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Every year the job market is replenished with new specialties, the world evolves, and every year there is a growing demand for frames. However, in such a financially difficult situation that has now developed in our country, it is rather difficult to predict which specialty will be in greater demand in several years. However, we can study a list of those professions that will be especially popular next year. Which required professions of professions of 2017 invites the labor market to future graduates of higher and secondary educational institutions.

Top 10 specialties in Russia

The summer of 2017 will be marked by graduation from universities and other educational institutions, the job market will be replenished with tens of thousands of free frames.

Which professions will be the most in demand next year in which the areas are trying to try out future graduates?

  1. Managers of sales departments and customer service departments. Our country opens a large number of stores and shopping malls, hence the special sales manager, the sales assistant who is sustainable among all professions in the Russian Federation.
  2. Engineer, architect, designer. The residential construction market has developed very actively in recent years, with a large number of cultural, production and trading facilities being set up. A large number of construction companies appeared in Russia, requiring qualified personnel, as well as the working hands (bricklayers, roofers, joiners, painters, etc.). It is work specialties that are among the most popular, so the masters of their case are always asked.
  3. Delete the list of "necessary" professions for employees in the field of IT technologies. The sphere of computer technology is evolving with incredible force, which increases the demand for special data. According to many analysts, "Iytishniki", there will be more than a dozen years. Now the most popular fields are website development, various computer programs, applications.
  4. Bank clerk. In our country, a large number of banks and other financial institutions, which involves the demand for banking professions.
  5. In 2016, a real breakthrough was previously a rare specialty - an SMM worker. SMM activities ensure the promotion of various goods and services on social networks. In 2017, SMM specialists will be asked in the demand that this industry will develop more actively every year, accordingly, the result in this area will grow several times. What a specialist should know: a thorough job in social. Networks fully exploring the functionality of each of the sites should be able to create various communities (groups, activities, etc.) that buy advertising space from administrators of popular groups, etc.
  6. Medical specialties. In addition to public services in the field of medicine, medical care is developing, which is actively developing, a large number of clinics and honey opens up. Centers. Therefore, the specialty of the doctor has entered the list of the most popular professions for many years in a row. Doctors are the most paid, dentists, surgeons, gynecologists, nutritionists, dermatologists. In the example of Western countries, psychoanalysts and psychotherapists have replenished the Russian labor market of work.
  7. Marketer With great competition of various goods and services, this profession is very popular, Internet marketing and SEO promotion are particularly developing.
  8. Risk manager. This is a new specialty for our country that is gaining momentum, the employees in this branch mostly work in the banking sector. Specialists assess risks in the financial sector, determine whether you should invest this or another business bullet. The dates of the profession in Russia in 2017 are even more popular.
  9. Service specialists (administrators, other service personnel). Hotels, fitness centers, beauty salons and others - in each of the customer institutions these employees meet. This is why the service specialists are also included in the "Survived Professions in 2017" category.
  10. Translators, linguists. Now the international cooperation of companies is actively developed, knowledge of foreign languages ​​is required in almost every business area. The demand for English and Chinese translators has been particularly high in recent years.

Popular specialties in the capital

Every year thousands of people come to the capital of our motherland in search of paid work, many believe that it is in Moscow that you can find the most popular specificity. Let's take a look at what the most sought-after professions will offer the capital holding market as early as 2017? The list is quite extensive, one of the highest paid ones is:

  • beautician. In the capital, one of the most common directions is a large number of beauty salons and aesthetic medicine clinics.
  • cook. Moscow is a big city with an incredible number of different cafes and restaurants, so the demand for cooking professions is very high;
  • brand manager. It is the highest competition in the sphere of goods and services opened this profession. Any company that produces a product or service to market is simply required for a meaningful brand manager. It is the employees of this division that promote the brand, that it has become best known in the market;
  • specialists in the field of real estate and construction. Urban planning is developing very actively in Moscow, also due to the huge number of visitors, the demand for real estate getting rich and other real estate professionals growing;
  • manager consultant. There is not such a number of stores in any city in our country, grocery stores and in stores, car dealerships, furniture salons, cellular communications, etc. - Frames are required everywhere;
  • highly qualified framework in the field of IT technologies. In this area it is possible to make a fortune, so all the most famous "Iytishniki" work in the capital;
  • top manager. In most cases, the company's main offices are in Moscow, respectively, explanatory managers are always required.
  • the dentist orthopedium. Nowadays a beautiful "Hollywood" smile has become a symbol of wealth, so that many people invest a whole condition in smooth and snow-white teeth;
  • administrators, employees. Every leader dreams of an explanatory assistant so that the demand for these professions will always be;
  • nutritionist. Advanced metropolitan residents are simply obsessed with proper nutrition, so the nutritional scales are a particularly popular direction in medicine;
  • marketing specialists. The profession of advertising manager, contextual advertising is particularly popular in Moscow. The wages of employees of this sphere sometimes reach up to 200 thousand rubles per month.

