University degrees in Australia are useful

Universities in Australia

Given the popularity of Australia as a travel destination (WHV and tourists), many wonder whether it is worth studying there too. The country is also very popular with foreign students to study. Mainly by Chinese, Indians, Malaysians, Nepalis, Brazilians, Vietnamese, South Koreans and Thais. These nationalities and many others travel mainly to Sydney or Melbourne to study.Here you can find useful information about universities in Australia and their system.

Why study in Australia

Australia is a beautiful country with an extraordinary living environment. But it's not just the sun, the beaches and the kangaroos that make this country interesting to study there.

Indeed, the country's education system is one of the best in the world. The quality of the teaching is unanimously recognized and offers good professional opportunities afterwards. A trip to Australia is also a great option improve your english. Immerse yourself in Australian culture and enjoy the student life, bars, cafes, sports ... Everything is much more relaxed here and everyone takes their time.

The student visa for Australia is not difficult to get. It takes between 3 days and 3 weeks to receive a response to your visa application. Prepare your application simply by attaching all the requested papers. With this visa you can also work outside of the lessons. Up to 20 hours a week or full time during school holidays.

Australia has become a very trendy travel destination in recent years. You will meet a lot of young people your age with different nationalities. Many of them are often in the same situation as you: They come to discover the country and learn or improve their English. During the school holidays you can take the opportunity to travel and discover this beautiful country. We are sure that you will be amazed ...

Do you need advice on studying in Australia?

Do you need advice on studying in Australia? You may not know which visa you need, which university to choose or which field of study to take.

Don't panic, specialized organizations can help you. This is the case with Study Connection, they accompany you free of charge with all questions about studying in Australia. The costs are borne by the schools or universities. They are there to listen to you and advise you! If you need help, contact them here: Study Connection

Prices for universities in Australia

Admittedly, the university system in Australia is quite expensive compared to ours in Germany. You need to budget for a minimum of A $ 25,000 to A $ 45,000 per year (knowing that prices can increase by up to 10% each year).

The only financial aid that is offered in Australia is the scholarships. These are scholarships that are mainly awarded on an academic basis. You have to score at least 16 out of 20 averages to be eligible. There is sometimes a geographic exchange that is automatically offered to certain nationalities. The aim is to diversify the students at the university, but this is very rare.

Why are universities in Australia so expensive?

The high cost of Australian universities is justified by a number of factors:

  • A regular revision of the programs to keep pace with labor market trends
  • Carefully selected professors based on their academic and professional standing
  • Premises with modern equipment (computers, laboratories, research centers, digital bookstores, etc.)
  • Opportunities to participate in university exchanges at major universities around the world (support including sports clubs, art, culture, employment services, internships, housing, etc.)

The reputation of Australian universities is the same as that of the most prestigious universities in America and England. They are also often among the top 100 universities in the world. In Australia, the Group of 8 is often referred to as the 8 best universities in Australia.

This group of 8 includes:

  • The University of Western Australia in Perth
  • Monash University in Melbourne
  • Australian National University in Canberra
  • The University of Adelaide
  • The University of Melbourne
  • The University of New South Wales in Sydney
  • The University of Queensland in Brisbane
  • The University of Sydney

This group of eight welcomes you more than 100,000 foreign students from 200 different countries.

Comparison of the Australian and German higher education systems

The various principles of the Australian University

The principle at Australian universities is to find everything necessary in the premises, to ensure the well-being of the students and to prepare them for their future careers.

A major difference to the European higher education system are the few teaching hours per week. The curriculum at universities in Australia is usually between 5 and 15 hours per week. The reason for this is to give the students the opportunity to do an internship or to work in parallel. Australia attaches great importance to getting started in an active life, but also to learning to work independently and in groups. These last two components are also highly valued by employers in Australia.

For the Anglo-Saxon higher education system, it is important that students and teachers prepare for each classroom. Therefore, students are asked to read a few chapters of a book before each class. Proactivity and time savings are part of this system. The teacher is seen as a mentor with whom the students can be in contact via email beyond the schedule.

Each student has their own Student portalthrough which he can: access his results, create his timetable for each semester, contact the administration for various reasons (example: school report) or receive his invoices to be paid for each semester (tuition fees are paid per semester).

Typically, Australian universities offer two enrollments per year: February and July. Some work quarterly and therefore offer three cover letters.

The similarities

The similarity between the European and Australian higher education systems lies in the structure and organization of the university. The Bachelor, a doctorate corresponds to a PHD or degrees by research in Australia. The master’s degree remains the master. You may find courses that are reminiscent of the old German system.

Australian University Admission Requirements

It should be noted that when it comes to admission requirements for foreign students, there will always be two of them:

  • The Academic (and thus you receive the degree for integration into the Bachelor or a license for a Master),
  • English, it is required to take an official English test such as IELTS Academic, TOEFL, CAE, PTE. Sometimes there are, there are exceptions, if, for example, part of your studies in Germany was taught in English.

A certain average of previous degrees and English proficiency test is expected for each program. And for some selected branches of study, such as law, medicine, teaching, etc., other admission requirements are required, such as a motivational interview, additional tests, etc. Finally, it is important to know that some university degrees (other than international law, medicine, teaching, architecture, etc.) .) only apply in Australia or sometimes in New Zealand and other Commonwealth countries. These courses lead to degrees that are specific to each country's legislation. Recognition of the degree is therefore an obligatory step if the student might want to return to his / her country of origin. This does not apply, for example, to business, finance and computer teaching, which remain similar areas around the world.

It is advisable to contact a study advisor before or during your stay in Australia to discuss and prepare for your degree program.

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