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The American dream

The American dream

The American dream


Complete "The American Dream"

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The American dream is a main quest in Fallout 3. It is also an achievement / trophy.


The lone wanderer wakes up behind the walls of a prison cell in Raven Rock, the enclave's secret hiding place in the north-west of the capital's wasteland. Colonel Autumn wants the passcode, and there are a few different answers he can be given.

  • You can give Autumn the correct code, 2-1-6, and he'll thank you by killing you.
  • Denying him the code in the foulest possible way, just by saying "fuck you".
  • You can pretend to be stupid and the Colonel gets angry too.
  • If there is no other way to defy it, it can be given the wrong code 7-0-4. An officer of the enclave at the conditioner tests this and is killed. That's by far the most hot-headed answer you can give the Colonel.

Assuming he wasn't given the correct code, Colonel Autumn leaves when President Eden cuts in over the loudspeaker and tries to speak to the player. The entire inventory of the player (i.e. everything that was equipped, or had with him or her before the capture) is in a locker in the room with the prison cell of the lonely wanderer.

Come through the base

Once you get out you have to make sure to take all his belongings out of the locker. As soon as you go out, all but one officer are hostile. Shortly afterwards, however, President Eden asked his troops not to attack again. If you leave your cell to the right, it happens automatically and directly. If you go directly to the left, you come across Officer Williams, an officer who questions the player's freedom. With enough charisma or strength, he will leave you alone or flee. A voice challenge can be used to convince him to see President Eden, which the officer uses the intercom to convince himself of, but is reprimanded by President Eden. Alternatively, you can kill the officer before he speaks to you and no one else will become hostile because the troops are under orders to remain peaceful.

If Megaton is not blown up, the cell next to someone is Nathan Vargas, who was kidnapped by the enclave and has to admit that they are not what he expected. If he is not found as a prisoner, he will continue to live in Megaton as if nothing had ever happened. Despite his presence, he serves no purpose at Raven Rock. He just crouches in his cell and repeats the same sentence over and over again when spoken to.

The short break never lasts long. As soon as you have reached level 2 of Raven Rock, Colonel Autumn intervenes from behind in the orders of Eden and instructs the soldiers to attack the player. The exact point at which he does that is always different. If you enter level 2 through the science labs, he will give the order as soon as you get on the floor. Alternatively, if you come through the canteen to level 2, the announcement comes as soon as you reach the steps. In both cases, there is now a base full of enemy soldiers between the player and his target.

On the way from the prison cell to Eden's office, there are some things that are better to pick up. In the canteen there are around 10 packs of each item of food, as well as 2 first aid kits. In the laboratories you can find some ammunition boxes and other items. You also have to include the employees of the enclave, all of whom wear heavy armor and energy weapons and ammunition for them. You make a lot of profit if you exploit the soldiers after they die (you fix objects, you save weight).

Level 2 has more labs, enclave boxes and the bobble doll - energy weapons. The bobble doll is in Colonel Autumn's room (room 2C in the west), together with a holotape in a chest that contains the ZAX destruction sequence. In another room, 2B to the northwest, you can find Anna Holt, one of Dr. Li's assistants who were kidnapped by the enclave at the preparer. She tells you that she was suspicious at first, but then the enclave helped. If you kill them for cheating, you get negative karma.

Meet the President

At some point you come to a room in which two watchbots kill two soldiers from the enclave (if you kill the watchbots, you lose karma). If you try to speak to them, they just say, "Go ahead, the President is waiting". In the next room (1A) you have to go up a long spiral staircase before you meet President Eden, who turns out to be ZAX's AI. He tells one of his plan to clean up the wasteland by adding the modified FEV virus that was originally used to create the super mutants to wipe out all the contaminated and mutated creatures in the wasteland and start a fresh start. Eden reveals that Autumn disagrees with the president at all and feels that there needs to be a less "extreme" way to reboot the wasteland.