In this article we have listed the most sought after professions of 2017, as can be seen that the demand for previously popular specifics from lawyers and economists is boring, so you need to master modern areas of activity. If you want to earn more, you open up new opportunities for development.

Choosing a profession is a difficult task for any person. After all, I want to choose a specialty, I want it to be soul and content.

Notice! For a person in the future there were no problems in finding the place of work that contained an occupation in demand in their country or in the city.

Survived occupations in 2017-2018:

  1. Specialist in the field of information technology.
  2. Development engineer.
  3. Teacher.
  4. Lawyer.
  5. Police officer.
  6. Doctor.
  7. Logist.
  8. Professional worker.

Make sure when choosing not to be in high-paying or prestigious jobs. The sought-after direction is not always well paid, which is why it is popular due to the deficit of those who want to work out for low wages. But it is not always the case.

Often asked instructions become worthy, and many such directions are prestigious in the territory of the Russian Federation.

In Russia there is a separate list of sought-after specialties, which includes 1,769 professions, 50 of which are recognized as prestigious.

List of prestigious professions:

  1. Specialist in the field of information technology.
  2. Dentist.
  3. Logist.
  4. Engineer.
  5. Business consultant.

Survived professions that can be obtained after level 9

After Grade 9, a person can study in a college, college, lyceum, or vocational school. Studying in such institutions provides a person to master the specialty and skills of the job.

  1. Chefs - confectionery.
  2. Plane.
  3. System administrators.
  4. Car Mechanic.

Important! After grade 9, people can be referred to as "work specialties". Higher education requires at least four years of training in a higher educational institution.

Specialty that can be obtained after graduation

After graduation, a person can enter a lyceum or higher educational institution.

In Russia there is a demand:

  1. Engineers.
  2. Specialists in the field of information technology.
  3. Pharmacy.
  4. Marketer

Job in Moscow

Moscow is a city with a mass of vacancies in various spheres. But not all directions in this city are in demand. Sometimes popular destinations in other cities in the capital of Russia are not in demand, and a person makes it difficult to find a decent job in this city.

Notice! Today the restaurant business is actively developing in this city, so restaurants, clubs and cafes need professional working frameworks. Most restaurants require waiters, chefs, bartenders, cleaning supplies, hostesses, and administrators.

Table: The most popular professions in Moscow.

When choosing a specialty, focus on the future. According to forecasts, new modern professions will be old in 5-10 years, which will take the championship in the labor market.

List of popular specialties in the future:

  • Engineer. This direction is relevant at all times. Humanity always needs designers and engineers.
  • The geonstologist is a doctor who diagnoses the pathology at age of old age.
  • Urbanist is a man in town planning.

Important! Experts Note that in the future people will be valued by fardworking, qualifications, professionalism, operational and tacty. So if a person possesses these qualities at the proper level, he will have no problem finding work.

How to choose a profession for girls and men

The choice of the future specialty is worth paying special attention to.

When choosing a profession, it is worth noting:

  • A desire. Choose a direction in the shower that will then bring joy and moral satisfaction.
  • Own skills. Soberly assess your own abilities. Ambition is good, but some directions require talent. So if you want to become an artist of the theater, try this hypostasis first.
  • Specify training. It is very important to focus on the university where education is planned.
  • Evaluation of the labor market. Perform the popular specialties analysis. Analyze the number of free places in this direction.
  • perspective. It is worth remembering that the profession should be a start for a career and self-development. Do not choose the direction that you are not going to go down the career ladder.

Girls better choose profession:

  • Accountant.
  • Pharmacist.
  • price
  • Makeup artist.
  • Acoucher-gynecologist.
  • Teacher.
  • Cook.
  • Marketer.
  • Secretary.
  • Designer.
  • Vet.
  • Nurses

Guys worth for specialty:

  • Builder.
  • Engineer.
  • Doctor.
  • Programmer.
  • Financier.

Guys should also be monitored on the profession:

  • Drill.
  • Geodesist.
  • Welder.
  • Mason.
  • Geologist.
  • Craneman.

