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Our business areas

Assurance Services

Annual and group accounts
For our customers, you will check annual and group accounts as well as interim accounts in accordance with all relevant Swiss and international accounting standards, such as Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS or US GAAP. As the largest auditing company in Switzerland, we work with numerous companies from a wide variety of industries. Our experts not only have in-depth specialist knowledge, but also a wealth of experience, so that we can offer our customers tailor-made solutions.

Special exams
Our customers also rely on our competent advice for special problems, such as special audits, start-ups, audits for a capital reduction or increase, IPOs or judicial expertise.

Further assurance services

System and process management
With your team you will help our customers to bring together business models and processes, IT systems and controlling. In this way, processes can be designed in such a way that they are correctly incorporated into the annual financial statements and system and IT risks are minimized.

Internal control systems
Internal controls are an important tool to strengthen trust in a company and thus the brand image. You help our customers to comply with laws and internal guidelines and to make decisions based on reliable data. You will also advise our customers so that business processes run smoothly and in a controlled manner and interlock seamlessly.

Internal revision
The internal audit department helps the board of directors to ensure that business processes are controlled. As part of internal auditing, processes, risk management and control systems are examined and suggestions for improvement are drawn up. We offer our customers strategic advice in this area or complete or partial outsourcing of the audit.

Tax and legal advice
Tax and legal advice

Corporate tax
On request, we can take over all tax matters for our customers, regardless of whether they are local, throughout Switzerland or worldwide. Whether restructuring, transactions or joint ventures. You and your team will support our customers in setting up tax-efficient group or holding structures, in developing modern financial instruments and in designing funds or cash pooling structures. Of course, we also prepare tax returns for our customers and negotiate with the tax authorities on their behalf.

Value added tax
You will help set up a VAT organization or negotiate with national and international tax authorities - thus creating added value for our customers. You will support them in revisions and appeal proceedings or take on administrative tasks.

Private clients
Wealthy private individuals, entrepreneurs and executives face the challenge of investing their assets in a legally compliant and tax-friendly manner. With your team, you offer our customers various solutions, for example through companies, foundations or trusts. If real estate is to be acquired abroad or investment portfolios are to be tax-optimized, you and our international, interdisciplinary teams are also there for our customers.

People & Organization
What does it mean for income tax and social security contributions when employees move to another country? Which strategy do companies use to assert themselves successfully in the “War for Talents”? How do you win the trust of new employees after a company takeover? And how do you develop a market and performance-based wage system? You will help our customers to find the right answers for their company to these and many other questions.

Company Administration Services
Our fiduciary department takes on all tasks in the areas of accounting and payroll, from outsourcing to advice on specialist issues. With ABACUS, we also offer our customers a powerful software solution - including implementation, training and support, of course. Whether small business or international corporation, whether service on site or from our offices - you always support our customers individually.

Regardless of whether corporate, contract, intellectual property or competition law - you usually won't get very far without an expert, especially with cross-border transactions. We provide our clients with highly specialized lawyers who not only take on the design of the legal framework, but also represent interests in negotiations and before the authorities.


Corporate Finance / Valuation
When buying or selling, one thing is particularly important: the perspective. We evaluate strategic options for our customers as well as the possible purchase object. We then structure the transaction, plan the financing and prepare the process.

Transaction Services
The most important thing in a transaction is the so-called due diligence. You and your team will examine strategic options, weigh up opportunities and risks and thus show whether the planned transaction is an investment with prospects.


Strategy & Operations
How do market developments and internal goals affect the strategies, the operating model and the associated systems, processes and employees? You will help our customers to better understand this closely interlinked system, develop strategies with them and optimize the value chain. In this way, you develop tailor-made solutions for the needs and conditions of the various industries.

Business Technology
The recipe for success for a long-term competitive company includes cost-efficient and flexible business processes. For this it is necessary that IT and business mesh seamlessly. You will help our customers to master this challenge, to optimize the IT infrastructure and to adapt the personnel management.

You will support CEOs and CFOs, auditors and heads of finance departments in optimizing their activities in the financial sector and thus helping to increase business success. You also ensure that our clients' finance department has adequate control standards and efficient back office facilities.

Risk & Compliance / Forensics
Clear legal requirements, voluntary commitments and company-wide risk management strengthen the trust of all stakeholders and thus the business. You help our customers to comply with internal and external requirements. You will also support them in the fight against all forms of white-collar crime and help to optimize operating models and culture.

Digital services

Digital transformation
Our digital services team supports customers in all aspects of digital transformation by combining multidisciplinary resources from the areas of strategy and transformation.

Cyber ​​security
Our cyber security services enable secure and sustainable digital transformation. Security, data protection and regulatory support are guaranteed. Our team helps customers protect their digital infrastructure and processes from sophisticated internet threats. At the same time, it offers support through advanced incident response measures in the event of an attack.

Data & Analytics
Data is valuable when you can extract useful information from it - our specialists from Data & Analytics know that. With their know-how in the areas of data transformation, quantitative modeling, predictive analysis and machine learning, they help to increase the value of strategic resources . Business decisions are made easier, cost efficiency is increased, sales targets can be reached more quickly, risk and compliance problems can be addressed and corporate development is driven forward.

PwC’s Digital Experience Center
Would you rather build spaceships than just faster cars? Are you completely unfamiliar with the expression "doesn't work"? The PwC Digital Experience Center combines all the advantages of a consulting company with those of an agency and thus offers its customers the best of both worlds. We offer numerous services from strategic planning to implementation and develop digital business models, products and services for national and international top customers. We are a team of real doers who bridge the gap between ideal human experiences and the restructuring processes of companies through which these ideals can be realized. Cooperation is one of our top priorities. So we don't just hire the best people - we hire the right people: people who create new things together. By working with our customers, we can think outside the box of today and shape the future by finding ways to be different, inspire people and create new benefits for end customers. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic about the opportunities offered by emerging technologies and who cannot wait to help shape the business world - in a world that is developing at a rapid pace.

Internal services

The performance of the individual employees at PwC is only possible through strong teams that serve as the basis for these performance. Exciting and varied tasks await you in the internal service department. PwC employees are supported by Human capital supervised. The Department marketing andPR & Communications are responsible for the brand image of PwC and take care of communication with all stakeholders. The Client Development Team builds new customer relationships, that Infrastructure & Technology Services Team ensures that all IT systems function smoothly. The colleagues of financial department watch over the flow of money in the company Legal Department takes care of all legal matters and monitors entrepreneurial risks. The Procurement department manages the contracts with our business partners.