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Literary autumn: Twenty books


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Margaret Atwood: The witnesses
The dystopian novel as a world event: Atwood's "Report of the Maid" became a celebrated feminist television series - in the long-awaited sequel "The Witnesses" she reports again from a brutal theocracy of the future Berlin Verlag, € 25

Salman Rushdie: Quixote
With Cervantes through today's USA: A funny and astute road novel, with a hero who knows his Dulcinea from the talk show, from racism to opioids full of fast-paced presence C. Bertelsmann, € 25

Jackie Thomae: Brothers
Two Afro-German brothers born in the GDR, unknown to each other, totally different: wonderfully cool, easy going to the heart of our debates Hanser Berlin, € 23

Lucia Berlin: Evening in Paradise
Stories from the queen of stories, Lucia Berlin. Drunk ex-wives, cheated ex-wives, drug dealers, everyone is here in search of paradise. A great literary rediscovery Kampa, € 23

Karen Koehler: Miroloi
Kitsch or art? Feminism or a book for young people? The story of a girl in an archaic island community provides the material for the season's literary debate Hanser, € 24


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Matthias Brandt: Blackbird
Why do actors all write novels now? Maybe because at readings they always read from writers' books and at some point they think: I can do that too! That's even true - at least in the case of Brandt Kiepenheuer & Witsch, € 22

Sally Rooney: Conversations with friends
Can relationships in the western world still function at all? The celebrated debut of the Irish woman, beyond couple, gender and generation conventions Luchterhand, € 20

Nora Bossong: Protection zone
A young UN diplomat in Africa begins to doubt the idea of ​​humanitarian missions abroad. What does "help" really mean - and can it only be done at the expense of your own life? A clever and brilliantly formulated novel Suhrkamp, ​​€ 24

Ocean Vuong: On earth we are briefly terrific
The discovery of the year from the USA: migration and identity, origin and homeland. This is about everything that is currently important - sometimes laconic, sometimes raw, sometimes pointed Hanser, € 22

Elena Ferrante: Days of Abandonment
A life like in a velvet case, and then she finds out that he has a different one - and all of life suddenly feels scratchy. Classic material, confidently prepared by the mysterious author Suhrkamp, ​​€ 22