What are some delicious leafy vegetables

From watercress to radicchio: 9 leafy vegetables & their best properties

What would a fresh salad be without crunchy greens in it? Leafy vegetables in any form have always provided the perfect basis for this: iceberg lettuce or radicchio, for example, provide plenty of volume in the shell, while rocket, kale and other leafy vegetables are real taste bombs.
Unfortunately, the hype about the various leafy vegetables is often limited to the preparation of cold dishes, because there is this assumption that they only taste good raw. The (primarily) green nutrient carriers can do much more than that.
What exactly they have to offer is explained to us by Celine Beitchman, cook and director of the nutrition division Institute of Culinary Education

How you can best integrate them into your diet and how rocket, iceberg lettuce and the like differ in their texture, color and taste, explains Celine Beitchman, cook and director of the nutrition department Institute of Culinary Education
But so much in advance: the consistency of the vegetables often depends on the weather conditions in the growing region. In colder places, the leaves and stems are usually very thick and firm to the bite, whereas when they grow in warmer areas they are tender and thin. In terms of taste, Beitchman divides the greens into four categories: bitter, hot, buttery and watery. However, there are also overlaps within this classification. That means: A vegetable can taste bitter and at the same time spicy.
And finally, you can use the color to determine which method of preparation is the right one: if the leafy vegetables are juicy green, this usually means they are fresh and can be eaten raw. If the greens look pale and faded, the cook advises heating the vegetables. The color is also a good indicator of nutritional value: the darker and richer the leaf, the more vitamins and minerals are in the vegetable.
In this slideshow you will find more detailed descriptions and preparation tips from the cook for the individual green foods. From watercress to endive, everything is included!