Important! These men's specialties are popular in northern Russia. You get paid well. However, it is worth remembering that work in the north implies a strong physical condition and heavy and dangerous working conditions.

Talented and ambitious young people should pay attention to creative and interesting high-paying professions:

  1. Theater and cinema actors.
  2. Make-up artist.
  3. Galist is a specialist in the art field. The specialty will suit both the girl and the guy. The gallery's duties are to organize exhibitions and promotional malls.
  4. Designer.
  5. Illustrator.
  6. Fashion designer.
  7. Producer.
  8. Multiplier.
  9. Stylist.
  10. Photographer.
  11. Jeweler.

These specialties will help to fully display the potential and MAN talent.

Harmful occupations for early retirement

According to the legal provisions, every pensioner is obliged to work a certain amount of time.

Notice! However, there are a number of specialties with harmful working conditions for a long-term retirement.

Data specialties are divided into 2 groups:

Industries for early retirement:

  1. Mining fossils.
  2. Manufacture of black and non-ferrous metals.
  3. Production of explosives.
  4. Recycle oil products.
  5. Chemical production.
  6. Production of materials intended for construction.
  7. Make cellulose.
  8. Production of glass.
  9. Make electronics.
  10. The sphere of nuclear energy.

Table: Norms of insurance experience in groups.

Civil servants are entitled to withdraw early, provided they have professional experience of at least 15 years.

Useful video.

The choice of profession is an important stage in every person's life. How correctly the further training for further training is selected in order to receive a high-quality and required education, depends a lot on it.

The choice of the scope of activities for the future is necessary to ensure that the selected work is interesting, appropriate to the nature of a person who can separate joy from the process itself. After all, it is not for nothing that happiness is when you go home with the house with the same pleasure as you do at home.

Another requirement that should be placed on the question of career choices is their demand in the job market. Unfortunately, not all professions are paid equally, but it is from the income level that the quality of our life largely depends on the ability, the ability to organize its worthy level.

Current situation

Currently the labor market has been observed in the labor market, the following work specialties are observed:

  • drivers of passenger cars and trucks
  • trade workers, salespeople, railways, cashiers
  • cook
  • workers grow specialties

In the field of higher education, the professions required in 2020-2025, and with a high probability of probability, were: doctors and doctors, teachers in schools and teachers of various educational institutions, engineers.

There is no doubt that citizens with qualifications in these fields can quite reasonably count on quick employment and receive stable and sufficiently high wages.

The main directions of development

According to experts, the required professions from 2020 will not be changed in the foreseeable future. Perhaps after 10-20 bodies will begin to become more and more noticeable, a tendency for certain changes to be seen in context.

However, in the near future, in the near future, the list of in-demand occupations in Russia 2020 - 2025 will include the following specialties:

  • Bullet it. The diad of development in this direction is impressive in our country. Most recently, we were in the tail in developed countries for easy access to the Internet, and now it is well ahead of the competition for a number of problems. Thanks to the relevant policies of the authorities, as well as the reaching of working age of a large number of young people starting with computer technologies and girls, the sphere appears a confident growth. According to the numerous calculations of various research organizations, at the moment the need for specialists of this sphere is covered by no more than 20%. Obviously, with such a situation, there will always be work in the field, and not only interesting, but also money.
  • The demand for engineers, technical specialists with high qualifications is growing.
  • The agricultural sector continues to develop where professionals are required to organize the production process, storage and processing of agricultural products at the highest level.
  • The demand for marketers, specialists who advertising companies can carry out under the conditions for changing requirements for this area, is growing.The trends in the development of advertising moved in the direction of less aggressive, softer and interesting advertising across all media - from newspapers to the internet.
  • Is resilient to the demand for sales failure. Developing and improving the country's market relations requires different companies and organizations to take care of training staff who can promote their products in different markets.

In this list, we presented far from all the most popular professions, but showed the main instructions, trends in the country's market development and reassure you on global trends in general.

Section by gender.

In the nearest foreseeable future for teenagers, the most promising and real specialty items that will make it possible to get the relevant job is:

  • all construction specialties including engineering
  • driver
  • service engineers
  • technologists, operators, drivers and other technical specialties

The list for men can be populated with a choice with choice in force structures - Army, Police, Rosgvardia, Ministry of Emergency Situations, etc.

