What can I use for self defense

Self-defense weapons - efficient self-protection

Self-defense weapons from pepper spray to stun guns to alarm pistols

Self-defense weapons such as pepper spray, tear gas or stun guns are booming in the face of increasing numbers of assaults and violent crimes in Germany. But not all self-defense weapons are actually suitable for use in Emergency situations Repel attackers or drive them to flight.

Which self-defense weapons are there - and which weapons are effective as self-protection?

  • Pepper spray is freely available in Germany as an animal repellent spray. The small spray cans dispense highly aggressive pepper concentrate in the form of a solid jet. As a ranged weapon, pepper sprays can be aimed at attackers in a dangerous situation. Anyone who gets pepper spray in their eyes, nose or mouth is sure to get it incapacitated. Pepper spray is therefore considered to be the best weapon for self-protection. But as with all self-defense weapons, there is also a risk with pepper spray that the weapon can be used incorrectly.
  • CS gas, or tear gas, is less effective than pepper spray, so a higher dose is necessary to incapacitate people. In addition, gas cannot be used as targeted as a jet of pepper concentrate and is therefore only open shorter distances suitable for defense against attackers. The risk of getting gas yourself when using tear gas is greater than with pepper spray. So if you are looking for a reliable self-defense weapon, you should use pepper spray rather than tear gas.
  • A shrill alarm or Key fob alarm triggers an alarm with a volume of up to 120 dB, which can deter attackers and attract attention. A key alarm is not a weapon, but in conjunction with a self-defense weapon such as pepper spray, it can increase self-protection.

Self-defense weapons that are not recommended for self-protection

  • Stun guns are among the best known Self-defense weapons, but experts advise against relying on the electrical devices. Because stun guns can only be used in close combat for self-protection and are therefore not suitable for preventive hazard defense. In addition, a stun gun harbors the risk of being directed against you in close combat. So-called tasers are common in some countries, but these ranged weapons are banned in Germany.
  • Batons or self-defense umbrellas are allowed as weapons for self-protection, but are not suitable for preventive defense against attackers, but only for close combat. If you want to use a baton for self-defense, you should be experienced in combat and tried out self-defense techniques.
  • Blank gunsthat fire irritant gas ammunition can, depending on the caliber and distance, not only cause considerable damage to health, but can even be fatal. We therefore urgently advise against using a blank gun as self-protection, especially since the legal situation here is very complicated.