There are a few decisions at this moment that will determine the fate of the president:

  • With enough language one can convince Eden that he is insane, which is why he is destroying himself and the base. This voice challenge is pretty tricky. Even with Language 100 and Charisma 10, the chances are only 90% that you will pass them.
  • With Science 60 you can convince Eden that his actions can only come about through a fallacy, which also destroys himself and the base itself.
  • If you've found the ZAX self-destruct codes in Colonel Autumn's room, you can use them to turn Eden off (and once again the base will blow up).
  • You can also leave him alone and leave the base. With this option, level 1 still behaves as if it had been destroyed. In the main corridor the sparks fly and the doors become inaccessible, the lower corridors remain locked. However, the base does not go up and the intact Vertibirds can escape.

However, no matter how the conversation with President Eden ended, one cannot leave the base without taking the modified FEV virus.

Leave the base

After you have left President Eden's chamber, the robots turn against the soldiers in the subsequent corridors and help the player. On the way there are some enclave boxes that are protected by force fields and can only be opened with a terminal that has to be hacked.

There is a terminal that opens a deathclaw cage. The death claw in the cage attacks everyone in sight, except the player, whom it will ignore. You can also open the cage directly with Dietrich 50. The terminal is right next to it.

There is a Gatling laser on the way out.

Outside the base

As soon as you are outside, you can see some vertibirds flee. Regardless of whether you have activated self-destruction or not, from now on you can no longer get into the base.

At this point you will meet the super mutant Fawkes, armed with a Gatling laser, in case you have freed him from his cell in Vault 87. With good karma, one has the option of recruiting him as a companion.

One must now return to the citadel, where the Elder Lyons, the Scholar Rothchild and the Lyons Pride together with Sarah Lyons have gathered to begin the next quest, Bring him back!. The Elder Lyons asks incidentally about new results with the enclave. For good karma, you can now give him the FEV virus that you received so that the scholars can examine him and then destroy it. Regardless of whether you do that or not, the other dialog options from here remain unchanged. Sarah Lyons now makes you an official member of Lyons Pride and offers you power armor or reconnaissance armor. For good karma you can tell the elder that Vault 87 is the source of the super mutants.

Sarah asks you if you are ready to go to the Jefferson Memorial with the Brotherhood, Lyons Pride and Liberty Prime to stop Colonel Autumn and the enclave. It should be noted that this will usher in the final main quest in the game, so it's a journey of no return. It is best to save in the citadel and complete all side quests in the wasteland of the capital that are still open, since you cannot continue playing after the end, unless you have installed Broken Steel. This is also your last chance to recruit Star Paladin Cross, as they will come after you Bring him back! no longer follows.

When you're finally done, you have to speak to Sarah and say "yes". Scholar Rothchild then takes Liberty Prime to the citadel courtyard in an elevator. When Liberty Prime is halfway out, you have completed this quest.


  • The Bobblehead - Energy Weapons is in Colonel Autumn's bedroom. If you don't collect it in this quest, it will be lost forever.
  • You can find Nathan from Megaton in one of the cells (assuming Megaton is still standing). He just says the phrase "Run, they are not who they pretend to be!". If you talk to Manya in Megaton, she says "I have no idea where Nathan is", but you can't tell her where he is. Sometimes he lies dead in his cell or has found a way out and flees when you open the door.
  • If you befriend President Eden instead of destroying him, he'll make a long, patriotic speech over the radio on the next quest.
  • Three Dogs reports vary based on whether the player destroyed President Eden or left him alone.
  • Sometimes Fawkes is still in Raven Rock if you leave before the explosion sequence starts.
  • No companion follows you to Raven Rock, instead they go back to their original locations. This often ends in the death of the companion, preferably with Dogmeat.
  • You get negative karma and an experience point for destroying the president's guard bot.
  • Two hours of play elapse between capture and arrival.
  • Three Dog mentions on his radio show that he knows from his "sources" that the player was taken to Raven Rock and frozen in a block of ice.
  • Although the enclave soldiers become hostile after entering level 2, the scientists and officers run away more often than attack.