How much do beauticians earn

Salary beautician

The training to become a beautician is offered both as a dual training and as a school-based training. Although the dual training takes a little longer, you will receive an apprenticeship salary from the first month. At this point we can show you how high your earnings will be based on a few guidelines. The exact conditions are set out in your training contract; they can vary depending on the location and size of your training company.

Salary during training

Your training salary is staggered over the three years of training - with each new year of training, your salary as a beautician increases. In the first year of your apprenticeship you will earn 520 to 850 euros gross per month. In the second year of your apprenticeship you have already learned important basics and can do more in the company, and your wages will rise accordingly, to 550 to 960 euros. In the last year of your apprenticeship, you will receive between 670 and 1,100 euros. So you can not only take care of the beauty of other people full-time, but you can also use your salary to do something for your own beauty.

Salary after training

The starting salary of a beautician is 1,600 to 1,900 euros gross per month. The amount of your earnings depends, among other things, on the size of your business. In small beauty salons you often earn less than in large wellness hotels or on cruise ships. Tips may be added to your remuneration if you have done a good job. In order to improve your earnings, further training or further education makes sense. As a specialist in cosmetics and wellness, you can earn between 2,500 and 3,200 euros.