How do I download the LDS Gospel Library

Mobile applications

Church literature archive

Here you can study, search, mark up, and share gospel materials - including the scriptures, general conference talks, manuals, music, videos, and more -.

AVAILABLE FOR:Android, Apple

Live the gospel

The app Live the gospel should inspire, motivate, be fun and relate to everyday life. It promotes Christ-centered lives and helps you draw closer to the Savior. Discover music, videos, pictures, activities, suggestions for goals and other inspiring content and share it with others. Create personal goals, reminders, impressions, diary entries and activities. Connect using the function Circles with classes, quorums, your family, and those you serve.

Available for:Google, Apple

LDS tools

Use this app to contact ward and stake members, access the calendar of events, and find meetinghouses. Leaders can also view additional member information and reports.

AVAILABLE FOR:Android, Apple

FamilySearch Reminders

With the help of the app you can capture and keep your favorite memories. You can save photos and stories and make audio recordings of special memories yourself.

AVAILABLE FOR:Android, Apple

FamilySearch family tree

With the app, you can view your family tree or a fan-shaped representation of your pedigree, as well as add and enjoy photos, stories and other documents.

AVAILABLE FOR:Android, Apple

Book of Mormon

Find out for yourself or invite others to find out how and why this sacred book brought millions of people to Jesus Christ.

AVAILABLE FOR:Android, Apple

LDS Music

Scroll and find the Hymn book and in that Song book for children, view the lyrics and sheet music, and listen to hymn book songs and other songs.

AVAILABLE FOR:Android, Apple