What foods are bad for your lungs?

And since the condition of the lungs is closely correlated with the risk of death - be it from chronic lung disease, heart disease, lung cancer or other illnesses - increased consumption of tomatoes is certainly a very good idea. Also read about this: Lung cleansing drink. Please see the link below for more information on lung cleansing.

Only fresh fruits and vegetables work

However, it is not enough to eat a tomato or an apple every now and then. You should consume more than two tomatoes per day or more than three servings of fresh fruit per day in order to achieve the advantages mentioned (1 serving = 80 g). Processed tomato products, e.g. B. Tomato sauce from the glass, or fruit from the can did not have the same effect. Only fresh fruits and vegetables had a positive effect on lung health.

Nutritional advice is recommended

Study author Dr. Vanessa Garcia-Larsen said the results highlighted the need for dietary recommendations, especially for risk groups. People with weakened lungs or the first signs of certain lung diseases, such as COPD (the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), should therefore definitely receive appropriate nutritional advice.

Eat foods that help your lungs more often

From around the age of thirty, the lung functions begin to weaken - depending on the general condition of the person. If you now eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, you can slow down this age-related deterioration in lung functions and repair lung damage, such as that caused by smoking, more effectively.

"Diet - as we now know - is an important way of combating the increasingly common COPD diseases," concludes Garcia-Larsen.

You can find more information on the positive effects of a healthy diet on lung health here: A healthy diet protects against smokers' coughs. It is important here, among other things, that sugar and white flour products as well as foods in general with a high glycemic load (= foods that cause the blood sugar level to rise sharply) should be avoided. We reported here: Sugar: Risk factor for lung cancer

Healthy recipes

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