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Home office: Spotify employees will soon be able to work "anywhere"

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify is making mobile work and home office the working standard.

On Friday, the company presented its “work from anywhere” concept.

Starting in the summer, employees should be able to decide where to work from - in consultation with their superiors.

Employees of the music streaming market leader Spotify will not necessarily have to return to the office after the end of the corona pandemic. The Swedish-based company presented its “work from anywhere” concept on Friday.

“Work is not something you come to the office to do, but what you do,” is one of its principles. And efficiency isn't measured by the number of hours people spend in the office. Instead, Spotify is convinced that employees will be more efficient if they can decide for themselves where to work.

Spotify wants to pay employees to work in coworking spaces

According to the new company policy, Spotify employees should be able to work in the office or at home or alternately in both locations from the summer. They make the decision together with their superiors. Spotify also wants to be more flexible when it comes to working from other cities and countries - but with the restriction that this should not lead to additional difficulties due to time differences.

In cities without Spotify locations, the company will pay employees who still want an office feel to be a member of community offices. Spotify recently had around 5,600 employees. About 30 percent of them live in Sweden. Most of the employees are software developers.

"The working day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. is dead"

Other companies are also preparing for a permanent change in everyday work due to the Corona crisis with their months of working from home. As early as the spring, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg predicted that in ten years' time every second employee in the online network would be working outside the office.

Twitter wants to give its workforce the freedom to work from home. And the SAP competitor Salesforce is preparing for a future in which most employees only come to the office one to three days a week - for work in a team, meeting with customers or giving presentations. "The working day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm is dead," said a blog entry by the company software specialist.

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