How do I maintain a relationship

Maintain and protect relationships

How to maintain your relationship: Practical tips on how to deal with tensions in the partnership. What strengthens or weakens a couple relationship? This is how you care for and protect your love even in times of tension.

How do you maintain your relationship?

Maintaining the relationship means: showing mindfulness and gratitude towards the partner. You may have to learn this (again) because over the years, in addition to the wonderful feeling of security and security, the relationship has also become a matter of course and boredom. But your relationship is far from over if you treat each other carefully.

The way to strong and happy relationships

Every partnership has ups and downs. And even the happy couples sometimes argue regardless of the injuries they cause themselves. With these relationship tips you can master typical relationship problems:

Bonding is the key to a happy relationship. By that I mean the feeling of mutual connectedness. That can be a cozy warmth when you think of your partner, or a miss, which is mainly borne by the joy of seeing you again. Attachment is knowing that there is someone special who thinks of you as much as you think of them.

Bonding is created through close communication. This does not have to be done with words, because people communicate with one another without words. Sometimes there are only a few words: “Look!” You are not only saying that you have noticed something that you suspect your partner would like to see too: you are also expressing that you are with your partner want to share a moment, a discovery, that you wish to share your perception with him and at the same time that you would like to be perceived by him, that he accepts your invitation and that you share an experience together. If you have children, you know these moments, because children who do not think long and hard about their needs, but rather express them, imprecisely when they pull on your sleeve and want to show them something: They are looking for a bond. In love relationships we never really get old and we stay children.

Establishing and strengthening bonds is the goal of every couple therapy. But it doesn't necessarily take a therapist to start with. Once you and your partner have understood how to create and strengthen bonds and how to prevent them from loosening, then you will make your relationship safe from harmful external and internal influences.