Otherwise, a little looks like a list of popular occupations that will be asked in the near future in the near future among representatives of the weaker sex. The list for girls in Russia is currently:

  • Doctors, nurses.
  • teacher, teacher
  • Social worker
  • Accountant
  • Foreign language translators
  • secretaries, delivery
  • political scientist, environmentalist, sociologist
  • journalists

Main trends.

Currently, the requirements for candidates for certain specialties have changed significantly, for example with the period that came in the 80s of the last century. If at that time special attention was paid to the general development of a person in order to increase his knowledge in different spheres of vital activity, the situation is different now. Development of information technology, the emergence of new professions, branching specialties in various subcategories, require candidates to work the deepest knowledge, skills and abilities in a narrow profile, without other problems distracting. Success in your profession can only be achieved by people who are the best in their specialty. And, as neither sadly, the geography or the foundations of Marxism - Leninism in this case will not help.

Slightly distant perspectives

The world is evolving quickly and changing day by day. We believe these changes are solely for the better! Changes and labor market occur in accordance with general global trends. It seems that our generation has seriously delivered the goal to achieve the highest technical and technological perfection. At least the period of global economic growth, in which the construction of factories, combined, tracks, nuclear power plants and other high-performance industrial facilities was generally carried out, ended. There are completely different questions on the agenda. They are associated with the desire to improve the existing technology, make it more economical and efficient. Huge demand for maintaining environmental security, environmental conservation for future generations. It is universally introduced by robotization, which is not used to the hour long when cars will transport passengers without the help of the driver. The same can be said about the subway, train, long-distance railways, and even planes.

All of these upcoming innovations involve certain changes in the labor market. It is likely that the required occupations by 2030 will differ widely from those currently on the market.

It doesn't take long to wait a long time, just over 10 years old, to make sure the accuracy of our predictions is certain.

Well, these young people (and first of all - their parents) who by 2030, when they reached working age, should be as much as possible and be reasonable about choosing their future profession. This will achieve success in life and partake in a favorite pastime for worthy payment for work.

Video: Top jobs of the future

The choice of profession is the question everyone faces. From early childhood, a person tries to understand what place he will occupy in adulthood. Someone sincerely believed in a career in fire fighting, someone wanted to become an actor's ballet, and some dreamed of selling sweets to children. Unfortunately or fortunately, not all children's wishes will come true. With age comes an understanding: the ideal job is not only a popular one, but also in demand. Current school children and applicants need to predict changes in the labor market. In this regard, it should be dealt with in 2020-2025 with the list of in demand professions. It has to be rich and sensible - then you can take advantage of freedom of choice.

What was relevant in the past?

The first professions appeared before the emergence of civilization. Then we had a clear, concrete character among the elderly. The man's job was to ensure the safety of "houses", women and children. He should give a food strain. Women raised children and saw the fire in the family focus, always households. The redistribution of duties appeared when humanity changed the usual way of life. The root trunks were laid out, agricultural development began. There was such a profession as country pastes.

Heavy physical labor with which the people cultivated land pushed society towards the invention of more convenient accessories. A craft appeared. Over time, the specialty came from Goncharov and Kuznetsov - these were professions related to the future. The master's dynasties were constantly improving their skills as the progress started. In the end, this led to what is currently roughly forty thousand different professions.

The emergence of vigorous specialization

As early as the twentieth century, there was an urgent need for a labor department. If in the past the "masters for all hands" were, the "masters for all hands" were indispensable and in demand, then in the overload of the labor market and the constant increase in the demand for goods from closer specialists. It was the first to understand Henry Ford, who divided the production of cars into conditional workshops. In each of them, a separate part of the general mechanism was made. People worked where they were more successful. The result was an increase in the release of finished products several times. The example of Ford has been adopted by other major manufacturers, and now every company is using the funding method.

What's next?

In Industrial Russia, throughout the twentieth century, traditional factory workers were popular with good salaries, and young people who wanted to be useful, with pleasure, who would work for large companies. However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, many factories lost their stability. A new era began in the labor market - the development of the service sector. No less, construction was developed - large cities were built with high-rise buildings. Thus, at the beginning of the zero new, promising professions, the profession of builder, a bricklayer, a plaster, the profession of the heir, a bricklayer, a plaster, as well as executives, waiters, specialists in the field of restaurant and travel business and other employees of the Service sector.

In 2007, society was increasingly asked what jobs would be in demand in 10 years. Applicants understood that all later life depends on their choice. Then the ratings of the professions of the future Peplili sales managers, marketers, specialists in working with clients, IT engineers, lawyers, economists and others. This suggests that the services sector was evolving at the time, and the demand for qualified specialists was constantly increasing. But then the development trend in the field of scientific research began.

