Who invented the soft drink Soda Fanta?

The invention of Fanta

“Drink Fanta, live more colorful”, “be bamboocha” or “Fantamazing” - the Fanta campaigns are always an expression of joie de vivre and every child from the USA to Switzerland knows them. Or? The answer is yes and no. Although many believe that Fanta comes from the USA, it has its origins in neighboring Germany, more precisely from the Ruhr area of ​​the 1940s. We look at Fanta's eventful history.

The world was in the middle of World War II when Fanta was invented. Hitler was in power, and after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Germans and the Americans declared war on each other, which also dried up the export of Coca-Cola syrup to Germany.

But the Germans loved their Coca-Cola. Because the then managing director of the German Coca-Cola GmbH, Max Keith, could no longer go through the American group, he had to come up with something else.

Max Keith, managing director of the German Coca-Cola GmbH, invented Fanta

An invention in need

What he came up with is what we now call Fanta: a whole new drink made from whey and apple. Incidentally, Fanta is so called because Max Keith launched a naming competition among his employees and said they should let their imagination run wild to develop a new drink. So the winner of the competition was called Fanta in the end.

The drink was originally made from the few ingredients Keith had available during the barren war. He mixed up an ever-changing combination of leftovers: leftovers from cheese production (whey), the fibrous remains of apples pressed for cider, and whatever surplus fruit he could buy.

This flexibility in the addition of fruit is also the reason why we still see such a large variety of fruit flavors today: Whether elderberry, mango or lemon - Fanta reinvents itself again and again and shows itself in a new guise.

The French star designer Raymond Loewy designed the famous Fanta ring bottle made of brown glass. A design that goes perfectly with a good mood drink: simple, functional and iconic at the same time.

Countless tastes, one Fanta

With the different tastes, it used to be all about which fruits were available. In Holland, for example, these were mainly elderberries, and in Italy oranges. Oranges: The Fanta we know and love today was born.

Together with the characteristic ring bottle, the Fanta brand was widely advertised in Europe, Latin America and Africa from 1955 - but not in the USA. The reason for this was that they did not want to compete with the strong Coca-Cola brand. In 1960 Fanta was already bubbling in 36 countries, and since 1965 in Switzerland, where it is produced locally.

Fanta Shokata, the Fanta flavor from Southeast Europe, originally comes from Romania and tastes like elderflower and lemon.
There are countless different types of Fanta - we'd love to try all of them!

The Fanta family

In Switzerland there is now five variants of Fanta, with a taste of orange (the classic), lemon and mango and, since 2008, as a zero variant without sugar. And of course the Fanta Shokata, the "blue Fanta" with elderberry flavor, which found its way to us via Romania.

In other countries there are countless other flavors such as pineapple, apple, cassis, chinotto, exotic, grape, raspberry, icy lemon, kiwi apple, madness, papaya, passion fruit, pomelo, red fruits, root beer, salaberry (blueberry), twisted fruits , Strawberry - the list is still long.

The Fanta bottle has been available in a new, fresh look and with a more fruit flavor since 2017. Fruity, cheeky, dynamic and perfect for young people: totally crazy!

It was a long way from the leftover product from World War II to the Fanta that we now love and celebrate - we are curious to see how our favorite orange lemonade will develop.