What do moose eat

Wanted poster moose
sizeup to 2.3 m (shoulder height)
speedup to 60 km / h
Weightup to 800 kg
lifespan10-16 years
nutritionGrass, aquatic plants
EnemiesBears, wolves
habitatNorthern Europe, Northern Asia, North America, Greenland
Scientific SurnameAlces alces
featuresMales: shovel-like antlers, loners

Moose belong to the deer and are that largest deer species in the world. you live in colder regions in Northern Europe, Northern Asia and North America. you are lonerthat are active both during the day and at night. Male elk have showy antlers, which can have a span of up to 2 m.

What does a moose eat?

Moose like young tree shoots and water plants and they eat a lot of them. Big animal, big hunger! In summer it is around 32 kg and in winter 15 kg because you can't find that much in the snow.

Moose even eat underwater

Moose are the only deer that can eat underwater. The muscles and the thick pads of fat on your nose help you to close your nostrils underwater.

What does the elk have antlers for?

Bull elk wear antlers to intimidate other male elk and impress female elk. By the way, particularly large antlers are called shovel antlers because they look like a shovel.

Why does the elk shed its antlers?

The antlers of a moose can weigh 20 kg. The record is 36 kg! Moose shed it in winter because they can find less food during this time and it saves energy to carry less weight with them. A new one grows back in the spring.

Moose - Photo: RT Images / Shutterstock

What enemies does a moose have?

When animals are this big, it's easy to believe that they hardly have any enemies. After all, they can also kick pretty hard with their hooves. Therefore, a wolf pack or a bear hardly stands a chance against a full-grown bull elk. It looks quite different with a young animal, an old or sick elk, because these animals cannot defend themselves so well.

But even the strongest moose cannot do anything against an enemy. And it's tiny: a worm that nests in its brain. Eh! Moose sometimes eat it with their food.

Moose - Photo: Betty Shelton / Shutterstock

Why are "deer deer"

What are deer? And then another question arises right away! And do deer cheat? No. They don't do that. It's kind of a misleading name. There are so-called “real deer” and “deer”. Both belong to the deer family. But in deer, certain toe bones are not formed.

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Not bitchy at all: moose wear goatee

They are not related to goats, but they share one amazing thing in common: both species have chin beards.

In the case of the goats only the billy goats, in the case of the elks also the women, who adorn themselves with chin beards up to 25 cm long. Not bitchy at all, at most a bit stubborn, the elk cows.

Swallowing woodpeckers? Elks love fermented fruit

Moose love to plunder fruit trees. They like apples, and it happens that they find them fermented under the trees. From the unthrottled consumption of these fruits they get so intoxicated that, regardless of the antlers or not, they have one in the crown.

Moose - Photo: Patagonian Stock AE / Shutterstock

Moose on the street - or moose in front, another gate!

The loners are the pride of Sweden, but with their height of 2.3 m, they are larger than any football goal and therefore rather unsuitable for football. But otherwise things are not going completely smoothly for the moose.

After all, every fifth car accident in Sweden is caused by a moose suddenly standing on the road. However, this does not detract from their popularity, on the contrary. Moose are the national animals of Sweden.

I think an elk is smooching me

The moose test is a famous driving test in which you pretend to have to avoid a moose suddenly standing on the road.


During the rut, the bull elk fight among themselves. The moose pairing is as fleeting as a kiss, it is over after only 2-3 seconds. The elk calf is born about 8 months later.

It is sexually mature after just 17 months, which means that it can father or bear a calf itself.

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