Nobody loves me How do I deal with it

Why does nobody love me Of the longing for love

For some it just doesn't seem to exist: the proverbial lid for the pot. But is that really the case or is there something completely different behind the fact that you have not yet found the right partner for you?

The real reason

Whoever desires love from others, that is, has a longing to be loved, lacks self-love. And those who do not love themselves are also less loved by others.

A lack of self-love is not something that only affects a few people. Almost everyone has gone through phases in their life in which they have suffered from low self-esteem.

Magazines, television and social media go a long way towards seeing oneself as imperfect. Pictures of a fake perfection look towards us from everywhere and we cannot avoid comparing ourselves and asking: What's wrong with me I am not that beautiful. I am not that rich. I am not that perfect.

We feel imperfect and therefore consider ourselves unlovable. And when we don't consider ourselves lovable, we radiate that outward.

Let's see where this type of perception and our compulsion to compare come from so that we can dissolve it and ourselves free for lovedo can.

A look back at childhood

All living beings are designed to survive, including humans. As children, our parents' love ensures our survival. If we receive scolding from them, we mistakenly believe that we are angry and that we need to get better. We don't feel well enough and our self-worth suffers.

A child can feel everything, but can hardly rationalize it. It lacks the logic of why it believes that if it did something wrong, then something is wrong with it.

Even when parents neglect or beat, reprimand or offend their children, Children will never stop loving their parents. But they won't love themselves anymore.

But children do not have to be physically or mentally abused. Just the fact that we have been compared to others since childhood days, is enough to diminish our self-worth.

“Can't you even be like your brother”, “You always cause us trouble”, “You are our problem child”, “Look how good your sister is” etc. We learn to compare, and that starts with some a lifelong internal conflict.

Faith becomes certainty

If you believe that you are not good enough, then you also believe that others will discover your supposed flaws.

That's one reason why some people withdraw. You are afraid of rejection. They don't even let love get in their way, because then they cannot be hurt.

Others have beliefs like "I am not beautiful enough", "I am not successful enough", "Who wants someone who has three children", "I'm too fat or too old" internalized, which they unconsciously carry to the outside.

We notice when someone thinks little of themselves and that is not attractive! We know that such people will cling to our love because they do not love themselves and hardly anyone wants to make that commitment.

How can you put someone else in charge of your own happiness? This puts the partner under pressure and love becomes anything but carefree.

Or we are constantly disguising ourselves because we think that we are not enough as we are; how long will it be before we collapse under the weight of such a lie?

The solution

You have to believe that you are worthy of being wanted with you. Fall in love with yourself and others will fall in love with you.

What you feel, you radiate outwards. When you love yourself you feel good, you are loving and warm. Who wouldn't want to spend time with a person like that?

Here are a few tips to improve your self-image and self-worth:

♦ Ask yourself the following: What would your dream partner or the person who loves you most say to you? "You are great," "You are beautiful," "I love everything about you," and so on. Write down everything you can think of. These are the things that you should say to yourself. This is how you have to start talking to yourself.

♦ You don't have to be perfect (whatever you mean by that) to be loved by others. You only have to believe that you are adorable and you will be amazed at the difference that will make to your charisma and your being.

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♦ Every morning it should be the first thing you say to yourself and the last thing before you go to sleep: "I like myself. I am good the way I am. "

♦ And whenever something goes wrong or you think you could have done it better, Build yourself up like you would build a good friend: "It's OK. You did what you could do. Don't think about it anymore. Take a look at what you've achieved and achieved so far. You are awesome. Be proud of yourself."

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Make sure there is someone out there who would love everything about you if he / she got the chance to get to know you. Love is something beautiful, do not deny it to you. Love yourself first, then someone will not be long in coming.