Oakville is close to a big city. I take the train to Toronto two or three times a year.
There is also a small river in Oakville. From the bridge over the river you have a beautiful view: you can see the shops on the main street, lots of trees and Lake Ontario. I see that every morning when we drive over the bridge to school. In winter the water in the harbor is frozen. That looks particularly nice then.

© Ruth Renters / Portrait: Katja Hanke

Ella, 16 years

A livable city is clean and has little crime, so it's safe. Also, the people are nice and there is a shopping center and a cinema too. Oakville has it all. There are many good restaurants and also small shops with special things. We also have a cinema. It's one of my favorite places in town. I really enjoy going to the cinema, mostly with my family but also with friends. I also like to be at the lake and go for a walk with our dogs. Sometimes I also meet my friends there. Then in summer we eat ice cream together.

What I like most about Oakville is that the people are very friendly. The city reminds me a bit of the UK, which is where I come from. Many people from other countries live here. Our school also has students from many different countries. That's great because we share the same experiences.

© Ruth Renters / Portrait: Katja Hanke

Maddy, 15 years

In itself, I like bigger cities more than small ones. People from all over the world live in big cities and everyone is allowed to be who they are. But security is also important to me, so little crime. But above all: friendly people. Good people are the most important thing for a liveable hometown. There are these people in Oakville. I feel like part of a big family here. I've just had this experience again: we recently moved to another part of Oakville and we met new people there very quickly. The neighbors stopped by and greeted us. The people in this city are very open and warm. You like to get to know new people. Because many have come here from other countries themselves.

My favorite place in Oakville? This is our school. Because here the feeling that we all belong together is particularly strong. We all know each other and I feel at home and safe.

All photos from Oakville: Ruth Renters
All portraits: Katja Hanke