Why don't people wet their lips

Dry lips: causes and treatment

This is how dry lips develop!

The area of ​​the mouth opening consists of three different zones: On the outer edge, the skin is very similar to the skin of the face. There is hair, sebum and sweat glands here. Inside the mouth there is a mucous membrane with salivary glands. The transition zone between this inside and outside is what is commonly referred to as a lip.

The horny layer of the lips is thin

Experts refer to the transition zone as red lips because you can see the blood shimmering through it. The reason for this is that the outermost layer of the skin, the horny layer, is very thin at this point. In addition, there are no coloring pigments in the skin of the lips. What makes the lips particularly sensitive is that the cells of the horny layer hardly die off and become keratinized.

On the other hand, this happens continuously in the other areas of the skin. The dead corneal cells together with sebum form a kit that shields the skin from the outside and makes it supple.

Dry lips: The cause is the lack of self-protection

Lips also dry out quickly because the skin of the lips has hardly any sebum.

The other reason you can get dry lips easily: there are no sweat glands here to moisten the lips. Cold and wind have such an easy game. If dry heating air is added in winter, chapped lips are inevitable.

A deficiency in vitamin B2 and the trace element iron can also contribute to dry lips.

Moistening with the tongue does not help

If you know this and have frequent dry or chapped lips, you may be trying to moisten your lips with your tongue. But that only makes it worse. The saliva evaporates again and again and dries out the lips even more. This also reduces the already little existing fats.

Dry lips can become infected

The red lips then often show deep cracks that itch and burn. The broken skin can easily be infected by bacteria and fungi. Lip infections are painful and can persist for months.

To find out whether your lips are possibly inflamed, it is better to see a dermatologist. There are other factors that can cause chapped lips, such as medication.