Why doesn't CVS accept Apple Pay?

Sparkassen-Karte and Apple Pay should start in the summer

We have already informed you about the technical requirements for using the Sparkasse giro card with Apple Pay that were made available last month. In the meantime, further preparations seem to be being made at the individual savings banks. Business conditions are updated and online texts added. However, you should not see this as a guarantee for the virtually immediate activation of the Sparkasse giro card for Apple Pay. The waiting period can easily extend beyond July.

In the meantime, individual savings banks expressly mention in their terms and conditions the possibility of using the Sparkassen Card Debit not only with Android, but also to pay with Apple Pay. In some cases, the option to activate a Sparkasse card for Apple Pay appears on the customer pages of the German savings banks.

In the background, however, it can be heard that the activation can take several weeks. In favor of a date in August at the earliest, the above-mentioned changes are not yet found in many of the savings banks' service specifications that were updated in July. The only thing that seems certain is that the function expansion requested by numerous Sparkasse customers will be released this summer. Regarding the exact time, Apple should set the tone. In connection with this, we expect an update for the Sparkasse app.

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