What is the toughest international science Olympiad

Scientific trip around the world



A and B make it to Great Britain with a ferry. You wander around England for a while and come across a computer museum in a stately villa. "This is Bletchley Park!" Shouts A excitedly.


"This is where Alan Turing cracked the Enigma machine in World War II! To do this, he constructed an electromechanical machine that was able to very quickly apply any of the possible keys to a message. Then you just have to manually check with which key." the coded message becomes a meaningful text, and you already know: This key is currently being used. Then you can also decrypt all other messages, "explains A." Oh, Turing's machine didn't just try all the keys one after the other would have taken far too long! First, a single, common word was used that can be assumed to appear in the message in any case. This way, all keys can be excluded for which this word does not result if you apply it to a message, "claims B.


Who is right?

You haven't cracked the code yet. A was right.

You passed this "Turing test"!