How do I learn English slowly

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Chinese learn slowlyhow to negotiate and approach each other.
But it is also the first time that a public space has been created in China. Chinese learn slowlyhow to negotiate and approach each other.
But also, it is like the first time a public sphere happened in China. Chinese people start to learn how to negotiate and talk to people.
We learn slowly to distinguish the different types of lizards from one another.
We start learning the difference between the various sorts of lizards.

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I am clumsy and learn slowly.
There is a section for the fastest learners as well as areas for children Learn slower.
The tasks were designed to test three cognitive skills: learning, reasoning, and memory. Older dogs learn more slowly and are cognitively less flexible. In fact, there were differences in cognitive performance depending on the dog's age.
These were designed to test three cognitive abilities: learning, logical reasoning and memory. Older dogs learn more slowly and exhibit lower cognitive flexibility The tests revealed differences in cognitive ability depending on the age of the dogs.
We learn us slowly know something better.
Teens should too learn, slowly to eat and to avoid ...
So teenagers should learn to eat slowly and avoid in ...
People who know little about languages learn often slowly.
Individuals that know little about languages ​​often learn slowly.
Father always said I would learn slowly.
I learn The guy slowly know.
Don't be slow learner, Billy.
That's the way we can learn slowlyto express ourselves as souls.
Thus we slowly can learn to express ourselves as souls.
She doesn't have a lot of patience with Billys slow learningwhich makes him quite frustrated.
She has not much patience for Billy's slow learning which leaves him quite frustrated.
Learn slowly we smile away at every failure and try again.
Slowly we learn to smile away every failure and try it anew.
He was sure of this slow learners to the shame of the family.
He was sure this slow learner would become the family disgrace.
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