What race has the most beautiful people

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Have you ever seen photos of the supposedly most beautiful woman in the world in magazines and magazines and thought: But I know some who are much prettier ?!
Or another question: Have you looked at the 13 supposedly most beautiful women in the world from the fields of pop and culture? What is striking? The striking differences among the most beautiful women. This ranges from the sporty naturalness of a Kate Upton to the idiosyncratic individuality of a Scarlett Johansson to the classic beauty of a Charlize Theron (who incidentally topped the ranking).
If beauty can be so different in our own culture, how big are the differences all over the world!
The journalist Esther Honig put her unedited photo online and asked photo shop artists from all over the world to edit her photo in such a way that it was perceived as beautiful in their country. The result was extremely different “improvements” that made her figure appear narrower, bustier, more childlike, and sometimes more womanly. The differences in what we find beautiful are really almost unlimited!
Would you like some examples? May I help you!

We start with ... Europe

Where do the most beautiful European women live? The women are at the very frontSpain. Most people consider the racy southern type to be beautiful. What do you do to keep your hair full and skin beautiful? The Spanish women are considered to be tradition-conscious, so it is not surprising that natural cosmetics play a role. So prefer the Spanish womenconcentrated cranberry juiceto conjure up reddish reflections in her dark hair. And there is also a recipe from the kitchen for dark circles:raw potato slices Put on your closed eyes for ten minutes to dispel swellings and give your eyes a clearer look.

At the other end of the color scale, the women are laid outScandinavia. Above all, her delicate, translucent complexion and light hair arouse admiration. What can you do to keep your complexion so flawless? The women from Scandinavia swear byGreen tea, and not in liquid, but in frozen form. The brewed tea is frozen in small cubes and, if necessary, poured over the face and the whole body. The ingredients of the tea in connection with the cold make the complexion shine. As a quick pick-me-up also helpscarbonated mineral water: moist compresses reduce swelling.

What are women doing in ... Africa

Women are among the most beautiful in AfricaEthiopia. Her grace and posture in combination with the shimmering dark skin are admired everywhere. We also know one of the greatest beauty secrets: the fruit of the shea tree, known to us asShea butter. It contains vitamin E and allantoin, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Lies further to the east of the continent Morocco. The women here use it for cleaningRhassoul, a special clay from the Atlas Mountains. The fine particles attract dust, main flakes and excess fat, an ideal cleaning substance for oily and combination skin!

From Africa it's now to ... Asia

What comes to mind when you hear the terms Asia and beauty? The Japanese geishas! A light porcelain complexion applies in Asia, also inJapan, as a feature of real beauty. Unfortunately, this ideal of beauty leads some women to treat themselves with ointments, some of which are very harmful, which contain toxic mercury and hydroquinone. The skin, which should actually be “more beautiful”, in other words: lighter, is permanently damaged.
There are natural cosmetics that the geishas used for their delicate skin. An example: a peeling offRice flour and olive oil. Gently massaged in and then washed off with lukewarm water, the peeling ensures smooth, fresh skin and a youthful appearance.

Women also belong to the same continentIndia. Jet black hair, dark skin and soft eyes - the Indian women are really often beautiful. What are they doing about it? As everywhere else, even, healthy skin is a sign of real beauty. Traditionally, a so-called wedding mask is applied, purely vegan, consisting of Chickpea flour, turmeric and milk After an exposure time of 20 minutes, the skin does not only shimmer before the wedding!

And now to ... America

On the American continent, it's women fromBrazilthat correspond to the ideal of beauty for many. Here it is a distinctly sporty, firm body that is sought. What are they doing about it? In addition to a consistent workout, you take your diet very seriously. A daily rationCoconut water is highly valued for its anti-aging effect. Carrots for a gently tinted, even skin and very protein-rich foods as well as fruit and vegetable juices are also on the menu.

Further north in theUnited States it is the "All American Beauty" that is admired. What do you think of that? Blonde, flowing curls, a radiant smile and the perfect figure. Small pimples and impurities are of course annoying! A simple home remedy can help:Banana peels. Rubbing the inside of the peels on the skin has an anti-inflammatory effect and prevents new acne from developing. Banana peel also contains starch, which can soak up excess skin oil.

That was only a small, by no means representative list of ideals of beauty from all over the world. What is striking? In all parts of the world the tried and tested ones are still usedNatural home remedies.

Beauty from nature

There are more than enough beauty trends that are questionable to dangerous. In contrast, there are the active ingredients from nature, which stand for mindfulness and health.
However, it is not easy to obtain the corresponding ingredients from all over the world for private use, such as shea butter or rhassoul.
This is where “Blattkultur”, the address for natural cosmetics, vegan, without animal testing, fairly traded and environmentally friendly, helps.
The first cosmetic line from “Blattkultur” is called 8SAM and offers natural ingredients and the best processing. Without unnecessary packaging, without the use of plastic, from controlled organic cultivation, shipped with organic packaging material, “leaf culture” stands for real mindfulness towards people and nature. The products of the 8SAM cosmetics line are all exclusively manufactured in a North German factory and are ICADA-certified, a seal that was designed for smaller manufacturers of organic and natural cosmetics.

Real beauty comes (and there is actually much truth in this mundane saying) from within. Those who care for themselves in harmony with nature and their fellow creatures can be certain that they are doing the best for themselves and others.

So, among us - be yourself and 8SAM with yourself and others! And the winner is …… !!!