How do you feel prejudiced and discriminated against

When do prejudices really become dangerous?

Prejudice can become dangerous when it is spread on a large scale, for example through media such as newspapers, television and radio, or social media. If negative things are said over and over again about a certain group, it is important to be careful. Especially if there is not enough opposition. Then there is the danger that more and more people will believe in it.

Negative prejudices, which exist on a large scale in a society, can lead to tension between individual groups. Or that some groups are discriminated against or treated unequally because of their origin, skin color or religion. We call this discrimination.

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When members of a particular group - mostly a minority - often hear that they don't belong, it becomes difficult for that group to maintain a positive self-image. It can then happen that some of them turn away from society.

History has taught us what it can lead to when prejudices are spread “from above”. For example, when politicians want to win votes with it. Or when a government legislates against a particular group based on prejudice. Then people are marginalized and persecuted. And then prejudice is really life threatening.

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