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What is cleaning?

In all cleaning work, the factors temperature, cleaning agent and mechanical pressure as well as time ensure that hygiene success is achieved in all of the services listed below.

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Jobs daily hotel room cleaning

The checklist for room cleaning is next to the sanitary cleaning - or bathroom cleaning and floor cleaning - the most important hotel checklist. In order to complete the list below according to your own requirements and jobs, you should create your personal checklist. Hotel cleaning includes upper tasks (see detailed cleaning plan below) and especially maintenance cleaning. Read the most important hygiene requirements according to Corona, which, for example, large chains such as Marriott have introduced.

Room cleaning according to Corona hygiene standards

The schedule below still applies, which should be supplemented in accordance with the requirements and ordinances of the individual federal states, which were issued after May 6th, 2020.



1. The housekeeping team works at a safe distance for the individual jobs in the hotel industry, including when making beds
2. Draw up a cleaning protocol for all work in the guest room. This can be a simple checklist that the employee signs
3. Surfaces have to be cleaned even more carefully due to the COVID-19 dangers, especially the surfaces on the shower, on the bedside table, on the minibar and so on, which are often touched by the guest
4. Surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants that are also used in hospitals. But these are usually the cleaning agents that are already being used. This is provided with an increased frequency in public hotel areas such as corridors, lobbies, etc.
5. The top cleaning rule will also apply in the future: It will be cleaned from top to bottom, this applies even more to Corona times than before!
6. If employees use disposable gloves when cleaning, the “do not touch your face” requirement must also be observed for your own safety. If the gloves are removed, they should not be used again.
7. Very important: Many guests are not only afraid of Corona in the hotel, but also of the 'old enemy athlete's foot'. Point out that carpets are cleaned in depth at appropriate intervals.
8. Hand disinfection stations e.g. at the entrances to the individual floors are good for the complete hygiene of the hotel. Only: These disinfection stations also have to be cleaned regularly.



Process of room cleaning or room-keeping for chambermaids / roomboys in a hotel room

Ensuring the quality of the work is the responsibility of the housekeeper, the chief executive housekeeper and ultimately the rooms division manager, because out-of-order rooms are also not useful for hotel occupancy. Employees should receive further training in accordance with the hygiene training. Housekeeping is part of the work that maintenance cleaning companies offer.

Systematic room cleaning with a checklist in the hotel - an overview of the room cleaning schedule

This sequence of cleaning jobs has proven to be effective and is included in the 'cleaning service specifications' when commissioning third parties (except for the formulas for friendliness). See also the point below 'Cleaning of rooms with a specified time'.

  • Come with a cleaning trolley, knock, wait, open the door
  • Check the door locking system
  • Open windows and curtains, remove odors if necessary
  • Move the run-off mats to the side
  • Empty trash can and trash
  • Make new beds
  • Bring dirty bedclothes and towels to the laundry trolley, possibly fight bed bugs prophylactically
  • Bring new laundry and towels into the room, deliver fresh towels even at 'don't disturb' times
  • Clean the bathroom including the shower with an all-purpose cleaner (if necessary, create a bathroom checklist), see bathroom cleaning
  • Sanitary cleaning, clean the toilet with a separate cloth and all-purpose cleaner - make sure that the waste water in the toilet brush holder is always emptied! Otherwise there is a risk of a bad smell
  • Clean the sink
  • Cleaning the mirror
  • Clean and refill guest supplies
  • Dust furniture, remove lint from textiles
  • Remove stains
  • Vacuuming or mopping the floor - see the comprehensive entry for professional carpet cleaning - a regular athlete's foot test is recommended for hotels with 3 stars or more in order to protect guests from the stubborn illness
  • to put sheets on the bed
  • Hang towels
  • Refill the minibar
  • Hotel safe ok?
  • Check hotel room folders
  • Electrical appliances and lamps check
  • Adjust the furniture
  • Lay out give away
  • Have a nice day put out cards
  • Clean room signs
  • Quality control by someone else
  • Inform facility management / caretaker / hotel technology about any damage
  • Is the room really well cleaned? Report room release to the front office via the housekeeping line
  • Front office changes the rate category status

For private individuals - hotel room cleaning Tip: It should be 5% of sales, because the demands rise with the costs. If you are tough, put it under your pillow with a 'Have a nice day' greeting so that it goes where it belongs.



