What is an outsider experience with Kerala cuisine

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Float over the water. Dive into the underwater world. Sit between the treetops or dance with the fire. Choose your perfect location or let your imagination run wild to create a whole new kind of dining experience. Indulge your taste buds in the nine restaurants and with the unique destination dining options of the Niyama. Here you will find some of the best restaurants in the Maldives.

Blu: Mediterranean-inspired cuisine in a casual, chic ambience Ideal for the whole family - all-day dining at the infinity pool on the island of Play In the ice cream parlor next to the pool, refreshing and creamy ice cream specialties satisfy your sweet tooth.

Epicure: Heavenly puff pastry pies guarantee a heavenly start to the day. Then feast on fruit salads, which can be prepared with familiar or tropical, exotic fruits on request, or an omelette with fine cheeses and finely chopped, fresh garden herbs.

Edge (fine dining): Chase through the waves in a speedboat. To be caressed by the breeze under the snow-white sails. Surrounded by the rippling of crystal clear water. Noble delicacies of the Indian Ocean - artfully arranged culinary creations present themselves on the plate in front of you. Culinary delights at the Edge

Nest (Asian): Climb up into the tree house nest to experience an unforgettable culinary highlight. A labyrinth of wooden walkways leads you through the jungle to your very own niche in the treetops. Chilled sashimi creations served in an ice cream scoop. Chefs from Thailand, China, Japan and Indonesia present avant-garde kitchen creations in one of the most impressive restaurants in the Maldives.

Subsix (underwater playground): Let the Dom Perignon tickle your tongue six meters below the surface of the water. Parrotfish swim past schools of halterfish. Moray eels meander through the lagoon. The groupers appear like giants between the colorful rainbow of butterfly fish and demoiselles. Every now and then the resident hawksbill turtle glides by.

Tribal: The flames are blazing. Seductive aromas fill the air. An atmosphere to dream. A Maasai warrior greets you with a dawa, a delicious cocktail specialty from East Africa that enchants your taste buds with seductive honey and lemon flavors. Choose exotic delicacies and enjoy an interesting mix of the cuisines of African and South American tribal peoples.

Dune: A barefoot dinner on the white sand. Sip cocktails on chic bean bags while the white clouds pass by. When it gets dark, the Beach Club comes to life and the chilled lounge beats fill the night sky.

Fahrenheit: Step into an oasis of light. On the roof terrace you are enthroned above nature. Sparkling rays of sunshine shine through the glass walls and the Indian Ocean is at your feet. Feel the heat of passion while you enjoy delicious cocktail specialties with rum matured in-house.

The Deli: Enjoy delicacies that tempt you to snack in large glasses. Get a smoothie or freshly brewed coffee. Pamper your palate with a selection of antipasti, panini, ciabatta, puff pastry pies and other light delicacies.

Deli-in: Plenty of delicacies and drinks are waiting for you in your large fridge. Chocolate bars, Snickers, Mars. A delicatessen selection with cheese and meat specialties as well as smoked salmon in your accommodation. Espresso machines are standard. Every room type is also equipped with a cocktail shaker. Your sweet supplies are replenished daily with our homemade ice cream specialties. And whenever you feel like it, you can pamper your taste buds with the soft little clouds from your own popcorn machine.

Dine-in: Special moments at sunrise: from wellness cuisine, breakfast experiences, blinis with caviar, Wagyu fillet steak to poached eggs with truffle hollandaise and champagne. Sumptuous meals for lunch or dinner, served in the privacy of your villa. Delicacies popular with children for carefree holidays with the family by the private pool.

Destination Dining: A gourmet picnic for two on a deserted sandbar. A campfire and a deliciously prepared mahi. Discover extraordinary and imaginative dishes with unique culinary experiences. A dining experience where your private chef and Thakuru will exceed all expectations.