Is Hinduism a threat to the world

Hinduism is one of the great world religions. The followers of this religion are called Hindus. There are over 800 million Hindus around the world. Hinduism has its origin in India. Over 80 percent of the people there are Hindus. In Hinduism, different groups of believers have come together and not all believe the same thing.

More than three million gods

The different faith groups have similar ideas but differ from one another. In Hinduism there is not just one god, but more than three million goddesses and gods. The Hindus can choose a god or goddess for themselves. In Hinduism one can distinguish three main directions. Most Hindus worship the deities Vishnu, Shiva and Shakti. That is why the three main directions of Hinduism are Vishnuism, Shaivism and Shaktism.

Holy cows and bathe in the Ganges

There are rules that apply to all Hindus. For example, you are not allowed to eat beef because cows are sacred animals. If they are on the street, they must not be chased away. Every Hindu should make a pilgrimage to the holy river Ganges once in a lifetime. Hindus believe that if they wash in the Ganges, they will be freed from their guilt.

Believe in rebirth

Hindus believe in rebirth. Karma determines what a Hindu will be reborn as after his death. Karma includes everything that a Hindu does in his life. For example, if someone does a lot of good, they have good karma. The caste system in India is important here. The castes are like different groups in society. Every Hindu is born into a caste. Switching back and forth between the boxes is not possible. The Hindus hope that in their next life they will be born into a higher caste. But your ultimate goal is moksha. It means salvation for them. Then the Hindus find their rest and are no longer born again.

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