Cleaning carpets - but doing these jobs properly!

You should pay special attention to carpet cleaning, because even 5-star hotels make big mistakes here by incorrectly cleaning them. Here you can save a lot of money with precisely defined hygiene measures. Read the specialist articles spray extraction, foam cleaning and powder cleaning or all tips on cleaning carpets on the subject of correct care of floor coverings and carpeting.

Cleaning of the rooms with a time limit - Is the trend in room cleaning / hotel cleaning called outsourcing?

Have a reference calculation made for a standard room. Then it becomes apparent which influences a change in performance in relation to performance indicators or area performance has on costs. It is worthwhile to determine in advance what you will be able to do. The service providers you have requested must be able to assess the performance in order to calculate the costs. The time required for cleaning and the individual performance in m² / h for a room type can be determined from the framework conditions. In practice, however, areas cannot be calculated across the board.

Therefore it should be stated

  • Is there good, partial or difficult access to areas?
  • Changing floor surfaces?
  • Short or long travel times?
  • Cleaning intervals normal, often very often?
  • Is the infrastructure good or difficult?
  • Building condition good, medium, bad?

At the end of 2014, in discussions with many hotel chains, it became apparent that, due to the unreliability of external companies, more in-house housekeeping staff or a mix in which the internal room audit, like the housekeeper, exercises more control.

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Control of housekeeping works - the most important works of hotel cleaning

If you do not outsource your housekeeping department, you can check the time specifications for room cleaning using the cleaning company's calculations (see below). According to the countercheck, you define a checklist for room keeping. The ultimate test for hygiene in the guest bathroom is done with the UV gel test.

Hotel cleaning in accordance with Corona hygiene in the hotel industry

1. Hygiene stations with alcohol-based hand disinfectants at the entrance and in the public areas of the hotel
2. Distance marks in front of the front office
3. Spit protection at the front office
4. Room keys and key cards must be disinfected and presented securely to the guest at check-in
5. Provide common rooms with door tags, as for conferences, which provide information about cleaning and disinfection procedures
6. Express check-out for guests minimizes dangerous contacts. Cashless payment methods are recommended.

For employees: equip employees with masks and gloves - prevention and hygiene training programs for employees

Hotel cleaning process including all cleaning jobs

The work for hotel cleaning in the hotel lobby, reception, hallways, breakfast room, restaurant and bar as well as individually determined rooms are carried out from top to bottom for walls and objects. First, the floor mats are taken aside and vacuumed, in winter they have to be taken to the laundry on a weekly basis or they are exchanged for leasing. Then empty and clean rubbish baskets, also ashtrays and standing ashtrays.

The following hotel cleaning tasks must be carried out according to key words: wipe stone and hard floor coverings with a damp cloth - clean seating furniture and tables with a damp cloth - wipe doors to the rooms with a damp cloth, clean entrance doors and their glass, remove fingerprints, clean railings, hotel lifts are hot from the inside out Wipe down, wipe the reception counter and rework the microfiber cloth, dust off lampshades, table, floor and wall lamps, dust off picture frames, clean the shoe shine machine, wipe the radiators and their spaces with a damp cloth, clean the back office by arrangement, clean chairs, benches and stools, clean moldings, tiles Clean with a damp cloth behind the counter, clean the bar counter. Control and working time specifications according to REFA, hotel management or their agents.

Here you can find more information about the dishwashing service and special facade cleaning (also for the hotel industry).

Hotel cleaning prices - hotel cleaning Berlin, Frankfurt Hamburg, Cologne, Munich - cleaning prices and companies

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