What is the best hospital in singapore

The 10 best hospitals in the world

The following list of the 10 best hospitals in the world has been compiled by Swiss Insurance Partners, leading experts in the field of international health. Of course there are many more excellent hospitals and clinics around the world, and especially for certain treatments, and in some cases you may have a highly specialized team in other hospitals or clinics for a particular problem that it may be appropriate to go. The company's strong network and more than 20 years of experience with global healthcare providers make Swiss Insurance Partners the ideal partner for international health protection and related advice and support.

The Mayo Clinic
The Mayo Clinic is based in Minnesota, USA. They also have centers in Arizona and Florida, and over 19 hospitals in five states, and treat over a million patients a year. 57 research centers and an integrated medical faculty ensure continuous research and development. This clinic is open to international patients looking for high quality medical services.

Hirslanden Klinik Im Park
This private clinic has 30 centers and over 280 specialists. The service to customers is internationally recognized as exceptional. The Klinik Im Park is known for integrating the latest and most modern medical methods and initiatives. The location in the heart of Zurich in Switzerland is a prime location. This clinic specializes in international patients. It is the right address for everyone looking for the highest quality in Swiss healthcare.

Singapore General Hospital
The Singapore General Hospital treats more than one million patients annually. It is also the oldest hospital in the small country, founded in 1821. The facility has excellent research centers and has received multiple awards for its quality of care. Singapore is a melting pot in Asia and this broad experience clinic is seeing an increase in international patient numbers. In addition, this clinic is perfectly connected to the Singapore healthcare environment, with connections to dozens of world-class healthcare facilities across the small state.

John Hopkins Hospital
This hospital is based in Baltimore and ranks second in the United States for the best medical schools. John Hopkins Hospital is a leader in neurosurgery and child psychiatry. It has six hospitals, offers home care solutions and treats over three million patients annually. This medical facility specializes in providing patient-centered medicine for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human diseases.

Charité Berlin
The Charité Berlin enjoys international recognition for its outstanding research in partnership with the Humboldt University and the Free University of Berlin. The hospital is known for its biomedical innovation. The German hospital is constantly working on initiatives that address the convergence of technology and medicine. Research and development at the Charité is so advanced that governments regularly ask this institution for advice in medical crisis situations.

Massachusetts General Hospital
The third oldest hospital in the United States is based in Boston, where it benefits from a cluster of world-class medical and technology educational institutions such as Harvard Medical School. Huge annual investments drive their innovation activities. Massachusetts General Hospital is the number one hospital on the US East Coast and was founded by U.S. News and World Report ranked second in America. It is the only hospital in all 16 of U.S. News-rated subject areas is recognized.

Toronto General Hospital
Toronto General Hospital is the largest transplant center in North America. The clinic is famous for open heart surgery and cardiovascular health. A true pioneer in the field of organ transplantation and great success in research and development. This medical facility ranks first among the research hospitals in Canada.

University of Tokyo Hospital
The focus of this clinic is on patient wellbeing with an emphasis on quality. More than a million patients were treated in 2017. The integrated educational institutions offer a long-term competitive advantage through talent acquisition. Services for international patients seeking medical treatment at the Japanese hospital are well managed and a fully digital roadmap enables a smooth transition. In partnership with the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, experts from the University of Tokyo Hospital are offering their services to top athletes from all over the world.

University Hospital Lausanne
This public hospital in Switzerland is one of the most progressive hospitals in terms of state-of-the-art treatments. The World Health Organization selected LUH to conduct the trials of the Ebola vaccine when the virus was at its peak in 2014. The CHUV is part of the Lausanne Integrative Metabolism and Nutrition Alliance, a joint research initiative to promote research and teaching in the field of metabolism, nutrition, aging and all related diseases such as obesity and diabetes. The clinic is located on the sunny shores of Lake Geneva, 60 kilometers from Geneva International Airport.

Groupe hospitalier Paris Saint-Joseph
This Paris-based hospital is known for its cutting edge technology coupled with a focus on the wellbeing of its patients. Its prime location in the capital of France and the connection to first-class educational institutions make this clinic a focal point for medical services in the French metropolis.