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Open laundromat | What are the requirements?

Everyone has dirty laundry, but usually their own washing machine too, so at this point you should ask yourself whether opening your own laundromat is worthwhile. In the past, and even a few years ago, it was quite common for people to do their dirty laundry in the laundromat. At the time, not everyone could afford an expensive washing machine; there were still a few euros left over for the salon. Today, even less well-heeled people can buy a washing machine, and many have never even seen the inside of a laundromat. So if you want to open a laundromat, you have to know your target group and choose your location wisely.

Who else uses the laundromat?

There are still up to 800 laundromats in Germany that are regularly well attended. But who actually uses these salons? Think of students or those who are passing through. Larger cities are also a contact point here, because there is often no space for their own washing machines in the apartment or the basement is too small. If your laundromat is to be opened successfully, you should ensure that it has a catchment area of ​​at least 100,000 residents. The target group of students and travelers should be represented. It is not worth opening a laundromat in a region where there are many single-family houses and private homes. You might be luckier near hostels or hotels. Look for areas that have cheap, small apartments or that have many universities and maybe even college dormitories. Then the customers will gratefully accept your offer, provided, of course, they can reach the laundromat by public transport or can easily find a parking space.

Requirements for opening a laundromat

You don't really need personal qualifications to open a laundromat. You do not have to have studied, let alone have a degree or proof of training. In addition, there is hardly any real specialist knowledge that you need to run the laundromat. However, it is not wrong if you can carry out minor repairs to the washing machines and dryers yourself in the future. Hiring a repairer for every little thing costs money.

Think about the payment methods. Usually you can pay for the laundromats with the help of machines and operate the machines. Offer cash payments or card payments so that everyone can easily pay in the laundromat. As you can now imagine, the bookkeeping will be correspondingly easy, although it is not wrong to bring a little experience in the field of bookkeeping or human resources management with you. These properties do not harm any company.

The financing to open a laundromat

Of course, you also need a certain amount of start-up capital and reserves, even if the laundromat in the right place is hardly doomed to fail. You still have to take care of purchasing the machines yourself. And actually you don't need any more. Anyone interested in franchise at this point can join various existing franchise concepts.

The benefits of a laundromat

If you want to open a laundromat, you do not need staff, which will be a great advantage for you. You therefore have hardly any operating costs in the area of ​​personnel and therefore do not have to worry about minimum wages or contracts. However, you should seek out cleaners who clean your salon once a day.

Another advantage is that you can almost always be open. They can therefore also be open late into the night or around the clock. It does not require any closing times, as you do not have to be permanently on site.

Create a cozy atmosphere in the salon

Many laundromats are expensive and hardly invite you to linger. Do it differently, after all, your customers are forced to wait for the laundry. Create a cozy atmosphere in the salon, perhaps set up a reading or waiting corner, offer up-to-date reading material and set up a drinks machine. If you want even more, you could combine your laundromat with a laundry service or offer an ironing service. So the customer base is likely to expand and grow quickly.

Costs and business plan - open laundromat

A business plan is also necessary with a concept as simple as a laundromat. Not only to convince potential lenders to invest, but also to keep an overview yourself. Be realistic in any case, because it will probably take at least six months before the laundromat is on a firm footing. Until then, you have to consider various marketing costs. Also think about how you can save costs. For example, you do not have to use the full area for machines at the beginning. Do not buy too many machines at first, but gradually invest in more.

Take into account the prices of other laundromats in your area, after all, these have been around for a long time. Try to get close to these prices or even go a little cheaper, but don't miscalculate your expenses. The maintenance costs of the machines, the very high power consumption and other operating costs have to be paid for. It is much more important to invest in a cozy and modern design. Be an inviting laundromat and take advantage of the fact that your customers sometimes have to spend several hours in it. For example, offer WiFi for customers or set up drinks or coffee machines. A cigarette machine could also respond.

Open a laundromat and do marketing

Marketing nowadays mainly takes place on the Internet. It is important that you register in the city or surrounding area's directory. Students looking for a laundry facility nearby must be able to find you listed above. Have a website created to list the current prices. Perhaps you can think of smaller marketing campaigns that customers can use to save a little. This would particularly appeal to students. Distribute flyers or business cards in the vicinity, for example in universities or student cafes, but also in hospitals or similar institutions.

And: Keep an eye on the competition, because they are decisive for your success. However, well-running laundromats can sometimes be overcrowded at peak times, so that people tend to look around for an alternative. And that alternative could be you if you could open a nice laundromat.

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