Scientific development today.

Now scientific research is given a crucial place. The future development of the country and society completely depends on the daily achievements of scientists. The peculiarities of scientific development are that there is a clear science department in several independent disciplines. This way you can solve current problems in more detail. Research and experiments at this stage of human development are primarily aimed at solving environmental problems. Thus, an expert in the field of alternative energy has been in demand in the job market for several years. The field of medicine is no less important, since extending life and improving its quality are primary issues of modernity.

Medical professions.

The development of technologies allows specialists to constantly improve. However, that coin has the other side: employees need to upgrade their skills by listing the exchange programs. Undoubtedly, the results pay for all efforts - after all, they prolong human life.

Future behind them

It is easier to submit a list of sought-after professions in the list from 2020-2025:

  1. The surgeon. This specialist should keep up with the times. As a result, an operation was performed on the insertion of the lower jaw implant as early as 2012, which was previously printed on a 3D printer. Its notorious operations for the valve of artificial organs like kidneys, liver and even the heart. The ability to enjoy completely new technologies is the most important skill of a successful future specialist.
  2. Health manager. The representative of this profession must select the team of scientists, engineers, developers and researchers and coordinate their joint work in order to achieve commercially promising purposes.
  3. Architect Medical Equipment. This is a symbiosis of the engineering profession and the medical worker. This specialist will be involved in the development of medical devices, as well as normal operations. This profession is also called "Bioenzier". Where should i study? In universities where there are instructions "medical-photographic", "biotechnical and medical devices and systems", "computer technologies in medical physics".
  4. Genetic advisor. This is a specialist in the field of genetics, revealing diseases created, determining the individual characteristics of metabolism and studying the diseases that cause viral and bacterial infections.
  5. Molecular nutritionist. The responsibility of the representative of this profession will include the study of the molecular composition of foods and the development of an individual performance scheme for each patient.


In order to understand the question of which professions will be asked in 10 years, the economic development of the country should be analyzed. The leading industry in the economy in Russia is industry. This is the most important factor affecting the development of the state. The specialist who tied his life with this bullet will never be left without work.


Types of Industry:

  • Eat.
  • Easy.
  • Chemically.
  • leisure
  • Metallurgy (black and colored).
  • Mechanical engineering and metal processing.
  • Fuel and electrical power.
  • Coal, petroleum and gas.
  • Forest.

Thus, industry provides society to all that is necessary for its normal functioning. For example, the food industry of the future is with the removal of new types of plants that humanity is eating. The number of vacancies in industry is always higher than in other sectors. In addition, there is a need to optimize production, so that in addition to representatives of jobs, work and economists, as well as biologists, and many other professionals are here at hand.

Indispensable in industry

So what are the most sought after professions in 2020-2025? The list will look like this:

  1. ConstructorsThat will design new devices and invent modern more modern devices.
  2. Nanotechnologistswhose field of work is ultra-modern nanotechnology.
  3. Chemists, biotechnologists, petrochemicals, Employed industries in all sectors: from household chemicals to complex chemicals used in manufacturing.
  4. Seamstresses, textiles, curserswhose work is always in demand
  5. Lumberjacks, corrections, piliersProviding the proper distribution of forest resources.

Survived Occupations in 2020-2025: List for Men

Many original male professions have been mastered by women over time. Now women can now not only be drivers and chiefs, but also of politicians, police officers and plumbers. Despite the widespread prevalence of such professions among the representatives of the weaker sex, some directions are much more suitable for men. These include the professions of sailor, pilot, miner, logger, plumbing, bodyguard, specialist in security, fire, military, as well as a builder or scientist. The most promising areas for men are considered:

  • Programming.
  • Design.
  • Engineering.
  • Cybertpretzing.
  • Urban economy (organization of agricultural products in megapolis).
  • Space Industry - Spacecraft Piloting, Cosmogeology, and Galactic Architecture.

It so happens that more men are endowed with the technical camp of the mind than women. It plays a strong ground at hand: the rapid development of science and industry requires not only an increase in the number of workers, but also technical minds. Design, building drawings, planning, organizing and producing the production require a strong and free person at the head of the table. Often such contributions are the man.

