Which sport is better baseball or soccer

baseball - complex, fascinating and hardly played in Germany

The Wesseling Vermins players secured the German softball championship title at the beginning of October. "A game at a very good level - promotion for the sport“, Said Jürgen Elsishans, President of the German Baseball and Softball Association (DBV), after the decisive 7-3 victory of the Vermins in the final series against the Freising Grizzlies. In the men's field, the Heidenheim Heideköpfe followed suit against the Bonn Capitals a week later and were able to defend their baseball championship.

The general public will hardly notice the successes of the Vermins and the Heideköpfe, because baseball and its variant softball, which is played by women, are absolute fringe sports in Germany. The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) had 22,310 members at DBV last year - this placed it in 46th place in the ranking of the sports in Germany with the most members, one place ahead of the association for boules, boccia and pétanque.

Complexity of sport as an obstacle

Klaus Eckle, coach of the title holder from Heidenheim, can only partially understand why baseball is so difficult in Germany: "I would also like to know why it is really that we do not get out of the niche existence like that." Possible reasons could be the small number of baseball fields in Germany or the complexity of the sport. After all, baseball, with its resemblance to Brennball, has little to do with sports popular in Germany such as soccer or handball, in which the teams shoot and throw at goals to get points. "Access to baseball is a little more difficult, you have to think a little bit about it", says Eckle.