Survived occupations in 2020: list for girls

The representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are not inferior to the male part of the population. Diligence, punctuality, clarity of actions and a non-standard approach are what distinguish women specialists from the overwhelming majority of male colleagues. The ability to adequately overcome difficulties at work in our time is inherent and ladies. Thus, the work of the works for women are very different: from creative specialties, in which girls are traditionally considered experts in complex technical sciences. This can include the work of the teacher, the marketing manager, tourism or advertising, the broker, the designer of all directions, as well as a psychologist and even a safety specialist.

The most popular "female" professions ten years from now will be:

  • Journalist.
  • Editor.
  • Nanomedica.
  • Manager of Cloumurism.
  • IGREGODAGOGA (specialist in training children in a game form).
  • Mind fitness trainer (brain training).

Women are not left without work. Sustainable position in life, activity, company that comes calmly with tenderness and consideration will always be part of the job market. No directional costs without the involvement of the female hand. In addition, among the students at the leading universities, the overwhelming majority are weak ground officials. Educated girls are able not only to build a brilliant career, but also to train their children's vital knowledge.

How to choose an ideal profession

Applicants are faced with a difficult choice: do you learn to exercise from the direction in which the soul is, or do you choose an unpopular but in-demand occupation? Everyone decides for himself. However, in their field, successful careerists are advised to find a happy medium. No one, even the most relevant occupation in the future, guarantees full material safety. The way in which a person's further life will develop depends only on his desire to move in his direction and develop. But does it want to grow in unloved business? Definitely no. Therefore, you need to go to where the work will be interesting to begin with, and the rest will attach.

Development of science and technology

The speed of progress is impressive. Literally ten years ago, humanity could not imagine what science today is capable of. And now it is difficult to believe that the implants of vital organs can be printed on a 3D printer, that the branch of space tourism not only exists but is actively developing. That nanotechnology occupies a leading place in the development of industry. It is difficult to imagine what the requested professions will be in 2020-2025. The list can only be conditional. However, one thing is clear: without qualified specialists, the future will not be in a position. So it is necessary to learn, develop and work a lot.

The list of the most desirable jobs is headed by IT specialists speaking the latest technologies, which analysts on the Superjob portal consider.These are mobile developers, web developers, big data analysts with knowledge of industries, information protection and cybersecurity experts. Java programmers with two years of experience can count in a salary of 150,000 rubles in Moscow. And even students accept these contributions, the head of staff of the personnel agency "Uniti" is clarified by Georgy Samoilovich. The demand for IT specialists in banks and in e-commerce will increase, Marina Tarnopolskaya, the managing partner of the agency "Kontakt", will increase. However, it is believed that all IT specialists will be in demand - a deception, notes Samoilovich. For example, due to the closure of small and medium-sized businesses, the market formed a surplus of IT directors and vacancy accounts for 50 resumes. The trend will continue in 2017, the recruiter clearer. After all, large companies are in no hurry to get them to work as they need IT directors experienced in solving large tasks. The demand for specialist technical support specialists has decreased as the company's remedies have decreased.

Rare welder.

The demand for workers' rare professions is growing, says Samoilovich. His agency began receiving inquiries about gas fields that specialize in argon. "For a vacancy, we looked at 50 people, and only five of them have this technology. And the plant in the Orenburg region is ready to pay such work from 50,000 rubles. A month - as much as the main technologist.

Everyone still needs sales managers, especially manufacturing and sales companies, Tarnopolskaya says. Retail chains exist competition for executives who are responsible for selling in multiple stores and behind managers.

The demand for rare personnel in animals was growing: they are looking for specialists in the production of premixes - animal feed, Samoilovich gives an example. Before the feed was bought abroad, now it became unprofitable. The developing agricultural sector needs technologist who is responsible for the production and commissioning of the device, Notes Tarnopol. Even regional companies are ready to pay such people with the necessary qualifications from 200,000 rubles. in the month. In the deficit of veterinarians, who increased salaries in recent years and can be from 60,000 to 70,000 rubles. Do not just bill their recruits, as they work in the fields, record recruits.

Automation will take away work for thousands of call center employees. According to SUPERJOB analysts, the same fate and teachers of foreign languages ​​will refine: knowledge skills due to the growth in popularity of digital translators will cease to be useful in employment. However, the demand for specialists with knowledge of the principles of organizing environmentally friendly production is growing, says Tarnopolskaya.

Recruiters believe that banks are still required by risk managers, anti-crisis managers, pledges, and problematic debt specialists. Superjob analysts take into account the demand for engineers in the aerospace and food industries in mechanical engineering, including in oil and gas engineering. However, ordinary accountants, especially those with no experience, become more difficult to find work - units of account are reduced primarily in the public sector.